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Year 1

The general information about home learning page has been updated - please have a read.

Also please check your emails for your child's Nessy. NUMBOTS has now finished unfortunately, if you would like any more ideas of online activities to help please email Mr Barnard.

Subject pages are now frozen - feel free to complete more activities if you like but all home learning for Year 1 is now on this page.

Tuesday 14th July

Hi there Year One,

Here we are in the last week of Year One, what a year it has been, full of lots of different adventures. I am very proud of all of you. You have worked hard, tried your very best even when it has been tricky. You are a wonderful class and I know you will just keep getting better and better.


We have really enjoyed the book Dragon Post this week. We thought it was very funny and liked reading all the different letters that Alex received. We pretended to be Alex and write a letter to our friend the Dragon.

This week in school we had an exciting time using the Beebots to show the dragon the way back to his cave. We had to work out the different ways we wanted the Beebot to move and record the directions and instructions as we went along.

Right what shall we do for this week’s activities?


We have started learning our tables but in school we found this a little bit tricky so lets have a bit more practise.

Remember, as well as being able to recite your times tables you also need to show me that you understand what they mean.

Don’t forget about the Bitesize website too.


This week in English I would like you too retell me your favourite story. It can be a story you have read at school or at home. It could be funny or exciting. It could be one you have read on your own or one you have read with someone else.

When you write your story try to remember all these things....

  • make sure you get the events in the right order, use pictures if it helps
  • write it in sentences with capital letters and full stops
  • don't forget your finger spaces
  • sound your words out carefully
  • try to make your sentences longer using 'and' or 'because'
  • try to start your sentences in different ways 

I am looking forward to reading all your exciting stories, if I have enough I will try and put them into a book for you to take to Year 2 with you.


2 challenges in phonics this week, but you can take longer if you want to.

Play I spy in your house or in the garden, see if you can find something for all of the phase 5 sounds, remember most of these sounds will not be at the beginning of the words. Draw and label them. I have put the phase 5 sound mat on to help you.

Here are some I found in my garden, it is tricky!!!

I have put up a list of words for you to practise reading and writing ready for Year 2. You can do this is lots of different ways, you could chalk them outside, paint them using water, write each word in a different colour, draw then in bubble writing and decorate the inside or make the words out of twigs or stones. It is completely up to you, be as creative as you can.


Here are the choices for this week. Don’t forget some of you in class have changed your book band colour.

Red – Tec and the Litter

Yellow – Elephant Ears

Blue – Mojo and Weeza and the New Hat

Green – The Magic Pen

Orange – Lost Sock

Turquoise – The Bogeyman

Purple – Star Boy’s Surprise


This week I thought we could think about our time together in Year 1 and all the fun we have had.


Activity 1

I would like you to think about the topics and books we have looked at this year. Which was your favourite, which didn’t you like?

Could you please fill in the chart to show me what you thought about all your fantastic learning this year? Think about the different activities we did, draw and write about them. Don’t worry if you can’t remember every topic.

Activity 2

See if you can fill in the sheet all about you and your time in Year One. It would be really nice to pass them onto Miss Bliss.

Tuesday 7th July

Hello Year One,

I hope you are all ok and have had a good week at school and at home. We were very excited this week when we got a letter from the dragon, he had seen our maps and been flying around the school! He had seen lots of different flowers but did not know what they were. We decided to write to him and tell him everything we knew about flowers and how they grow. We also made an information poster showing everything we have learnt about dragons.

Right let’s see what activities you can try this week.


In school this week we had a look at money and thinking about the value of different coins. Let’s carry on practising this at home. Here are a couple of activities you can try.

Have a try at adding different coins together.

On the second activity remember if you choose bigger coins you can draw tens and ones to help you work it out, it is just adding don’t let the money part trick you. If you find this too tricky just pick smaller value coins or only add 2 coins together.

Also we are going to be learning our times tables. I would like you to learn your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. You already know the counting patterns!! There will be more activities about this next week.

Don’t forget to look at BBC bitesize maths lessons too, here is the link again


This week we are looking at a different dragon book called Dragon Post here is a link to it being read on YouTube

After you have read/listened to the story can you write a letter to Mrs Dawson asking her if it would be ok to keep a dragon as a class pet? You will have to tell her why it is a good idea and how Year One will look after it. Just imagine if she said yes!

Start your letter with Dear Mrs Dawson and don't forget to write your name at the bottom so she knows who it is from.

Remember to impress Mrs Dawson with your best writing. Don’t forget sentences with capital letters and full stops, finger spaces, phonics and best handwriting.


This week I have found a phonics challenge for you.

I would also like you to have a go at these games on Phonics Play. You can play on the other games too if you would like to.

Don't forget this is how you find the resources the Phonics Play website. When you get onto this page scroll down until you find the games above.


Here are the books I would like you to read this week.


Red – Where is the Wind?

Yellow – The Hare and the Tortoise

Blue – The Lonely Penguin

Green – The King of the Forest

Orange –  Morris Plays Hide and Seek

Turquoise – Horse’s Holiday

Purple – Pet Detectives Tortoise Trouble


Here is another book review you could complete after you have read your book.


Here are 2 topic activities for you

Activity 1

As the dragon has been flying around he has noticed that there are lots of places in the world that are not looked after properly and they are getting spoilt. He has noticed lots of rubbish and it means these places are not very nice to visit now.

Can you think of any ideas of how we can look after our environment? Draw and write about any ideas you might have. You could make a poster, draw and write a list of ideas or make a leaflet, it is up to you.


Activity 2

If we were at school we would have been using the beebots to move the dragon between places creating and following instructions. I would like you to pick a set of at least 5 instructions from the activity cards and put them in order. Can you or your grown up follow the set of instructions?

Tuesday 30th June

Hi Year One

How are you all? I hope you are all well and happy! It has been another busy week for those of us that are back at school and I know some of you still learning at home have been busy too. Even my son has been busy back at his school this week.

We were lucky to be able to do lots of our learning outside this week. We have written some excellent recounts and drawn some wonderful maps to help the dragon find his way around the school.



How did you get on with your fractions last week? It was a little bit tricky but I bet you could work it out.

Remember to look at BBC Bitesize but remember we do Monday and Tuesdays lessons in school. Here is the link again.

There are some more Can Do Maths activities too.


Last week in school we wrote a recount of the dragon’s story in the book. Can you write a recount of George’s (the little boys) story from the book? I have put some pictures on here to help you, don’t forget to use those important time words to help you get the events in the right order.


Here the link to the story again if you need a reminder but remember to use your imagination too.


This week I would like you to use your phonics to label this picture. 


After you have read this week’s book see if you can fill in a book review to tell me what you thought about it.

Red – Have you ever

Yellow – Doing Nothing

Blue – Going to the Zoo

Green – Worm Looks for Lunch

Orange – First Day

Turquoise – Harry the Clever Spider at School

Purple – If


Activity One

We were going to investigate different recipes that use eggs and think about if we like them or not. With your grown up could you make an omelette or scrambled eggs. Then write and tell me if you liked it or not.

Think about these questions.

What did it taste like?

What did it look like?

Did you add any other ingredients?

Would you eat it again?

If you make it again what would you change?



Activity 2

Imagine that you are the dragon flying all over the world. Think about all the different places you would see. 

  • Think about different hot and cold places.
  • What are the environments like – are their hills, mountains, deserts, cities, farms etc.
  • Will you only fly over land, think about the oceans too.

Can you draw a picture and describe at least 2 different places in the world that you might see?

Tuesday 23rd June

Hi Year One,

Well what have we all been up to this week? At school we were very excited to come to school and find that our dragon egg had cracked but there was no sign of the dragon anywhere. We did find some clues though. There were scratch marks on the wooden planter and we saw some scales that must have fallen off the dragon. It was very exciting. We think it had tried to make its own nest in our outside area.

We decided to write some instructions to show we know how to look after dragons, then the dragon might come back and see us. We have also looked at the story of St George and the Dragon, we made puppets and used these to retell the story to others.

Right let’s see what challenges we can try this week…..


Carry on looking at the BBC Bitesize website for some good maths activities, remember we do the Monday and Tuesday lessons in school.

Here is the link again

There are some more CanDo maths activities below too.

For some of your maths activities this week you need to work out halves and quarters of numbers. You might want to draw a fraction mat to help you. I have added a photo of the fraction mats we used at school to remind you what they look like. Remember each half or quarter has to be the same.


This week I would like you to listen to the class book ‘The Egg’.

Here is a link to it on you tube 

When you have heard the whole story can you retell the story in the correct order? You can choose how to do this, you can write it as a story, draw the pictures and write about them, you could even make a comic or your own book to retell the story.



This week I am going to put a list of lots of different words and I would like you to sort them into real and nonsense words. Make sure you sound talk them first, you could draw and write the sound buttons and lines to help you. Remember that a sound (grapheme) can have 2 or 3 letters. I have put up some words to remind you how to use sound buttons.


This week we are going to look at non-fiction books. Remember non-fiction books give us information, you can get the information from photographs, diagrams as well as the information in the writing. When you have read your book can you write some fun facts you have found out. Here are the list of books for you, remember you only need to look at the colour you are on.

Red – The Oak Tree

Yellow – Night Animals

Blue – What’s Underground?

Green – Big Cat Babies

Orange – Fire! Fire!

Purple – Living Dinosaurs

Turquoise – A Visit to the Farm


Think about how you could present the facts in an interesting way to share with others so your friends could learn some interesting facts too.



This week we are going to be …………..GEOGRAPHERS

Activity 1

At school we are going to look at google maps to think about what the dragon could see as she flies over the school, we are going to label all the different things/ features she will see. Then we are going to draw our own maps of school and the surrounding area.

Can you make a map of your house and garden? Pretend you are the dragon flying over your house, draw a map to show what you would see. Remember to label the map too.

Activity 2

Can you draw the route or journey from your house to your school? You could draw it as a map or just as a picture list of the different places you see on the journey. Then add some descriptions of the different things you see.

Tuesday 16th June

Hi Year One,

I hope you are all ok and enjoying all the different challenges at school and at home. We have had another busy week in school and were very excited when we got some Ice Dragon eggs. We had to work out different ways to get to the treasure hidden inside. We thought of lots of different ways such as sawing them, dropping them, melting them in water and using salt. Mrs Eeley even dropped one out of Mrs Dawson's office window! We drew and wrote about all of our ideas and what we found out. Some methods worked better than others but we had lots of fun trying out our different ideas.


I have put some more ‘Can do Maths’ activities we have not covered and the link for BBC Bitesize Maths activities. (We will do the Monday and Tuesday activities together in school)

As an extra maths challenge can you practise your number bonds/ number facts to 10?  See if you can learn them off by heart.


This week’s phonic challenge

How many different ways can you think of to write the vowel sounds?

ai ee igh oa ue

Can you write words with all the different sounds in?

Read these silly sentences and draw a picture to match.

The snail can see a blue goat at night.

Can you rescue the green train stuck right at the end of the track?



I am going to ask you to read a book from the Collins Big Cat website, the link is on our homepage. This week can you draw me a story map to show what happens in your story?

Red – Best Bird

Yellow – Bob’s Secret Hideaway

Blue – Funny Fish

Green – Jodie the Juggler

Orange – First day

Purple – Chewy Hughie

Turquoise – Harry the Clever Spider on Holiday



The dragon has hatched from the egg outside our classroom!!!!

Can you design a trap to catch him before he destroys the school?

You need to draw and label your trap and then write me a set of instructions about how your trap works.

Remember when writing instructions;

  • use numbers to put them in order
  • they are written in short sentences with capital letters and full stops
  • use bossy verbs telling us what to do (put, take, make etc)



This week we are going to be scientists again.


Think about what might happen if the mother dragon dropped her egg when she was flying. What could she do to keep her egg safe? Maybe she could wrap it up. 


Can you think of the best material to keep an egg safe?


Design a simple experiment showing how you can find. Think about these questions.

  • What do you need?
  • What will you do? (would you have to drop it? Would you have to try out different materials?)
  • What did you find out?

Draw and write to show me how you are going to find out the answer, try to include a diagram and write each step at a time.

Maybe, if your grown up can help, you can try out your experiment.

Tuesday 9th June

Hey Year One,

We have had a fantastic first week back at school catching up with our friends and having lots of fun. We have made the most of the nice weather and been doing lots of our learning outside, making a big mess with bubbles, foam and water play!! Have a look at the photos to see what we have been getting up to.

For those of you not at school we miss you and hope you have been having lots of fun with your learning too.


I have put some more ‘Can do Maths’ activities we have not covered and the link for BBC Bitesize Maths activities. (We will do the Monday and Tuesday activities together in school)


This week I would like you to think about the different ways we write ee and ai phonemes.

Read these sentences, can you circle all the different 'ai' graphemes?

I can use grey clay to make a snail.

The lake monster plays with a pale whale.

Is it safe to paint with baked beans?



Now try these sentences with the different ‘ee’ graphemes.

She is a mean, creepy sneak.

Don't steal these ice creams.

The old trees creak and squeak.

There is a sorting game on phonics play website. Google phonics play, when you click on the link go the new version of the website. Click on phase 5. 

Scroll down until you find the ai or ee set of games, click on here and play word sort.


I am going to ask you to read a book from the Collins Big Cat website, the link is on our homepage. You have been emailed which colour book your child should be reading but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Red – Jack and the Beanstalk

Yellow – Elephant’s Ears

Blue – Going to the Zoo

Green – Scary Hair

Orange – Clementines Smile

Purple – Hector and the Cello

Turquoise – Good Fun Farm



Here is a picture from our class book. Can you write a story to go with the picture? Try to describe the setting, is it day or night? Where are they? Think about what the different characters might be doing and thinking.


This week we are going to be artists.

1. At school we would have been learning about different drawing techniques. How can you add detail? Can you draw thick and thin lines? Can you make shade (light and dark areas)?

2. We now know that the creature in the egg in our class book is a dragon. Can you draw me a picture of a dragon but you are only allowed to use a pencil. Think about how you can shade it and show all the detail. If you want to you can draw it again using just one coloured pencil. Which do you think looks best?

Tuesday 2nd June

Hey Year One,

How are you all? I hope you had a wonderful half term and enjoyed playing in the sunshine. We spent the week in the garden and my boys have built a mini greenhouse so they can grow lots of vegetables. Luckily Mrs Mosses has given us some runner bean plants we can grow.

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to at school.

If you are learning at home at the minute and would like to send any photos of your work or what you have been doing to share on the website that would be fantastic. We also have a friendship wall in our classroom now, if you have any messages or pictures for your friends email them to me and I will put them on the wall for your friends to see. They might send you a message back!


Every week in maths I will put some ‘Can do Maths’ activities we have not covered in class and the link for BBC Bitesize Maths activities. (We will do the Monday and Tuesday activities together in school)

You can download them below.

 week 1 pdf.pdfDownload
Showing 1-1 of 1


This week I would like you to learn to read and write the following words. Practise writing them in your best handwriting.

looked    called    asked     have    like     one


For your phonics please play the Obb and Bob game on PhonicsPlay. Please make sure you pick phase 5 sounds.


Please also use the Nessy website - all the details have been emailed out to parents - this will help you practise your reading and your phonics/spelling.


From next week I will put a book from the Big Cat website I would like you to read and an activity linked to it. Don't worry if you have forgotten which level (number/ colour) you are on, these will be emailed to you this week.

This week read the story below.

Can you find all the 'oa' graphemes in the story, put a circle around them.          

See if you can find any other words with the different oa (oe, ow, o-e) graphemes in your own story books.


This week in school we found a mysterious egg in our outside area. Where did it come from? What is inside it? Can you make a poster asking if anyone has lost an egg?

Think about the information you might need to include:

  • Where was it found?
  • What does it look like?
  • Who do they need to contact if they think it belongs to them?

Here is an idea about how you might want to set it out.


This week we are going to be scientists.

Activity 1

We are thinking about the different seasons. Can you draw a picture of you at your house or at school for the different seasons? Put in as much detail as you can.

Think about what the weather is like, what you might be doing, what you might be wearing. Try to think about the plants and trees too. Write the correct title for each picture.


Winter   Spring   Summer   Autumn

Activity 2

Is there any way you can work out which way the wind is blowing outside. What could you make or use to show which way the wind is blowing? Does the wind blow the same way every day? Draw and write what you find out.

Wednesday 20th May

Hi Year One,

How are you all? I hope you are all keeping busy and enjoying the sunshine. Thank you everybody that has been in touch this week, it has been lovely to hear from you and see what everyone has been up to and not just with the activities from the website.

It has been another quiet week in my house too. My boys have been busy with their school work. Josh has been busy building model bird houses, he has to try and find out which will be the best design and why before he makes it for real. I wonder if Percy would like any of them to put in the big oak tree.

We have also tried to make our own pizza but I think we might have put too much yeast in it as it just kept getting bigger and bigger in the oven. It was delicious though and didn’t last long.

This week is Mental Awareness Week, Mr Barnard has put some activities on the Well Being page for you to have a go at.

This week activities:

English – this week we would have been finishing our work on Percy the Park Keeper. I thought it would be nice to make a map of his park. You can just draw it, you can get creative and use any craft materials you might have at home. You could even make a model map using toys and things you have at home and take a photo of it. It’s upto you. Could you make some signs and labels to go with it? Really use your imagination.


Can you remember the words I sent home in the learning packs right at the beginning of you learning from home? The handwriting ones. Let’s keep practising them, can you test your grown ups? Write them in lots of different colours? Write each letter in a different colour? If you have a small paintbrush you could paint them in water outside? Or chalk them? Use whatever you have at home.

I have put a list of them underneath just in case they have got lost. Also don’t forget the daily phonics lessons if you want to practise your sounds.

Maths – this week I thought we might have a bit of fun. See how many sweets/ coins/ pencils (whatever you can find) you can pick up with one hand. Then challenge somebody else to do the same. Then try and answer the following questions.

Who could hold the most? Who can hold the least? Can you put the numbers in order?

Take the smallest number away from the biggest number.

Add the 2 numbers together.

Don’t forget to look on the maths page and there are daily maths lessons on BBC Bitesize which are really good.

Wednesday 13th May

Hi Year One, I hope you are all ok and having fun. What have you been up this week? I know some of you have been very busy looking at the photos you have sent me. I am glad you are enjoying the different activities on the website. Here is some of the photos I have been sent.

We have had a quiet week, my boys have been busy helping me in the garden and doing their school work. We are enjoying playing lots of board games in the evening and at the minute I am the Connect 4 champion. Matt’s school set him a challenge of drawing a picture of himself with his eyes closed so we all decided to have a go. Can you guess which one is mine?

Maybe you could have a try too, but don’t draw on the table like we did. If you do have a go send me some photos and we can have play guess who next week.


This week’s activities

English/Science – At the end of our class story Percy had an acorn to plant to grow a new tree. Can you draw and label the life cycle of a tree? These words should help you get the different stages – seed, sapling, blossom and tree. You could write about what happens as a tree grows.

Maths – Can you go on a shape hunt in your house? Can you find something that is a square, rectangle, circle, semi-circle, triangle and hexagon? Then think about 3D shapes, can you find a cube, a cuboid, a cone and a pyramid. You can draw and label them or take photos.

Parents: Mr Barnard has asked us to mention that from this week the White Rose worksheets are no longer free. Mr Barnard is going to upload an activity on the Maths page every week so make sure you take a look there too!

Wednesday 6th May

Hello Year One, I hope you have had a good week and enjoyed the different activities from the website. I have had a really quiet week and not done much, although I did have a go at the teachers baking challenge. It was a bit tricky as I couldn’t get any flour for baking a cake!

I have been keeping busy reading your emails and looking at all your hard work. Well done everyone. I know a lot of you are missing your friends so hopefully this will make you smile.

Let’s think about this week’s activities

  • Percy the Park Keeper – can you design a new home for one of the animals in the story? Think about what the animal will need and what they would like. You can be as imaginative as you like, spike protectors for the hedgehog, somewhere for the squirrel to hide their nuts or even a landing pad for the owl. Draw your design and label and describe it. Don’t forget to use your phonics mat I sent home, I hope you are still practising your sounds.

(There is a daily phonics lesson – ask your grown up to look on the phonics page)

  • In maths can you pick numbers between 20 and 50 (100 if you want a challenge) and think about how to show me how to split into 10s and 1s. We started this in class but could do with practising.
  • You can write the number and then draw it like below or you can use things in your house to show the number.
  • If this is too tricky use numbers up to 20 or 30.


Wednesday 29th April

Hi Year One, hope you are all ok and having fun. I am missing you loads but lots of you have sent me pictures and emails showing me what you have been up to. Thank you, they make me smile. If you want you can save all of your wonderful work and I will have a look at it when we are back at school. You have all been so busy!

I have had a very busy and exciting week:

I have found out I have 2 big hedgehogs in my garden. They keep coming and visiting us every night, my poor cats, Bonnie and Clyde are not so sure about them though. I think if I put any food out for them the cats will eat it first!


I know some of you have had birthdays recently and we had one too this weekend, Matthew was 14 so we spent the day eating lots of cake and talking to our family on the computer. Do you like the present I made him as a joke as he always likes so much tomato ketchup.

Guess what, I did something really silly this week. We were all going for a walk in the sunshine and I locked us out. It took ages for us to get back in and all the neighbours were laughing at us in their windows, although one did make me a cup of tea so that helped.

Right this week’s activity:

I hope you enjoyed the Percy the Park Keeper story. You can have another listen here.

Then please can you draw pictures of the different animals and label them. Try to use the words legs, body, tail, head and ears. You can add any extra labels you want to. If you want to you can try and write a sentence about the animals too but you don’t have to. Some of you might want to paint the animals or make collage pictures, it depends on what you have at your house!

How did you get on learning your times tables last week? Was it easy or tricky? Keep practising them until you know them off by heart. If you want a number challenge this week could you make me a poster showing me everything you know about the number 10 or 20. You can draw and write the number bonds eg 7 + 3. You could draw different coloured spots, 7 green ones and 3 red ones, you could draw 7 duck and 3 fish in a pond or think about the numicon shapes we use at school or use your imagination and come up with better ideas than me.

Wednesday 22nd April

Hi Year One, I hope you are all well, I am missing seeing your smiling faces.

Did you have a good Easter and eat lots and lots of chocolate? I know I did. In our house we have been busy enjoying the sunshine in the garden, we have planted some vegetables and we moved some plants but the cats decided to dig them up again!!! I made some biscuits to have with my cup of tea and I even painted the front door.

Right what activities are we going to tackle together this week?

Our new class book would have been Percy and the Park Keeper ‘After the Storm’ so I am going to make all of our activities over the next few weeks link to the book the best I can.


This week  you could try and listen to the story, it is avaliable on youtube Can you then please draw and write a story map showing me what happens in the story. You could also draw me a picture of Percy and tell me all the different things he gets upto.


This week we were going to start learning our 2, 5 and 10s timestables so if you want to try you can. Find things in your house and put them into groups of 2, 5 or 10 and then use your counting pattern to find the total. You are all brillant at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. I know Mr Barnard has put some number activities on the maths page so don’t forget to look at the subject pages too, I have put on a reading challenge.

Please let me know how you get on or if you need anything else, I loved seeing your work and photos before Easter.

See you soon I hope,

Mrs Hall

2nd April 2020

Hello Year One,

I hope you are all well, I am missing being at school and seeing all your smiling faces.

As well as being busy with school work and planning lots of exciting activities for when we get back. I have also been trying to keep fit and healthy by doing some on line fitness classes. Unfortunately the terrible twosome Bonnie and Clyde had different ideas. Have you been doing any exercise too?

This week activity challenge is:

Imagine that Bunting the Cat from the Toy Museum (From our class book ‘Lost in the Toy Museum) has come to visit you at your house. Draw and write what he would do while he was there.

Think about……

What would he see?

What would he do?

What games would he teach your toys?

What games would your toys teach him?


Don't forget your capital letters and full stops.


Here are the websites and apps suggested in the home learning pack for the first two weeks of closure. We will add to them after Easter but these are good for over the holidays if you want something to do. Don't forget to contact Mrs Eeley if you want your child set up on Nessy.  Year 1 Phase 5 (login March20 password home) Phase 5 select your year group and the pattern to practise number bonds, doubles, halves, x2, x5, x 10 (online lessons to do together – one a day)

The CBeebies apps and Teach Your Monster to Read are brilliant and currently free on any device


Mrs Hall's email address is please contact her if you have any questions about your child's learning. She will reply as soon as she can during school hours in term time. 


Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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