At Cashes Green we provide a curriculum combining high standards with exciting, fun and stimulating learning opportunities. This prepares our children for future education and gives them the skills and enthusiasm to pursue learning for the rest of their lives.

We teach a creative, skills based curriculum meaning that areas of different subjects are linked together into topics. Each class has a core book every half term which they base their topic around. We use our own Key Skills for each Foundation subject to plan for progression and challenge, ensuring that children develop their skills in each subject as they move through the school. By teaching in this way children have a chance to really get involved in their learning, developing their skills and knowledge in each subject in a meaningful way. Children learn maths and English skills in their discrete subject lessons which are linked to the topic where appropriate. We also build in as many opportunities as we can for children to practise and apply these skills within other subjects through their topic lessons.

All learning is planned from the 2014 National Curriculum, children in Reception Class follow the Foundation Stage Programme (we are an early adopter school), children in Years 1 and 2 follow the Key Stage 1 programme of study and those in Years 3 to 6 follow those for Key Stage 2. The core subjects of English, Maths, Computing and Science are taught in each class alongside the foundation subjects of Art and Design, Design Technology, History, Geography, Music and Physical Education. Additionally, we follow the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Find out more about each subject by using the links above.

We try to give our children as many opportunities to discover and experience for themselves in hands on learning opportunities so we provide a variety of special events in each topic to supplement classroom lessons. These activities vary from topic to topic but include trips and visitors into school as well as getting out and about in our school grounds. As much as possible we also bring classroom lessons alive with real and imaginary experiences, or the use of quality texts, which excite and enthuse the children giving them a purpose for their learning.

Children at Cashes have a good grounding in all subjects but we know there is more to an effective education than just this which is why we also prioritise our PSHE/SMSC provision. All classes follow our own curriculum, based around Gloucestershire's PinK Curriculum and drawing upon other schemes and programmes such as SEAL. Further to this, in Key Stage 2 children complete a 'Life Skills Passport' with activities such as first aid and cycling proficiency that are extra to the statutory National Curriculum as well as activities that fall into other curriculum areas, for example cooking a healthy meal and Internet Safety. It is our aim to ensure that children leave us with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their next steps in both education and life.

For specific information about English, maths and science please see the respective pages.

Here are some examples of the exciting learning in our curriculum:

We keep our topics a secret from the children so it's a surprise when they arrive on the first day of term. They all come in very excited! We decorate and theme the corridors and classrooms to help immerse the children in their learning and as a blank canvas to display their work as the topic grows. Our children are always very proud to have their work on display in corridors or in their classrooms.

We often have dress-up days.

Our children really enjoy linking their learning to story books.

Our children really enjoy trips out of school and visitors in to help them find out more about their topics. This year so far Key Stage 1 and EYFS have visited Birmingham Sealife Centre and Warwick Castle and Key Stage 2 have enjoyed a session in a visiting planetarium and a drama workshop about The Titanic. We have also had an artist in doing drawing workshops.

Although we plan some of our topic in advance to ensure curriculum coverage, we also follow the children's interests and ideas. For example Reception Class and Year 1 decided they would like to have a banquet like in medieval times! They found out what people living in castles ate, then they invited their parents along (writing their own invitations) for the party. 

Our children enjoy both real and imaginary experiences to get them enthused and involved in their learning and we find our children thrive with these real purposes for their writing in particular. For example: just after Christmas, Year 2 found a dragon's egg! They were allowed to choose what to do with it, but had to write to convince Mrs Dawson. Then they received a book on how to look after dragons in the post. They read it carefully and wrote information texts on how to look after a dragon for their new teacher in case it hatched when she took over the class. Then, the egg hatched! Unfortunately, the baby dragon escaped but Year 2 know he is safe as a few days later they received an email from Mummy Dragon. They then found out how to send emails and wrote her replies. Finally, they found out how to trap a dragon just in case any other dragons are seen around Cashes and they made posters sharing their knowledge so everyone else would know what to do too!