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Year 2

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PE will be on a Monday this term, please ensure your children come in to school wearing their PE kit. 


Please note that reading three times a week is part of their homework. Reading is a skill that needs to be practised, please read at home with your children as much as you can. 


Year Two have been working really hard on our writing over the last two weeks. We have been thinking about 'persuasion' and what a persuasive text might look like. We have written a letter to zoo keepers to try and persuade them to let all of the animals go, we came up with some very good reasons as to why they should do so. 

In Maths we have continued on with subtraction with two digit numbers. We have worked really hard to learn how to exchange a ten for ten ones so that we can complete the number sentence. We have been using base 10 equipment to help us to do this. 

In Geography we have watched videos and used atlases to explore the desert and the Arctic. We have also found out what it is like in Antarctica and compared them all. 

We have been very busy this week practising our play, we are super proud to have the starring roles for this years nativity and can not wait for everyone to see it very soon... 


Year Two have had a wonderful, busy two weeks. 

In maths we have been working hard on adding and subtracting with two digit numbers, we have been using base 10 to help us. Next week we are going to learn how to do subtraction with exchanging- super tricky Maths! 

In English we have re-written 'The Rainbow Bear' from the point of view of the shaman in the story, we found it quite tricky to write it as if we were a different character but we worked very hard on our stories and are very proud of them. We have also written a past tense report about our trip to 'The Wild Place Project'.

In Science we have been learning lots about habitats, things that have been living, dead or never been alive and will be looking at food chains soon. We have been focussing on Antarctica and the Arctic in Geography, we are investigating the question- 'Why don't penguins fly?'. We will be re-capping continents and oceans, considering what the continents are like and doing some comparisons between the Arctic, Antarctica and the Sahara Desert.

 We had a fantastic time on Wednesday at 'The Wild Place Project', unfortunately it was too cold for the bears and they were sleeping, we did get to see them sleeping on a special screen from inside their den. Lots of the other animals were happy to come really close to us. We were all very well behaved and all of the grown ups on the trip were very proud of us. 

Have a look at our day out in the gallery below. 


Remember, remember the 5th November... We have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot this week. We have done some whole class reading and watched some videos about the gunpowder plot. We have used 'all the W's' to find things out. Who? Where? Why? and What happened next? We have written a past tense report about the gunpowder plot in English and in History we have compared clothes from the 17th century to modern day clothes, we have had some really good discussion about why Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby plotted to blow up the House of Parliament and kill King James I and we have answered the question- Who is Guy Fawkes and why is he considered to be Significant?

We have also been busy enjoying our new book- The Rainbow Bear. We have written some 2A sentences to describe the rainbow bear and coloured in our own bears. We have started our Science for this term- 'living things and their habitats', we have thought about the word habitat and what it means. 

We are very excited about our upcoming trip to the Wild Place Project to visit 'bear woods' and can not wait to show you the photographs in a few weeks time. 

Term 2.

Our class text this term is 'The Rainbow Bear' written by 'Michael Morpurgo'. We will be learning about bears and writing reports on them, we will be exploring habitats and re-capping the continents and oceans of the world.

Find out about what we will be learning this term in the topic web below. 


 This week, something very exciting happened... One morning we came into class and our classroom had been trashed! The chairs were tipped over, there were books all over the floor, we think it was the giant. So, we came up with some ideas about how we could catch him and we wrote some instructions with the title 'How to catch a giant'.

We knew how to write instructions because we had written 'How to grow a beanstalk' last week. Our beanstalks have grown really tall, we have been measuring them every week in Science, some of them are 90 centimetres tall, wow! We are bringing them home today as they are getting too big for the classroom! Here are some photographs of our beanstalks:

We have started to think about addition and subtraction in Maths. We have been doing some tricky learning about commutativity and number bonds. 

We started our history this week, we are learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, ready for bonfire night on November 5th. Ask us some facts about the gunpowder plot- our brains should be full of them. 

We have had more fantastic weeks at forest school, cooking lots of delicious treats and having lots of fun in the great outdoors. 

Here are some photographs from group 2: 


 Year Two have been doing some amazing outside learning during their first two first schools and all of the children have really, really enjoyed it. It is wonderful to see them enjoying nature and learning along the way. 

Here are some pictures of the children in group 1 enjoying their first forest school session, look out for group 2 in the next update:

The children have been doing lots of writing over the last two weeks. They have re-written the entire Jack and the Beanstalk story, they have tried to add lots of detail using adjectives and writing 2A sentences. They have been working hard on editing their work, checking for the correct use of punctuation with their polished purple pens. 

They are also trying to sell the cow, they have written some very persuasive adverts for the cow, I might even buy it myself! 

In Maths we have continued to focus on place value in two digit numbers, we are working really hard to remember that we need to put a 0 in the ones column when we are writing our tens numbers. We have using part, part, whole models this week to make up two digit numbers. 

Look out for these in our homework this week, they look like this:

Sadly, some of our beans didn't grow, we talked about why they may not have grown, we think it might have been too cold in our classroom. We planted some more and we have been very excited to see roots and shoots peeping out this week and are hopeful the second go has been more successful. 

We set up a growing experiment last week, we planted some cress seeds and put them in three different places- the window, the cupboard and the fridge. We made predictions using our knowledge of what plants need to grow. Most of us thought the fridge would be too cold, the cupboard would be too dark and the windowsill would provide sunlight and grow the best. 

This week we had a look at the results, we were very surprised to see that the seeds in the cupboard had grown lots of cress but it was a yellow colour not the green it should be. We were right about the cress in the fridge- it did not grow at all. The cress in the window grew well and it was a lovely green colour, some of us were brave enough to taste it- yum! 

In DT we have been exploring materials, we have looked at different types of materials and talked about ways we could join them. We have designed the giants face and will be sewing it using felt and cotton. Mrs Marsh is very good at sewing and we are looking forward to learning a new skill. Miss Bliss needs a little help with her sewing too! 


Welcome to Year Two! 

All of the children have settled into Year two wonderfully, they are already busy working hard, earning lots of marbles and having some fun along the way. 

Our text for this term is Jack and the Beanstalk, we have been learning the story in our English sessions, acting it out, describing the characters using 2A sentences and next week we will be writing the story ourselves. We are also learning to write in the cursive style this year too- we have started learning some cursive letters and how they are formed, please encourage us to write in cursive at home too.  

In Maths we have been working on place value and learning lots about two digit numbers, over the next few weeks we will be having a big focus on two digit numbers, tens and ones and the place value of the digits.

We have been very important scientists over the past two weeks, we have been investigating seeds, bulbs and beans, looking at them closely with magnifying glasses, considering what they might need to grow and we have planted our own beanstalks- we will be watching and recording their growth over the next six weeks!

Here are some pictures from our important science investigations:


Term 1.

Our first text in Year Two is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

We will be learning about fairy tales as a narrative, writing instructions and exploring how things grow.

Below is a copy of our topic web, outlining our learning for term 1.


Year Two have been working really hard over the past two weeks. 

In English we have researched lots of facts about foxes and written our own non-chronological reports. We learned lots of interesting foxy facts. We have also thought about how we might catch a fox if we needed to, we planned and wrote a set of instructions entitled 'How to catch a fox'.

In Maths we have been busy learning to tell the time. This is super tricky to learn in a week or two and we really need some help at home with this one. I have challenged the children to learn to tell the time over the summer, give them a hand and ask them what time it is! 

In DT we have been designing and making hand puppets, we can't wait to use them. 

Today, we had move up day. We visited Mrs Warner and Miss Reid in our Year 3 classroom and we had a great time. It settled a few nerves and we are looking forward to starting Year 3 in September.


 The children have been working really hard this term, they have enjoyed using the bee bots in computing. They have been giving the bee bots an algorithm to program them to move around the classroom. They had a lot of fun exploring how they move when given instructions from us.

In Maths we have completed our unit on measuring, we measured some objects around the classroom using a meter stick last week. We thought about whether we would use a ruler or a metre stick to measure various different things. This week we have had lots of giggles learning about position and movement, we even pretended to be bee bots with partners and gave our partners instructions to move them around the classroom. 

In English we wrote the farmers a letter to persuade them to leave the foxes alone, we thought carefully about our reasons as to why this should happen and explained these with our poshest voices in our letters. 

We have been super busy and are very much enjoying our last text for Year 2. 

In DT they have had the best time making hedgehog bread, they each made their own little hedgehog loaf from scratch. They were very proud of their bread. 

Take a look at some photographs of our DT work this term:


The children are really enjoying our new text- Fantastic Mr Fox. 

We have been learning about micro habitats in Science, we have been exploring and finding micros habitats in our surrounding environment. 

In Maths we have started learning about measuring, we have been measuring in centimetres using a ruler Next week we will be exploring measuring bigger things. 

In English we have done lots of describing the characters, using sound sentences such as Bang! The digger crashed through the ceiling. We have also predicted and written our own endings for the story- we are looking forward to finding out what the real ending is.

Term 6

Our text for this term is 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. We will be learning about micro habitats, physical and human geographical features and using the bee bots. The children are very excited about this text. 

Have a look at what we will be learning about this term...


The children have a wonderful final two weeks of this term. They have been very busy in DT and Science, they have made boats out of apples and made boats out of different materials to see which would float best. 

In English they have written a recount of our trip to beach- the recounts are fantastic! They have also written a past tense report about pirates. They spent some time researching famous pirates and then used this information to write their reports. 

Last week they did lots of special jobs (Y2 SATs tests), they were all superstars and we are very proud of them.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed this final week, they were all amazing and had such fun on our trip to Weston Super Mare. ISing pop was spectacular, the children really enjoyed learning and performing the songs. Lastly, we had our Jubilee picnic. 

We are looking forward to our final term in Year Two... We can't wait to find out what our last text will be. 


 The children are really enjoying our text this term, they are enjoying doing their learning based around pirates and the seaside. 

They have done lots of writing in the past two weeks, we finished our persuasive letters to Mrs Dawson and were thrilled when she said that we could go to the seaside. We have written diary entries as if we were one of the characters from or book seeing the seaside for the first time and this week we have started writing our own pirate adventure stories. 

In Maths we have had a re-cap of all four of the calculations! We were all absolutely fantastic at using different methods to solve the various different number sentences, we have done some fantastic maths this week. 

In Science we have been investigating materials, we are setting up a science experiment this week- ask us all about it!

In geography we have learned about a compass and the points on a compass. We went out in to the playground, drew our own compasses and gave each directions using North, South, East and West. We really enjoyed doing this. We also looked at maps with a key and created our own treasure maps, do not ask us where the treasure is buried- it is top secret!

In Art we have looked at the artist 'Kurt Schwitters', famous for making collages out of bits of rubbish he found on the streets. Some people believe he was the first artist ever to create a collage. We are gong to make our own collages using different textures such as sand and shells.


 The children have settled back in to school life really well after our Easter holiday. They are really enjoying our new text with a pirate theme. 

This week we have been exploring the book, we have done some drama based around the book and looked at story mapping. We have also had a go at some persuasive writing. We have written a letter to Mrs Dawson to try to persuade her to let us go on a trip to the beach... watch this space....

In Maths we have carried on with fractions and again have impressed the adults in the class with how well we are doing. We have been able to find quarters, thirds and two and three quarters of a number using the bar method. 

In Science we have been exploring materials, considering carefully which materials would be best for different parts of the pirates ship such as a flag, a cutlass etc... 

In Geography we have been re-capping physical and human geographical features. We have thought carefully about the geographical vocabulary we are learning such as valley, beach, city and much more. 

This term we are hoping for a dress up day. Keep an eye on the newsletters and text messages to find out more. 

Term 5

 This term our text is called 'The man whose mother was a pirate'. We will be learning about materials, physical and human and geographical features and exploring compasses and map work. 

This is what the blurb says;

'Sam is an ordinary person who wears an ordinary suit and ordinary shoes. He works in an ordinary, neat office writing down figures all day and underlining them. But Sam's mother is definitely not an ordinary woman, Sam’s mother is a pirate and she wants to sweep him away to sea…'

Have a look at our topic web to find out more about our learning for this term...


 The children had lots of fun making marmalade sandwiches last week (pictures below) although they did not enjoying eating them. Lots of the children did not like the taste of the marmalade. After making the sandwiches, the children wrote their own set of instructions titled: 'How to make marmalade sandwiches'. We also wrote Paddington an explanation of how to use a computer, he needed a little help! This week in English we have really enjoyed learning about 'The great fire of London'. We have written our own past tense reports about the great fire and we are looking forward to learning more about it in our History lessons. 

In Maths we have been working really hard on Fractions. We have found fractions of shape and number. We have been really great at applying our knowledge of division and the bar model to help us find fractions of number- Look out for this in our homework this week. 

In Geography we have studied Peru and compared it to England, we looked at their houses, the food they eat and the animals they have there. 

We are very excited about our 'Great fire of London' workshop next Wednesday- It is going to be so much fun. 


 The children were super excited to find Paddington Bear in our classroom last week, he was holding a very sticky letter that he had written for us. We have written some fantastic letters in reply and are hoping he will send us another one very soon. In the meantime we are taking it in turns to look after our big Paddington Bear soft toy each day. 

We have also written our own adventure stories for Paddington Bear, they are all amazing, we hope you get a chance to read them and to look at all of our other fantastic work during parents evening next week. 

In Maths we have continued to explore 2D and 3D shapes, we have been using some great mathematical vocabulary like 'vertices' and have been working hard counting edges, faces, vertices and exploring the differences between different 3D shapes. We are moving onto fractions next week. 

We have been designing and have started to make our own Paddington Bears in DT- we have explored materials in Science and linked this to our DT work with textiles. We have designed our bears and started to cut out the felt shapes, next week we will sew them together and stuff the bears. 

We have been learning lots about the United Kingdom and its countries, we have been learning about capital cities and we have looked at lots of photographs of landmarks in London. We are really enjoying our Geography this term. 

At the beginning of the past fortnight we enjoyed a 'street dance' workshop. It was a lot of fun and the children have such a great time, it was wonderful to see them laughing with joy. You can see some pictures and a video of our dance workshop below. 


 The children have really enjoyed getting stuck into our new text 'Paddington'. We have enjoyed reading lots of different adventures about Paddington Bear and we have watched the movie to help us with our English unit this term. Last week we spent some time thinking about Paddington and how to describe him. We practiced writing list sentences and 2A sentences using adjectives and then used this knowledge to write an advert for a new home for Paddington. We have begun to write diary entries this week, pretending we are Paddington Bear when he first arrived at Paddington station. 

We have also thought about London, we have looked at some photographs and watched a video all about London and then tried to describe the capital city. We noticed that it is a very busy place with lots of exciting things to explore. We will be doing lots more learning about London in our Geography unit this term.

In Maths we have begun to learn about shape. We have been exploring both 2D and 3D shapes, describing the differences and counting sides, edges and vertices. We have also touched upon a line of symmetry- tricky stuff! 

We really enjoyed 'World Book Day' last week. The children loved our book swap and got a lot of joy out of choosing a new book which was just wonderful to see (pictures of this to follow on the website). We spent the day doing some activities based on books, we played I spy with fairy tale characters, made bookmarks, played 'Guess who?' based on well-known Disney characters. We shared our favourite stories with each other and thought very carefully about who we love to share books with, we talked about the magic of sharing a story with the people that we love the most. 

Here are some photographs of our 'World Book Day' work:

Term 4. 

Our text for this term is 'Paddington'. We will be learning about capital cities in the United Kingdom with a focus on London. We will be focussing on a key event from History- this will be revealed to the children when we start our learning in history and we will be making our own bears in DT. 

Have a look at our topic web to find out about our learning across all of the subjects:


We have had a very busy week, this past week in Year Two. It has been mental health week so we have been talking lots about what that means and learning lots about our feelings and our wellbeing. We had an exciting lesson from some of the Year Six children for mental health week, they showed us some games to help keep our brains happy and healthy, we had lots of fun trying them out. 

It was also safer internet day on Tuesday, it was themed 'All fun and games?'. We often talk about how to stay safe online at Cashes Green, we have a dedicated session every term to discuss online safety, it is extremely important for our children to know how to keep themselves safe when using any online platform. This week we talked about what information we should or should not post online and what to do if we see something that we do not like whilst we are online. 

In English, we have been focussing on reports and have written our own reports titled: How to stay healthy.  We had lots of good ideas and knowledge on how to stay healthy such as eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and doing plenty of exercise.

We were so fantastic at using the bar model for multiplication that we have moved on to using the bar model for division in Maths this week. We have been sharing the numbers in our calculations out on to our bar models and have shown a really good understanding of what division means. 

We have started our learning on two important figures from history- Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, we enjoyed looking at pictures of them and thinking about what their jobs might have been, whether they are from the past or present and how we can tell these things from the pictures. We have really enjoyed researching them and finding out lots of facts about them on the laptops. We have been learning to use a search engine, using key information.

We have found out that they were both nurses during the Crimean War, we will be finding out lots more from different sources of information next week. 

That brings us to the end of this term and the end of our book 'The Tear Thief' we have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have been really proud of how hard the children have worked this term. Our next text is Miss Bliss' favourite and we can not wait to get started with our wonderful Year Two children. Have a happy, safe half term. 


We have been doing lots of writing based on our text 'The Tear Thief' over the past two weeks. We have written diary entries, letters and lots of character descriptions. We have created a new character to go into our story and next week we will be re-writing the story using our new characters. We have had some very interesting ideas for our new characters, we have used lots of adjectives, we have been working on writing 2A sentences and list sentences. Our stories will be fantastic with lots of interesting descriptions. 

In Maths we have moved on to counting in twos, fives and tens. We have learned how to count in tens and how to use the bar model to solve number sentences in the two and five times tables. Miss Bliss and Mrs Marsh have been very impressed with how quickly we have learned to use the bar model. We will use the bar model for division and fractions when we reach that learning too. Next week we will be using our new knowledge from this week to solve word problems. 

We have been very busy in Science, we have carried out a very fun investigation using the key question- 'Do bananas make us run faster?'. We made predictions and then went out onto the playground to see if our predictions were correct. We had mixed results but lots of us think, yes, bananas do make us run faster. To finish off our Science for this term, we thought carefully about everything we had learned to write a set of instructions. We wrote the instructions to help the little girl in our story look after her dog. They were titled 'How to look after a dog'. We thought about what the dog needed to survive and how the little girl could help the dog to have a healthy body and brain.

Next week we will be learning about some key figures from history, we will be learning to research them in our computing lessons. It is going to be lots of fun- we love using the laptops. 


Year Two have been enjoying our new text 'The Tear Thief'. We started the topic off with some poetry, we performed some poems about germs and staying healthy and had great fun! This week we have been writing a diary entry, we had to pretend we were the Tear Thief and write a diary entry about her night time adventures in past tense. 

In Maths we have been learning all about money. We started by learning the value of each coin and what they look like. This week we have been trying to make a given amount of money in as many different ways as we can, it has been very challenging but we have risen to the challenge and have done fantastically well. 

We have done some fantastic art work- check out the school face book page to see our art on display. We have had so much fun mixing colours up and adding white to make tints. We used our new knowledge about tints to paint a scene from the book- they look brilliant! 

We have started Science this week, learning all about how to keep our mind and our body healthy. We have thought about what we would take with us on a trip to the moon with the Tear Thief, we had to think about the things that we would need to survive and the things that we would like for comfort. We have also learnt about different food groups, the eat well plate and a balanced diet. Next week we will be doing some scientific investigations- I can't wait! 

Our text for this term is 'The Tear Thief'.

It fits in with an overarching theme across the whole school based on mental health and health. We will be learning about our emotions and feelings and exploring how to keep our bodies.

Have a look at our topic web to see what will be learning about this term...

The Year Two team wishes you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a very happy, hopeful new year. 


Year Two have had a wonderful final two weeks of this term. Last week we worked incredibly hard in our Maths and we finally cracked subtraction with exchanging- we all cheered and were very proud of ourselves, rightly so! We created a leaflet in our English, it was about the oceans and how to save them and the creatures that inhabit them. We thought about how we can recycle things instead of putting them in to the bin and we learnt lots of facts about ocean pollution. 

The last week of term has been very exciting, we put on a great performance (three times!) of our fantastic production - Hey Ewe! We had a lovely Christmas dinner and have been super busy making decorations, cards and calendars. 

On Thursday we were very lucky to have a visit from a lady called Captain Teresa Conway, she is a minister at the Stroud branch of the Salvation Army. She came in to tell us all about Christingles and we made our very own Christingle. Please see the pictures below. We really enjoyed it and Teresa said it was a joy to work with Year 2. 

We are incredibly proud of Year 2 and how hard they have worked this term, we can't wait to see you all again in January. 

Have a safe but magical Christmas and we wish you a very happy new year. 

Miss Bliss, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Pegler. 


 Year Two have been working really hard with their writing this term, we have been doing lots of handwriting practice and thinking carefully about our sentences. We have written fantastic reports about bears and a set of instructions on 'How to catch a bear'. 

In Maths we have continued to work on our addition and subtraction skills. We have been focusing on subtraction this week, we have been learning how to exchange a ten for ten ones when subtracting using base 10. We have found this new learning very tricky but we have all persevered and worked really hard- fantastic! 

We have moved on to Geography in topic, we have been learning about the five oceans and seven continents and have been learning where they are on a world map. We really enjoyed looking at an atlas and exploring its contents. 

Christmas is Miss Marsh and Miss Bliss favourite time of the year so the classroom is looking Christmassy, after a word with Santa he has sent us an elf, he is being a bit cheeky! We have been working really, really hard on our Christmas play and we cannot wait for you all to see it! 


 Year two have been working really hard on their maths over the past two weeks, we have been concentrating on addition and subtraction. We began with adding and subtracting tens and this week we have been adding two, two digit numbers together- tricky stuff! 

In English we have been researching facts about bears and this week we have written a non- chronological report about bears. We also found out lots of new facts about the bears at the Wild place. We learnt that bears that do not hibernate, such as brown bears, do something called 'torpor' instead. As it gets colder they sleep for 23 hours and only wake for one hour a day to eat- we were super lucky to see the brown bears awake! We have added that in to our reports. 

In topic we have been doing Art, we have looked at how we hold a pencil when we are sketching or drawing and explored drawing shapes. We have had a go at drawing our own rainbow bears using a loose pencil grip. 

We had a fantastic time at the Wild Place Project on Wednesday. The children were absolutely wonderful all day and all of the staff at the Wild Place and even the coach driver commented on how brilliant they were- all of the grown-ups from school that came with us are super proud! We took a lot of photos, some of the best ones are below- enjoy! 


 The children have settled back in after half term and have been working very hard. They are enjoying our new text- 'The Rainbow Bear' and have even had a go at writing their own versions of the story already- superstars! 

In Maths this term we are concentrating on addition and subtraction, this week we have been thinking about how to add and subtract tens from a two-digit number and how to add a one-digit number and a two-digit number together. 

We have been great historians this week, learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot, we have been learning about the date and why it is significant these days. I hope you all have a lovely 05th November whether you are watching fireworks or not. 

We had a little go at the songs for our nativity play in our Key Stage One singing assembly this week- how exciting! 

Term 2.

Our class text this term is 'The Rainbow Bear' written by 'Michael Morpurgo'. We will be learning about bears and writing reports on them, we will be exploring habitats and re-capping the continents and oceans of the world.

Find out about what we will be learning this term in the topic web below. 

Class news 15.10.21

This week we were very shocked to arrive at school on Monday to find our classroom had been trashed! After some very careful detective work (we found beanstalk leaves and footprints) we discovered that the giant had paid us a visit. We had a very interesting chat about what we could do about it and we decided to try and trap the giant. We have come up with some very creative ideas on 'How to trap a giant' and we have written our own instructions using this title. 

In Maths we have continued to work on our understanding of two digit numbers, we learnt a song about the number gator who likes to eat the 'greater' numbers and we used this to help us compare numbers using the symbols < > =. This week we have been learning about commutativity and patterns with sets of numbers, we can write four number sentences using the same three numbers without having to think too much about it- we are genius! 

Now our beanstalk diaries are complete and our beanstalks are growing nicely at home we have moved on to textiles in our topic work. We have had a lot of fun designing the giant's face and then trying to join materials to create the giant's face. We can't wait to bring them home. 

The next time we update it will be on our new book... it is a favourite for the grown ups and we are looking forward to sharing it with the children. We will also be learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot to start the term.

Have a happy and safe half term. 

Class news 01.10.21

What a busy fortnight we have had in Year Two. We have taken to life in Year Two wonderfully and we are all really trying our best- Miss Bliss and Mrs Marsh are so super proud of us! 

In Maths we have been working on two digit numbers, we have been looking at the tens and ones digits in the number and what each of those represent. We have been making two digit numbers with our base 10 and then drawing them using sticks and dots and then this week we have been partitioning them. We have started to look at partitioning them in different ways- tricky stuff, we are fantastic mathematicians".

In English last week we wrote our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk, being an author is not easy and writing an entire story is a big challenge but we did it! They are proudly in our topic books. 

This week we looked at persuasive writing, we talked about what the word persuade means and thought about the language we might use if we were trying to persuade somebody to do something. We made some very persuasive posters- Would you like to buy Daisy the cow? She is fluffy, cuddly and will give you fresh milk everyday! You can purchase her for the bargain price of £5!

We have began our computing skills and have been turning the laptops on and off in the correct way, we have also had a go at changing the font, colour and size of text in Word. 

Most of all, we have enjoyed being scientists. We have carried out an experiment with cress and we have really, really, enjoyed observing our beanstalks grow- they will be reaching the giant's castle soon. Check them out below. 

Class news. 17.09.21

All of the children have settled in to Year Two really well. They are enjoying exploring our new text 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and are getting to know the story really well.

We have begun to look at place value in maths and are developing a deeper understanding of two digit numbers. We have been looking at tens and ones in these numbers and the value that each digit holds. 

At the very start of the term we planted our own beans, the children are really enjoying observing them grow, they were very excited to see some of them have grown roots and shoots this week. We will continue to observe and record how they grow over the next five weeks. We are learning about what plants need to survive and grow in our science lessons. Being a scientist is so much fun! 

Here are some pictures of some very important scientists...

Term 1.


Our book for this term is 'Jack and the Beanstalk', we will be learning about fairytales as a narrative, writing instructions and exploring how things grow.


The topic web for this term is below... Read all about what we will be learning about in class.