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Year 2



PE is on Mondays again this term, please send your child in PE kit on a Monday. 


Please continue to read, read, read at home with your children. Please send in any books you have at home. 


Year Two have a had a fantastic start to the new term with our text 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. We have been reading a little bit of the chapter book each day and we are really enjoying it. We have been focussing on adjectives and expanded noun phrases in English this week, these came in handy when Mr Fox came in to our classroom overnight and left lots of feathers and chicken bones. We have made wanted posters, they are going to be displayed around school so that we can try and catch that pesky fox! 

In Maths we have been working on measuring mass, we have had lots of fun using the balancing scales this week, exploring the language heavier, lighter and the same as. We are moving on to weight next week. 

In Science we have started to look at micro-habitats, again we had lots of fun exploring the micro-habitats around school and in the wildlife area. We have learnt about the animals that might live in the micro-habitats and why they may live there. 


We have had a fantastic couple of weeks in Year Two. We have been learning about positional language and turns in Maths, we have learnt lots of new mathematical vocabulary such as clockwise and anti-clockwise. In English we have finished our pirate stories and are now looking at the features of recounts. Next week we will be writing a recount of our trip to the beach- they are going to be brilliant! 

In topic we have been focussing on computing, we have had lots of fun using the blue bots, trying to move them around our treasure maps. We have been learning about algorithms and have been trying our best to write some. We are going to keep practising this next week. 

We had an absolutely amazing day at the beach, the sun was shining all day but it was a tad windy! We all had so much fun. 

It was absolutely wonderful to see all of the children smiling, having fun and it felt like a little bit of normality. 

We can't wait for our pirate training day next Friday- ARRRRRR!! 


Year Two have had a very busy two weeks and have been working very hard. In Maths we finished fractions and have moved on to measuring, we have really enjoyed measuring lots of things with cubes including our friends and teachers. We have started to look at unit measurements and measuring in centimetres using a ruler. In English we have been planning our own pirate adventure stories, we have just started to write them, we are going to finish them next week. Miss Bliss is looking forward to reading them when they are finished.

We have had lots of fun in Science, exploring materials. We spent some time investigating how different materials can change shape through bending, twisting, stretching and squashing them. We were surprised when we found out that foil is a metal that we could mould and shape. 

In Geography we have been thinking about the physical and human features of different places such as the city and the beach. Next week we are going to explore the points of a compass and try and make our own pirate treasure maps. 

We are super excited for our trip to the beach next week- Thursday 13th March. 


We have had a wonderful start to the term this week. Our new text is 'The man whose mother was a pirate'. We are really enjoying it, we have made our own pirates, ships and parrots to decorate our classroom and made our own personalised bunting. In English we have spent some time acting out the story, making story maps and we have written a persuasive letter- we have been busy! 

We have continued on with fractions in Maths, we have looked at unit and non unit fractions, we have been focussing on 2/3 and 3/4- look out for this in our homework this week!  Miss Bliss is absolutely amazed at how brilliantly we are doing with our fractions learning. 

In Science we have been learning about materials, we have been helping the pirate make some sensible decisions about the materials he needs for his boat. 

We are planning a dress up/ pirate training day towards the end of the term. We are super hopeful for a trip to the beach this term... watch this space. 

Term 5. 

The man whose mother was a pirate- Margaret Mahy.

Our text for this term is based around a pirate. We will be learning about physical and human features in Geography, we will also be looking at maps. We will be focussing on Turner in Art and trying to recreate some of his famous seascape pictures. 

Here is the topic web for this term's learning:



What a busy two weeks we have had! We have been working very hard in Maths, this week we have started our work on fractions. We have been learning about equal and unequal parts and have begun to look at quarters and halves of shapes. 

In English we have been learning about past and present tense. We have written a diary entry as if we were Paddington on the day he arrived at Paddington station. We thought carefully about how he would feel, what he would see and what he would hear. To help us with that we watched some videos about London and learned what it is like in the city. 

In our topic work we are working really hard to sew our own bears, we have cut the bears out using a template and we are in the process of sewing them together. Next week we will stuff them and add some facial features. We are very excited about creating our own bears and we are really enjoying having a go at sewing. 

We have also been doing some computing, we have been learning about what a search engine is and then using google to find out if bears really do eat marmalade. Next week we are going to research and find out what type of bear Paddington is. 

As always, I am extremely proud of the children, they have settled back in to full time learning like they have never been away. Fantastic job Year Two! 

I have added some photographs of Year Two cutting and sewing. 


Class news is a little more exciting this week as we have had a full class back in the classroom, it has been absolutely wonderful to hear the children's laughter and chatter in the classroom again. 

We have been very busy this week, with lots of fun things happening. On Monday we spent lots of time playing and catching up. We had a lot to catch up on. 

Throughout the rest of the week we made marmalade sandwiches- some of us enjoyed them, others not so much. Then we wrote a set of instructions on 'How to make a marmalade sandwich'.

We were very excited to see a Paddington bear in our classroom clutching a very sticky, very crumbly letter. It was from Paddington bear in London! He had written us a letter whilst eating a marmalade sandwich, we have all written our own letters in reply. 

We have watched a kinetic theatre show about light and sound for science week and then had so much fun exploring shadows outside and making our own shadow puppets.

In Maths we have continued on with shape from our remote learning last week, this week we have been focussing on 3D shapes, we have been counting their vertices and their edges. We have also been practising our times tables again.

We have made our own Paddington bears out of paper plates and toilet roll inserts, they are on display in our classroom and it looks fantastic again. What a busy week we have had. 

I have been so amazed with how well each and every one of the children have settled in this week. They are all superstars and I am very proud of them.

Here are some pictures from the week:


I hope you all had a wonderful, restful half term full of lots of family time. 

All of the children have been very excited to find out that our new text for this term is 'Paddington' by Michael Bond. It is one of my favourite books and one of my favourite topics to teach. 

This week in Maths we have started looking at shape, we will continue with shape for a few weeks, exploring 2D and 3D shapes, drawing shapes and finding lines of symmetry. 

In English next week we will be focussing on a wonderful book called 'Paddington's post' a few of the children have told me they have it at home.

I am so excited because next time we have class news I will have so much to write about. You will all have been back in the classroom with me and your friends for a week. I will have lots of wonderful things to write about. I have planned lots of fun for your return to the classroom and a topic re- launch! I cannot wait to see you all very, very soon, in the mean time we can smile at each other through zoom. 

Stay safe and I will see you in just over a week's time!

Term 4

Our text for this term is Paddington by Michael Bond. We will be be learning lots about the UK, London and Peru and we will be sewing our own bears!

I have attached the topic web for this term about Paddington. It is a general overview of the learning we would usually explore for this text. It may change this year due to lockdown and the children returning part way through the term but it is a rough guide. 


We have had a wonderful two weeks both at home and in school. Last week we enjoyed a variety of reading challenges, we had so much fun in school and at home. Here are some pictures:

We have worked really hard on Maths and English this week and we are ready to write our own stories next week.

This week we have been focussing on 'Children's mental health week'. We have really enjoyed some slower afternoons doing things that we love, both at home with our families and in school. In school we have baked cakes, created some beautiful hearts, enjoyed practising the cup song with Mrs Mason, made some fantastic bookmarks, learnt some sign language, had a go at juggling and tried some keepy uppy's, just to name a few. Everyone at home has had a go at a lots of these tasks too. I want to share all of the wonderful photo's from this week with you. 

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and we are all feeling ready to face the next few weeks and any challenges it may bring. I think you are all absolutely wonderful and the learning you have been doing at home is fantastic. I have everything crossed we will all be back in school together soon. 

Stay safe, stay happy. 


The children have been working super hard both in school and at home this week. In English we have been focussing on recounts, hearing them and orally recounting them. We have had a focus on past tense verbs and using them accurately. Next week we will write our own recount- a diary entry as if we are the 'Tear Thief'. In Maths we have been working really hard on multiplication, we can confidently count in twos, fives and tens and we are getting really good at using the bar method to work out multiplication number sentences. We have also had a go at solving word problems. In our topic we have looked at significant people in history. This week we started our Art, having lots of fun experimenting with colour. Next week we will be trying to re-create a page from 'The Tear Thief' with the skills we have learnt this week. 

Thank you all for your support and encouragement with the home learning. You are all amazing. 


We find ourselves again in national lockdown with the majority of you guys doing your learning at home. I am very sad that we are here again but also really happy this time that we have a plan for learning and a plan for zooming and seeing each other twice a week.

Our Zoom meetings will be on the same days at the same time every week:

Monday at 1:15pm and Wednesday at 9:30am

You are all superstars, you all work super hard in school- I know you will at home. I am looking forward to seeing all of your work and videos, your videos and photos make my heart happy. 

It might be quite a while before we are back in school again but we will get through this together. I am right here at the end of the phone or seesaw every school day. I wanted to share some of our happy jars with you. It is an important time to focus on the things and people that make us happy. I absolutely loved your happy jars and the efforts you all put in to making them or drawing them. 

Keep smiling, stay at home, stay safe. 

Term 3. 

Our text for this term is 'The Tear Thief' by Carol Ann Duffy. We have an over arching theme for this term, it runs across the whole school. The theme is 'Health and wellbeing' a very fitting theme for current times. We will be learning about how to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally and we will be thinking about emotions and feelings. 

Here is a copy of our topic web, outlining our learning for this term.



The weather is getting colder and wetter now. Please ensure your child brings a coat to school every day. If you haven't sent in wellies please do so. We have had lots of muddy children this week as our play area is on the field. Apologies for all of the mud- the children are enjoying it! 


We will be using the children's home reading books and word cards that I have recently sent home (not all children have word cards) almost daily in school so please send their books and reading record in their bags every day. 


It was lovely to speak to you all at parents evenings. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to send me an email or give me a call, I will always reply as soon as I can.


Many thanks.

Miss Bliss. 

Class news 18.12.20

Last week the children worked extremely hard to complete a non- chronological report on bears. We learnt lots of facts about bears, what they eat, hibernation, how they exercise etc... and we used the facts to write our report. 

In Maths we continued to work with money with a Christmas twist. We did some problem solving at the Christmas toy shop.

We very much enjoyed Christmas dinner last week and had a day full of Christmas fun, I hope all of the children gave you the letters they wrote to Santa, they were so fantastic I have put a copy in their English books!  

This week we have been having lots of festive fun. We have spent a lot of time baking and decorating cookies, sewing our own Christmas decorations and painting calendars. We have watched a Christmas movie, sang many Christmas carols and completed lots of Christmas pictures. We have really enjoyed spending time having fun together. 

We worked really hard on our Christmas video and really hope you enjoy it. 

I would like to thank you all for the kind gifts, words and support since September. The children's resilience and your kindness has been very much appreciated. All of the children have been and are fantastic, I am so very proud of all of them. 

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, stay safe, stay healthy, spend time together. 

Happy new year, see you in 2021. 

Class news 04.12.20

This week in Maths we have been exploring money. We have learnt about the value of each note and coin. We have been working really hard to make a given amount of money in lots of different ways, we have been very good at it! 

In English we have moved on to our non-fiction unit focussing on non-chronological reports. We have looked at the different features of reports and completed some lessons on sub titles and third person pronouns. Next week we will be writing our own reports on bears. 

Topic has been geography based this week. We have looked at a world map, a globe and spent some time looking at atlases. We were very surprised by how small our country looks on a globe. We have been working hard to learn the names of the five oceans and seven continents and where they are located on a world map. 

We have been preparing something very special in Music.. watch this space!

We are excited for Christmas over the next few weeks, don't forget Christmas dinner day next Wednesday- the 9th! 

Class news 20.11.20

 The children have been working super hard on subtraction this week. We have been subtracting a two digit number from another two digit, sometimes we have had to exchange a ten for ten ones. We have been using our base 10 equipment to do this. It is really tricky stuff and I am so proud of the children's resilience and effort in Maths this week. They have all done fantastically well. 

In our text 'The rainbow bear' a polar bear gets caught and sent to a zoo where he is kept in captivity. The rainbow bear doesn't like being kept in a cage. We have thought about all animals in the zoo and why it is important they are kept in their natural habitat. In English we have written letters to all of the 'zoo keepers' to try and persuade them to release the animals kept in the zoo. We thought carefully about three reasons why they should release the animals and looked at persuasive language. Our letters are brilliant and definitely very persuasive! 

It is anti-bullying week this week, as a class we have considered how we can play our part through being kind. We thought about different ways to show kindness and each chose how we would try to be kind. We made a kindness soup. We also enjoyed a virtual assembly with Mrs Dawson to talk about anti-bullying and kindness. We loved seeing Mrs Dawson and the other year groups on our big screen. 

We finished our History, considering ways we may become great history makers ourselves. We had some great ideas from making a food machine to feed everybody in the world to creating a flying robot. 

We have started our Science, exploring living things and their habitat. We will be learning lots about different habitats including the polar bears habitat. 

We are really enjoying our class book and all of the learning it brings. 

Class news. 

 We have had a lovely week to start the term and our new text 'The Rainbow Bear'. The children were super excited this week to see three rainbows over Monday and Tuesday outside our classroom, some of the children think the rainbow bear may have been sat on the rainbow watching us. 

In English we have been looking at poems about polar bears. We have been looking for rhyme, refrains and couplets. We had lots of fun trying to act out the poems, putting actions to the words and reciting the poems. 

In Maths we have been focussing on addition and subtraction, this week we have been adding a two digit number and single digit number together and subtracting a single digit from a two digit number- look out for this in our homework. 

For our topic work we have had a go at colouring our own rainbow bear, we used lots of little lines to make it look like he has fur. We had a practise first with colouring pencils and then had a go with oil pastels. We have chosen the one we think looks best for our topic book covers. 

We have also started our history for this term- 'great history makers'. This week we learned about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. 

Term 2. 

Our book for this term is 'The Rainbow Bear' by Micheal Morpurgo.

We will be learning about different types of bears, the continents and oceans and lots about animals and their habitats. 

Below is our topic web with an outline of our learning for this term. 

This term.


Our book for this term is 'Jack and the Beanstalk', we will be learning about fairytales as a narrative and exploring how things grow.


The topic web for this term is below... Read all about what we will be learning about in class.