Life Skills, PSHE and SMSC

Children at Cashes have a good grounding in all subjects but we know there is more to an effective education than just this which is why we also prioritise our PSHE/SMSC provision.

All classes follow the SCARF curriculum which is adapted by each class teacher to ensure the needs of their individual classes are met. We chose this scheme because the values running through (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) align with our own school values and as a spiral curriculum, constant revisiting allows children to understand concepts and issues in more depth as they get older. Through this comprehensive scheme, we know that we meet the statutory requirements of the Relationships Education (for primary schools) and PSHE curriculums as set out by the Government. By following the SCARF curriculum through school we know that children will meet the statutory end of primary outcomes.

Further to this, in Key Stage 2 children complete a 'Life Skills Passport' with activities such as first aid and cycling proficiency that are extra to the statutory National Curriculum as well as activities that fall into other curriculum areas, for example cooking a healthy meal and Internet Safety. It is our aim to ensure that children leave us with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their next steps in both education and life.