We are very proud to be a GHLL Mental Health Champions school.

Mental Wellbeing

What can we do to keep our minds healthy?

At Cashes Green, we talk to the children in PSHE lessons and assemblies all the time about the steps we can all take to promote our positive mental wellbeing.

As with any aspect of heath education, discussion from an early age gives children the vital skills and understanding they need to draw upon when making life choices as independent young people and into adulthood – something that is really important to us at Cashes.


The NHS suggests the “5 steps to Mental Wellbeing” shown above as little actions we can all build into our daily lives to boost our wellbeing. Click here for more detailed information. 

Now, more than ever, it is important that we keep talking with our children about steps we can take to try and stay positive and that its crucial we ask for help when things get too much. This third Lockdown, in the winter, almost a year on from when it all began is hard!

Mrs Mutton, our family support work is available by email or on the phone if you need any help, advice or just someone to listen. She can signpost you to other services if needed too.

Please get in touch on jmutton@cashesgreen-pri.gloucs.sch.uk and she will chat via email or give you a ring whichever you prefer.

She is available for children and parents - if you think your child could benefit from someone to talk to please email Mrs Mutton (or get in touch with your child's class teacher - either will be more than happy to speak on the phone with children if they need some support).

Here are some ideas for activities which might help families to talk together at this difficult time.

We use SCARF in school for our PSHE lessons and the children are familiar with Harold (the giraffe!) here is his Lockdown diary which includes in a child friendly way suggestions for discussing our mental health and promoting positive wellbeing. https://www.coramlifeeducation.org.uk/harolds-daily-diary 

Mrs Mutton, our family support worker is doing her ELSA training to help her develop even further her skills in supporting children and families. Here are some suggestions from the ELSA website for activities each day that children and families could do together. https://www.elsa-support.co.uk/wellbeing-week-daily-resources/ 

GHLL (Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning) has some great resources. https://www.ghll.org.uk/covid19/wellbeing-packs/ 

Facts4Life is another resource we use in school who have some good resources for families on their site https://facts4life.org/for-parents-carers-2/ 

The whole school is learning about mental health and wellbeing as part of their topic this term - children at home and in school have been thinking about the different ways that they can boost their mood if they're feeling a little down. We talked about how it's a good idea to have a mental health first aid kit ready for when you need it - just like you don't wait to cut your knee before buying plasters, you shouldn't wait until you're feeling down to think about how you could try to make yourself feel a little better.

Here are some of the posters that Year 6 have made. 

Year 1 have been thinking about what makes them happy. For the younger children, labelling and talking about their emotions is the first step in being able to talk more deeply when they're older.

We are keen to encourage everyone to do what they can to promote their own positive mental wellbeing. If you'd like to contribute to our gallery please email photos to Mrs Eeley (seeley@cashesgreen-pri.gloucs.sch.uk).

In the first Lockdown #teamcashes raised money for NHS Together - by working as a team (albeit remotely) we benefited ourselves by feeling good from giving our time and raising money and also helped bring the school community together. Look back at the fun and games here: #casheslockdownchallenge

Lockdown this time is very different - but the grown-ups are still trying to keep themselves positive and do little things to boost their mental health. Come back soon for more details from us all!

Mrs Mosses is running! She is doing 100km each month and getting faster and faster.

Mrs Mason is singing with her choir on Zoom!

Mrs Mutton has been knitting presents for friends and family. She says, "the pleasure of creating and then seeing their happiness is one of the best feelings ever".

Miss Grace has been doing lots of art and journalling to relax. She also enjoys getting outside and taking her cat for walks!

Mrs Eeley has been going on muddy walks with her children.

Mr Barnard has been running to AND from school every Tuesday and Wednesday to run 150 miles in January. He is raising money for Young Gloucestershire (if you have anything spare and would like to donate, you can here)

Here is what some of our grown-ups got up to to boost their mental health before COVID-19 interrupted life...

#teamcashes raised over £1000 for Longfield - a local charity that helps people "live well with life limiting illness" by completing a sponsored walk. Miss Bliss organised the team to take part in memory of her sister, Kelsey. 

Mrs Eeley says, "I enjoy helping out at my son's Beavers group. It makes me feel proud that 26 young people get to try new activities and have fun together because of the time the leaders give. We are often active and try to be outside as much as possible. I really enjoyed a hike in our beautiful countryside a few weeks ago."

Miss Jordan says, "I play netball 3 times a week because the exercise helps me stay fit and healthy and lets me burn off energy and clear my head after a busy day. It's good to spend time with others and I really enjoy being part of a team - especially when we play well together and win!"

Miss Bliss says, "I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors. When we were on holiday together we went to visit a very special place to us - Kelsey's Head in Cornwall. It took us an hour and a half to walk out to the coast but there was lots to notice along the way."

Mr Atkinson says, "I play the tuba for Nailsworth Silver Band. I like learning new pieces and practising for competitions. It not only helps keep my heart and lungs healthy but I love the combined team work of making music together."

Mr Barnard says, "I enjoy keeping active by playing rugby and cricket. I also spend time with my friends playing on a skittles team. Last year I set myself the challenge of running the Stroud Half Marathon and I am looking forward to pushing myself even further to run the Gloucester Marathon this year - 26 miles!"

Mrs Mills says, "I love spending time with my family, especially taking our dog Bella for walks in the woods. I also love spending time in my garden. I keep active by going running with my friends. We completed the Race for Life Pretty Mudder together."

Mrs Dawson says, "I love playing netball. It lets me keep fit while I have fun with my friends. I love the feeling of success when we have a good match working together; we support each other and we laugh a lot. I also smile eveytime I see this cushion I made in my office. My friend taught me to sew and while I didn't find it easy I stuck at it and I am happy with how it turned out. When I see it I am proud of the new skills I learnt."