Head Teacher  Mrs M. Dawson 
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs S. Eeley 

Mrs J. Mills - Reception Class

Mrs J. Hall - Class 1

Miss M. Bliss - Class 2

Miss A. Grace - Class 3 

Mr L. Atkinson - Class 4 

Miss M. Jordan - Class 5 

Mr D. Barnard - Class 6

Mrs C. Mosses- SENCO

Mrs C. Folley/ Mrs P .Bennett - PPA Cover

Mrs M. Mason - music teacher

Mrs L. Marsh - Intervention teacher


Support Staff   














Mrs J. Harding

Miss A. Pirie

Mrs C. Pegler

Miss L. Solomon


Mr G. Brereton

Mrs K. Legg

Miss K. Maloney

 Miss K. Reid

Mrs A. Rice


Mrs J. Mutton- Family Support Worker


School Business Manager - Mrs S. Papps 

Administration - Mrs S. Ind

Caretaker - Mr G. Brereton 
Cleaner - Mrs M. Boucher

Cleaner - Mrs E. Harrison


Midday Supervisors

Mr G. Brereton 
Mrs A. Rice
Mrs C. Pegler

Mrs E. Harrison

Mrs S. Ind

Miss L. Solomon

Mrs L. Eisley


 Road Safety Warden Mrs J. Ray


Class Organisation 

At present we have 7 classes organised as follows:

Mrs J.Mills                                        Reception 29 children 4-5 year olds

Mrs J. Hall

Year 1 30 children 5-6 year olds

Miss M. Bliss

Year 2 30 children

6-7 year olds


Miss A. Grace

Year 3

28 children

7-8 year olds
Mr L. Atkinson Year 4

30 children

8-9 year olds
Miss M. Jordan Year 5 30 children

9-10 year olds

Mr D. Barnard/Mrs S. Eeley

Year 6 25 children 10-11 year olds




Each class teacher is responsible for the whole curriculum within his or her own class.
There are occasions though when our class teachers use their special talents with other classes.