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Year 6


Hi Year 6 hope you are all well. It has been a very strange start to the term with some of you in school and some of you at home. You have all been doing a fantastic job with your work and I am incredibly proud of all of you. 

Our Book this term is Virginia Wolf. It is all about Mental Health, which is very appropriate in these strange times, we will be finding out about different mental health conditions and ways to help us improve our overall mental health. In Science, we will be finding out about the human body, the different systems in the body and how nutrients and vitamins help our body develop. In computing, we will be looking at internet safety and starting to find out some information about programming using Scratch. 

Our Maths this term we will finish off looking at fractions, find out all about percentages and hopefully finish the term with a little bit of algebra! In English, our writing will be linked to our book and mental health. 

I know if you are at home or in school this term you will continue to produce some fantastic work and I can't wait to see all the amazing work! I will regularly upload pieces to this page so everyone else can see the fantastic work you have produced. 

We are having Zoom assemblies/sessions every Monday and Thursday at 10:15. We will spend time in these sessions discussing mental health and lots of other important things!


Well done Year 6 see you all soon!


Friday 11th June

In Year 6, we have been working really hard since coming back after half term. Most of our focus has been on learning our lines for our play. Hopefully, by the end of this week we will know the majority of our lines and we can start acting out the scenes. 

In Maths, we have been doing some really challenging work. We have been looking at internal angles in a range of shapes. This has been great practice for secondary school Maths. We were also very lucky to have a Geography lesson from Mr Williams from Archway school. It was really interesting to challenge our thinking about where we live and where we would like to live in the future. It gave us plenty of things to think about for the future!

In English, we have been working on our independence. We have selected which type of text we would like to write and then we have had a go at writing these texts about our Egg/Creature from last term. 

Friday 21st May

We have had great fun this week starting our Science experiments. We have been looking at broomsticks and how they fly when the weight is at different parts of the stick. We had a quick pre experiment using spaghetti and marshmallows to test our theories. 

We then completed the experiment using an actual broomstick and a KG weight. The results we got surprised us a little and the flight path of the broomstick was really interesting.

In English, we have been creating our own creature which we will be writing reports on next week.

Finally, in Maths this week we have been telling the time and finding percentages of amounts. We have worked really hard on this and we have an excellent understanding of percentages now. 

Friday 7th May

We have been really busy for the last fortnight. In our Maths we have been revisiting fractions which we have worked hard on. In our English we have been writing our own descriptions of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. We also did some Maths line graphs linked to these descriptions. Check out the picture of our class display below. 

In our topic work we have started to find out about forces in Science. Over the next couple of weeks we will be planning and carrying out our own investigations about forces. We look forward to sharing our results with you next time. In computing we are in the middle of creating our own scratch games about Harry Potter. We are hoping to have these finished by the end of term so we can have a go at playing each others games. 

Friday 23rd April

It has been great to be back, especially in the sunshine, after the Easter holiday. We were all super excited about our new topic, Harry Potter (please see lower down the page to find out what we are covering this term) and have really enjoyed listening to the start of the book. In our Art work we had a go at drawing the Hogwarts school badge using a youtube follow along guide to help us. Check out our work below (even Mr Barnard had a go).

We were also really excited to get back to music with Mrs Mason and PE with Mr Tanner this week as well. It is starting to feel a little bit more normal now in school! We are keeping our fingers crossed for an amazing summer term and that the sunshine stays with us!

Friday 26th March

We have had an amazing time in Year 6 the last couple of weeks. The highlight was on Wednesday, we had a virtual visit from the British Museum where we learnt about being archeologists and found out all about the Ancient Maya.

In our Maths work we have been finding out about ratio and the link between ratio and fractions. We have worked really hard on this and have had great success. In English we have been writing reports about the Ancient Maya. In PE, we have absolutely loved doing ultimate frisbee and we can't wait for next week when we find out how it is similar to the Ancient Maya game Pok-ta-Pok. Finally, in Science we loved doing our experiment all about melting chocolate.

Friday 12th March

It has been so great being back in school. We have all loved being back and seeing our friends and getting back to 'more normal' school work. We have started writing our own versions of Hero Twins in English. In Maths we have been finding the area and perimeter of rectangles. In our topic work we have been finding out lots of information about the Maya and where they lived. 

It has been so lovely to be back together as a whole class and we have all settled back in amazingly and worked so hard this week. We also had a great day on 

Friday 26th February 

We have started our new book this week, Hero Twins (check out our topic overview further down the page). We have really enjoyed finding out about the basic information about the Maya during our first topic session (both at home and at school). Check out our posters that we designed below: 

We are all super excited about coming back to school in just over a week! It has been a long time since we were altogether and we really hope we can have a great last few terms together at Cashes. We have also got Mr Thomas working with us this term and he is really looking to meeting all of us soon!

Friday 5th February 

We are continuing to work incredibly hard in Year 6. This week we have looked at some very tricky Maths involving Algebra. Mr Barnard can not believe how well we have done, we are certainly ready for the harder challenges coming towards us with secondary school Maths. In our English we have making our own soup (both at home and in school) and writing our own instructions to go alongside them. They tasted absolutely delicious and we are looking forward to trying each others recipes after seeing them on Seesaw.  



We have also really enjoyed Mental Health Awareness week. It has been great seeing the children, again at home and at school, trying different things and enjoying themselves. Hopefully our Monday and Friday activities over the next couple of weeks will help you have some enjoyable times as families as well. 

Friday 22nd January

We are really enjoying our new book this term, Virginia Wolf. This week we have been writing our own version of the story and creating our own happy place like Bloomsbury in the story. Below are some pictures of our happy place. 




Next week we are going to be presenting our work to each other through seesaw. We can't wait to hear/see our fantastic stories. 

In Maths we have started to look at percentages and the link between percentages, fractions and decimals. This is quite a tricky thing to understand but we are all trying incredibly hard to understand this concept. We are going to move on next week to finding percentages of numbers.

In our topic work we have been finding out about different Mental Health conditions and how they change our lives. We have also been learning about the heart in our science work and in art we have produced some heart pictures in the style of the artist Kandinsky.


Friday 18th December


We have worked incredibly hard since September, challenging ourselves in all our work and producing some amazing work. To finish off this terms work on our book the Island we have had a really fun last Christmas week. We used our snowflake art work to produce some Christmas cards. We hope you liked them. 



We have also been very busy making some calendars using our sewing skills. Hopefully you will see them tonight if we get them finished today! We are working as hard as the elves are today to get them complete. 


We would like to wish the rest of the school, teachers, parents and everyone else at Cashes a very merry Christmas. We absolutely loved seeing all the Christmas songs and nativities yesterday (it almost made up for not seeing it on the stage). We also loved singing carols outside with the whole school. It was great being with everyone again, even if we were distanced. Fingers crossed things will improve and we will get to be together as a school again before we leave.


Merry Christmas everyone, have a lovely time at home for the next two weeks!

Friday 4th December

We have been working really hard in Year 6 the last couple of weeks. In Maths we have been looking at fractions, it has been hard week but we think we are almost there (Mr Barnard is going to bring some chocolate in next week to make sure we fully understand). In English, we have finished writing our stories about our own Arctic creature.

In History, we have been on an expedition to the South Pole with Sir Ernest Shackleton. We were amazed that they survived so long (2 years) on the ice. 



In PE we took part in the Stroud School Games Sportshall Athletics competition. We did jumping, throwing and running events. We will find out after Christmas where we finished. Next week, we are doing the football competition with Mr Tanner. 


Friday 20th November 

It has been a busy few weeks in Year 6. We have been working incredibly hard in Maths, we have started looking at fractions. In English we have been bust writing reports about the creatures we have created. We have almost finished writing these reports so look out next time for some pictures of our work. 

In Science we have been using the data loggers to carry out our own investigations about keeping warm in Arctic conditions. We have been making predictions and writing conclusions and evaluations based on our findings. 

This week has been Anti-Bullying week. In Year 6 we have had conversations about the different roles we can play in trying to stop bullying and how important it is that we all take responsibility to stop bullying from happening. We also really enjoyed our zoom assembly with Mrs Dawson (see picture below)


Finally, we are absolutely loving our outside learning sessions with Stu. We have learnt so many new skills already. 


Friday 6th November 

We have really enjoyed our first week back after half term. Our new book is really interesting and we have loved the science work we have done so far linked to the book. 


We also loved our last book and had a great finish to the term by tasting some Greek food. Check out the pictures of some of us below tasting the food. Overall we loved it although there were some foods we weren't so keen on!

We also absolutely loved our outdoor education session with Stu (now called Outdoor Stu by the children!). It is going to be really fun and we can't wait for next weeks session (It is on Wednesday next week not Tuesday so we are swapping days with PE so we need to remember to have our old clothes on Wednesday and our PE kit on Tuesday next week for one week only).

Term 5

Our book for this term is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Most of us have already read some of the Harry Potter stories so we are really looking forward to our work this term. 

Below is an overview of what we are covering in each subject this term.


English - fantasy stories and a range of short tasks based on a range of text types. 

Maths - Statistics and Geometry. 

Science - a recap of learning for upper key stage 2 and forces.

Geography - Map skills focusing on contour lines.

PE - Athletics and Cricket 

Art - Drawing 

Term 4

Our book for this term is Hero Twins, a graphic novel set in Ancient Maya times. It is a story about twins who take on the Maya Gods at a game of Pok-ta-Pok (an ancient Maya ball game). 


Below is an overview of what we are covering in each subject this term.  


English - Graphic Novels, writing dialogue and creating our own stories. 

Maths - We are looking at converting measures and ratio this term. As well as recapping on our basic skills 

History - We will be finding out all about the Ancient Maya society and their traditions and customs

Geography - We will be looking at Central America

Science - We will be finding out about the properties of materials including carrying out an investigation with chocolate

PE - We will be playing a less gruesome version of the Maya game Pok-Ta-Pok 

Art - We have a couple of surprise art activities linked to the Maya people 


Term 2

Our book for this term is Island by Nicky Singer. It is a story about a teenage boy called Cameron who arrives on an uninhabited Arctic island with his scientist mother. Will he believe the science his mum is trying to teach him or will he discover something completely different? 



Below is an overview of what we are covering in each subject this term.  


English - We are writing stories and creating Non-Chronological Reports about our own Arctic animals

Maths - This term we are working on the 4 operations of calculation and looking at fractions 

History - We are finding out about the explorer Ernest Shackleton 

Geography - We are learning about the polar regions and the different hemispheres on Earth. 

Science - We are finding out about classification of animals, daylight hours in different parts of the world, food chains and conducting our own experiments using data loggers. 

PE - We are doing football this term

Art - We are drawing/creating our own snowflakes 

Term 1

It has been a different but exciting start to term (it has been really nice having all the children back together).

Our book this term is 'Who Let The Gods Out'.


It is all about Ancient Greece. We have absolutely loved reading all the different Myths and finding out some interesting information about Ancient Greece.

Below is an overview of what we are covering in each subject this term.  


English - We are writing Myths and creating Non-Chronological Reports about the Ancient Greeks 

Maths - This term we are working on the 4 operations of calculation

History - We are finding out about the Ancient Greek Gods, Family Life, The different Cities and Warfare.

Science - We are finding out about the Earth, Sun and Moon. 

PE - We are doing Athletics and we are going to host our own Year 6 Ancient Olympic Games (without the wrestling)

Art - We are designing and drawing our own Ancient Greek pots using ink. 

DT - We are going to try some Ancient Greek style food