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Year 6

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P.E. - Our P.E. lessons are every Wednesday.  If they are in school, children need to come to school dressed in their P.E. kit with suitable footwear on this day.

Reading Records - signatures will be counted each Thursday.  Children can read to themselves but the record must be signed by an adult. 

Homework - will be set Friday via Seesaw and needs to be submitted by 9am the following Thursday.

Friday 2nd December 2022

We have had another really busy two weeks - full of hard work and brilliant learning.

We finished writing our non-chronological reports about vertebrates following our trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and have moved on to narrative writing. We've looked again at different ways to start our sentences to make our stories entertaining to read.

Here is Evie's story so far...see if you can spot the different techniques (description, action, dialogue, where, adverb of manner, verb, estimation of time or rhetorical question).

We have also learnt how to make similes more entertaining to read. Here are some of our improvements:

  • as cold as ice as cold as a freezing blizzard in the Arctic
  • as fast as a cheetah as fast as a starving cheetah hunting down its prey on the African savannah
  • as hot as the sun as hot as a the raging inferno inside a volcano about to erupt
  • as scary as a ghost as scary as when you're watching a horror film and you hear a banging on the door
  • as loud as thunder  as loud as a raging thunderstorm cracking across the night's sky

In History, we carried on learning about Shackleton and put everything we have learnt about together in a newspaper article about whether Shackleton was a good leader. Here are some of our pieces of writing (click on each photo and it'll get bigger so you can read it).





Friday 18th November

We have had a great start to term in Year 6. We have really enjoyed finding out about the Arctic and Antarctica, In our History lessons we have been finding out about the Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Miraculously, over 100 years ago he attempted to walk across Antarctica and although he failed somehow they managed not to loose a single member of their crew for time they were away (over 2 years). We really enjoyed looking at a range of sources to help us find out lots of information about the past,

In our Maths, we have been working incredibly hard on fractions! This is a tricky topic but we have been doing really well so far. We are looking forward to the challenges that are coming up.

In our PE, we are doing gymnastics this term. We were super proud of 4 of our girls who took part in a girls football tournament last week. They won all 4 of their games, well done Girls!

Term 2

Our book this term is The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

Below is an overview of the key areas we will cover this term

English - We are writing stories and creating Non-Chronological Reports about our own Arctic animals

Maths - This term we are working on the 4 operations of calculation and looking at fractions 

History - We are finding out about the explorer Ernest Shackleton 

Geography - We are learning about the polar regions and the different hemispheres on Earth. 

Science - We are finding out about classification of animals, daylight hours in different parts of the world, food chains and conducting our own experiments using data loggers. 

PE - We are doing gymnastics this term

Art - We are drawing/creating our own snowflakes 

Friday 14th October

We have had a great time in Year 6 the last couple of weeks. Last Friday we did our class assembly, thank you so much to all the parents that came along and watched, it was all about Ancient Greece. In Maths we have been working on long multiplication, Mr Barnard has been super impressed with our skills (although a few of us still need to get quicker with our tables). In English, we have been working hard writing reports and discussions linked to our topic work.

We are really excited to have planned our own Science experiments all to do with the Ancient Olympic Games today. We are going to find out if the people with the longest arms through the javelin the furthest, if the taller people run the fastest and if the people with the longest legs can jump the furthest. Next week we will be doing our Olympics and collating the results together to produce our own graphs. We will share some pictures of us competing next time!

Friday 30th September

It has been a super first month back at school. We have enjoyed finding out about the Ancient Greeks in our topic work. We hope you can join us on Friday 7th of October for our class assembly where we will show you some of the information we have found out.

In Maths, we have been working really hard and have made a fantastic start. We have showed Mr Barnard that we have a great understanding of the basic skills we need for Year 6. In writing we have been doing some work based on our book, Who Let the Gods Out. We have written some really interesting descriptions. 

Term 1

It has been great to welcome our new Year 6. They have all come back really smartly and have a great start to the year. We have been finding out about the Ancient Greeks in History and comparing Greece and the UK in Geography. 


Our book this term is 'Who Let The Gods Out'.


It is all about Ancient Greece. We have absolutely loved reading all the different Myths and finding out some interesting information about Ancient Greece.

Below is an overview of what we are covering in each subject this term.  


English - We are writing Myths and creating Non-Chronological Reports about the Ancient Greeks 

Maths - This term we are working on the 4 operations of calculation

History - We are finding out about the Ancient Greek Gods, Family Life, The different Cities and Warfare.

Science - We are finding out about Evolution and Inheritance 

Geography - We are comparing Greece and the UK

PE - We are doing Athletics and we are going to host our own Year 6 Ancient Olympic Games (without the wrestling)

Art - We are designing and drawing our own Ancient Greek pots using ink. 

DT - We are going to try some Ancient Greek style food