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Year 6

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P.E. - Our P.E. lessons are every Wednesday.  If they are in school, children need to come to school dressed in their P.E. kit with suitable footwear on this day.

Reading Records - signatures will be counted each Thursday.  Children can read to themselves but the record must be signed by an adult. 

Homework - will be set Friday via Seesaw and needs to be submitted by 9am the following Thursday.

Friday 8th July

Everybody is super excited for the end of year production on Thursday. Hopefully you have received your tickets today (If you were at Maidenhill you will get them wednesday). We can't wait to perform on the stage. Mrs Dawson and Mr Atkinson gave us a masterclass in acting this week so we are all ready to go!

We have also all visited our new secondary schools this week and are super excited about that as well. 

We can't believe it is only a week and a half left! We are going to be super busy but hopefully have a great time as well!

Friday 24th Jun

We are super excited in Year 6 as we are off on residential. Check out our pictures on facebook, we will ve updating each evening.


We have also been working hard learning our lines for our play. We have all done a great joh to learn our lines and the songs. It is not long now until the performance. 


Finally we have had a visit this week from InfoBuzz who have been talking to us about staying safe online. 

Friday 10th June 


Year 6 are very proud to share their final writing pieces from last term. They chose what type of text they wanted to write and the topic.

Here is all their writing.

Friday 13th May

Year 6 have been amazing this week! We are so proud of how they have tackled doing their SATs, with positive attitudes and perseverance. They have had a very good first experience in taking tests which we hope they can carry forward with them as they move to their secondary schools. We look ahead to lots more fun - putting on our play, doing our last topic for the year (starting Friday 20th May), a fantastic art project, iSing Pop, the famous Y6 vs staff rounders match...

Here they are celebrating all their hard work in Stratford Park today.

Friday 29th April

Unlike the other classes Year 6 are carrying on with their topic of Harry Potter for the first couple of weeks of term as we are busy working hard getting ready for SATs. We have told the children that our new book will be The Hero Twins and we will start this after SATs.


Mr Barnard and Mrs Eeley are super proud of how hard all of Year 6 have been working (both in school and at home) and we now they are going to perform really well during the week. We have also started our Athletics PE this term with a fun competition against the Year 5s. This was a fun way to start our unit and we look forward to improving our skills over this term getting us ready for Sports Day.  

Friday 1st April

We have been enjoying the sunshine the last couple of weeks by getting outside in the afternoons. We have been conducting a science experiment to see what affects how far a broom stick flies. We did some initial testing using spaghetti and marshmallows. Check out our pictures below.

We have also been working incredibly hard preparing for our SATS so last Friday we had a fun reward afternoon in the woods. We loved working and playing together, creating dens and playing a large game of hide and seek. 

Friday 18th March

We have been working really hard in Year 6 preparing for the SATS. All of us are doing really well and trying our best in all our work. When we have not been preparing we have really enjoyed our topic work. We have worked hard to create our own Hogwarts Crests. Our pictures are up on the wall outside the class and will be on our Facebook page later today!

We have also been busy creating our own Harry Potter maze games on Scratch. We hope to be able to share these with you before the end of term. Finally, we absolutely loved our science lesson mixing potions and experimenting with floating and sinking with different liquids. It was great fun and we found out some really interesting facts. 

Term 4

Our book for this term is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Most of us have already read some of the Harry Potter stories so we are really looking forward to our work this term. 

Below is an overview of what we are covering in each subject this term.


English - fantasy stories and a range of short tasks based on a range of text types. 

Maths - Statistics and Geometry. 

Science - Materials and their properties

Geography - Map skills focusing on contour lines.

PE - Swimming 

Computing - Programming 

Art - Drawing 

Friday 11th February

 It's been Children's Mental Health Week this week and Year 6 really enjoyed running sessions for each class where they taught children about the 5 steps to positive mental wellbeing.

Friday 14th January

We have had a great start back this term. We have all worked really hard thinking about our mental health and how we can use the 5 steps to wellbeing (Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice, Give Time and Notice) to help us feel better about ourselves. 
As part of the keep learning we are learning to play the Ukulele in music (even Mr Barnard)

Term 3


Our book for this term is Virginia Wolf. 

This book is all about mental health so should give us lots of interesting discussion points throughout this term.


Below is an overview of the key areas we will cover this term

English - We are writing our own mental health story, persuasive letters and instructions 

Maths - This term we are looking at decimals and percentages 

Science - We will be finding out about the heart and the systems of the body. 

PE - We are doing gymnastics this term

Art - We are finding out about the artists Kandinsky and Romero Britto 

DT - We are making vegetable soup 

PSHE - The 5 steps to mental well being 

Friday 3rd December 

We have all been working incredibly hard. In Maths we have started to look at fractions. It has been hard but we are all doing really well. We can now add and subtract fractions and have started to get more confident in multiplying fractions by whole numbers. Next week we will be looking at multiplying and dividing fractions as well. 

In English we have been writing our reports about invertebrates. We have worked really hard to do these and will be making them into PowerPoint presentations next week which we look forward to sharing on here. 

In our topic work we have been finding out about Shackleton (a captain who took an exhibition to the South Pole). We have really enjoyed finding out about his trip and how he overcame adversity. We have been comparing his leadership skills to other captains we have found out about in our book. 

Friday 19th November

We have had an awesome week in Year 6. We went on our trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. We loved seeing the animals and had a really interesting talk about classification of animals.

In our Maths this week we have started to look at fractions! We have had a really good start and will be working on these up until Christmas now. In English we have been writing letters all about our trip. Today we had Mrs Dawson teaching us for Art. Check out our work below. 

Term 2

Our book for this term is Race to the Frozen North. Below is a copy of the blurb.

When Orphan Matthew Henson ran away from his violent stepmother to find a new life in the big city, no one could have predicted that he would become the first man to reach the North Pole. A little luck and a lot of hard work led to a life of adventure on the high seas and in the Arctic, but back home in America his achievements were ignored due to the colour of his skin. 


This should be a really interesting read and will highlight some really important issues for the children which we will discuss throughout our lessons.

Below is an overview of the key areas we will cover this term

English - We are writing stories and creating Non-Chronological Reports about our own Arctic animals

Maths - This term we are working on the 4 operations of calculation and looking at fractions 

History - We are finding out about the explorer Ernest Shackleton 

Geography - We are learning about the polar regions and the different hemispheres on Earth. 

Science - We are finding out about classification of animals, daylight hours in different parts of the world, food chains and conducting our own experiments using data loggers. 

PE - We are doing gymnastics this term

Art - We are drawing/creating our own snowflakes 

Friday 15th October

We have had a great couple of weeks in Year 6. We went on our class reward trip to Randwick Woods. We absolutely loved it up there and played really well together. 

We have had some really interesting lessons on Zoom over the last 2 weeks. We had a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament and we found out all about Greek Temples from the British Museum. 

Friday 1st October

We have been working really hard since the start of term. We are loving our topic and have found out lots of interesting facts about the Ancient Greeks. We have loved finding out about the different City States of Sparta, Athens and Corinth. It has been really interesting comparing the similarities and differences between the Ancient Greeks, other Ancient societies and how we live now.

In Maths, we have been working hard on our addition, subtraction and multiplication skills. We have really impressed Mr Barnard with our skills. We have made a great start to the year in Maths.

Term 1

It has been a different but exciting start to term (it has been really nice having all the children back together).

Our book this term is 'Who Let The Gods Out'.


It is all about Ancient Greece. We have absolutely loved reading all the different Myths and finding out some interesting information about Ancient Greece.

Below is an overview of what we are covering in each subject this term.  


English - We are writing Myths and creating Non-Chronological Reports about the Ancient Greeks 

Maths - This term we are working on the 4 operations of calculation

History - We are finding out about the Ancient Greek Gods, Family Life, The different Cities and Warfare.

Science - We are finding out about the Earth, Sun and Moon. 

PE - We are doing Athletics and we are going to host our own Year 6 Ancient Olympic Games (without the wrestling)

Art - We are designing and drawing our own Ancient Greek pots using ink. 

DT - We are going to try some Ancient Greek style food