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Year 1

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A few little reminders….

  • It is PE on Monday so you need to wear your PE kit to school. If it not raining we will be outside so make sure you wear something warm.
  • We are on the grass as well as the playground for playtime and lunch play and as the weather changes it will get wet and muddy. If you haven’t brought any wellies in yet try and bring some in as soon as you can it will stop your school shoes getting spoilt.
  • Don’t forget to bring in your reading records on Thursday so we can count your reading signatures. I wonder if anyone will get a certificate this week?

Friday 2nd December

We have had another busy two weeks in Year One. After our visit by the Big Bad Wolf we wrote instructions about how to trap a wolf so he does not destroy our classroom again.

In science we have been investigating the properties of materials. We got examples of different materials and thought of words to describe them.

In history we have been learning about homes in the past. We looked at objects from homes in the past and tried to work out what they were and what they were used for. Some were easier than others.

Friday 18th November

Over the last two weeks Year One have been very busy. We have written to the Big Bad Wolf to tell him not to come to our classroom again as he made to much mess! We decided to design a trap to stop him if he comes again and next week we will be writing instructions on How To Trap A Wolf.


To help us with this we have been busy investigating different materials. We went for a material hunt around the school naming and describing the different materials we could find.

Then we sorted objects according to what they were made of.

Friday 4th November

We had a disaster in Year One this week. When we came to school on Monday somebody has destroyed our classroom. We looked all around for clues and we decided it was the Big Bad Wolf!

We found out our new class book is The Three Little Pigs. Take a look at our topic web below to see all the exciting learning we will be doing this term.

Friday 14th October

We had a very exciting time last week when we went searching for the Gruffalo, we had a fantastic time even though we got got very soggy in the rain. We were very lucky as we found all the characters from the story and we also had fun making a Gruffalo decoration while we were there. 


Although some of us thought the best bit was the bus journey!

After the trip we have been busy learning to work all on our own and drew a map of the Gruffalo, we then had to write labels using our phonics. We also made a 'messy' map of the Gruffalo woods and labelled it.

We have combined our English and Science work. We have started thinking about information writing and wrote sentences about the tree on the school field. We have also been making careful observations of leaves we have found in the local area.

Friday 30th September


We have had another good two weeks in Year One with lots of learning all linked to the Gruffalo. We made Gruffalo crumble to help us with writing instructions.

Here are some of our finished instructions.

We have finished our art worked linked to Andrew Goldsworthy. Here are some of our finished sculptures inspired by him.

Friday 16th September

Welcome to Year One.

We are looking forward to lots of fun and learning as we start in our new class. We have made a good start at working together as a class and look forward to all our learning linked to our book 'The Gruffalo'

The setting of the woods will be the starting point of lots of our learning this term, investigating trees and natural materials found in our environment. Take a look at the topic web below to see what we will be up to.

We went for a walk in the local area to look at all the different trees. We looked carefully at the similarities and differences. We also collected lots of natural materials to use in our art work.

We had lots of fun printing with the natural materials we collected.

Here a few pictures of our first two weeks in Year One.