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Online Safety

Need Help with Online Safety?

If your child comes to you with an online safety concern and you're not sure how best to respond, the Childnet website is full of helpful information and advice:  

Online Safety Course for Parents

Online safety is of significant importance as the online world is constantly changing and evolving and with it so do the risks facing children online.  As a school we are members of National Online Safety who are at the forefront of online safety education in the country.  We hope to become a certified school by the end of the year.  They offer an online course (delivered through video) specifically for parents which you are able to access and complete.

You will learn about

  • Unsafe communications
  • Effects to mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle
  • Managing online information 

You will learn about each online danger, what the risks are around each danger, potential signs and what parents, carers and trusted adults can do to help ensure your children stay safe online. 

To access the course you need to click on the link below and set yourself up an account.

Click here to access the Parent User Guide is required. 

Once you've have set yourself up and account the course you will be able to complete is called 'Annual Online Safety Course for Parents & Carers (2019 - 20)'

In completing this course you will be helping us towards our certification.  

If you have any issues at all please contact Miss Jordan via email - Online

National Online Safety

Here are lots of helpful guides from National Online Safety as a part of their #WakeUpWednesday promotion to provide you with further information about how to keep your children safe online.



Mental Health

Privacy and Security

Social Media

 PEGI Website

This website is full of really useful information and guidance about buying computer games.  It features pages such as:

  • Tips for parents
  • Parental control tools
  • Games and health
  • Plus a whole host of other useful information

Click the link to see a copy of their Good Gaming Guide

Social Networking

What social networks are children using?  

Click on the web link below to be directed to a website which gives you lots of helpful information about how to keep your children safe on social media, information about age restrictions on these platforms and lots more helpful advice. 

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