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Hello everyone! We are really missing all our children and families - it is very strange at school with hardly anyone here but it's how it needs to be to keep everyone safe.


We are now using this website to keep in touch with children and support families in staying happy, healthy and learning over the coming weeks.


Teachers are using the class pages to keep in touch with their children and welcome replies via email to the activities and challenges they set. The websites are at the bottom of the page that we recommend for each class to practise reading, writing and maths skills and we will make sure we point out any new ones we add. There are also general reading pages on the homepage to give you help with finding new things to read while school is closed and weekly reading challenges too. 


Subject pages are also being used to give you lots of ideas for activities you might find fun to do and websites your children might enjoy while they're at home. These will be updated every week too so there will be lots of different ideas to try through the week as and when you like. Please don't feel you have to do everything! We have put a range up so children can follow their interests or choose t try something new but there's no pressure to do it all.


We know this is a tricky time for everyone, hopefully you're getting in to some sort of routine and figuring out what works best for you in your household. We frequently talk to the children in school about positive mental health strategies and they will be familiar with the idea that 'Staying Connected' and 'Keeping Learning' are important for all of us. At a time when everyone is under different stresses and strains to usual, we have thought carefully about what we will provide as a school.


We have tried to strike the balance between keeping in touch and supporting you in keeping your children busy and learning, whilst giving you the space to hopefully relax and spend time together without the pressure of work deadlines and battles over getting school work done. We also know from our own households that the constant cleaning, providing endless snacks and cooking, potentially trying to work from home and entertaining children with their own worries is exhausting. Please don't worry if your child has had more TV/screen time than usual or you've still not got round to all those activities you thought you'd do together. We know that each family will be finding their way, as we are, and doing their best.


Therefore we won't be sending out more work packs or expecting you to print worksheets at home but there will be lots of ideas for more formal lessons on the class pages if this is what you prefer. 


'Keeping Active' is also proven to be a good way to boost your mood and we will be giving lots of ideas of stay at home activities you can do on our Sport and Wellbeing page


The class pages and subject pages will change at 11am every Wednesday (term time only) with the first update being Wednesday 1st April.


Teachers are enjoying receiving emails so please get in touch if you need anything. We are happy to speak to you as much (or as little!) as you need. If you haven't already made contact please do, addresses can be found on each class page.


As always, Mrs Dawson is available by email and if you have any questions about the learning side of things during the school closure Mrs Eeley will be happy to speak to you, her email address is 


Lots of love, and Cashes care and support, to everyone.


#stayinside #savelives


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