Wednesday 20th May

Hello everyone, hope you are still all busy enjoying stories, either listening to them, reading them or even telling them. I have just finished reading ,Danny the Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl. It is one of my favourite books from when I was at school. Do you like Roald Dahl? If you do you might like these authors too.

This week’s challenge is to read words from different places, who can find words from 20 different places!!!! Think about everywhere there are words, not just books. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Signs, packets, clothes, DVDs, mugs…….

There might even be a prize for the winner!!!!!

Wednesday 13th May

Hello bookworms, I hope you are all still busy reading. If you are starting to run out of books to read can I just point you in the direction of Oxford Owls and Collins Big Cat books. If you click on the online and audio book link on the website homepage it should take you in the right direction.

I have had people sending me their 100 word stories and puppet shows from the previous reading challenges. Please send me any photos of any reading challenges I would love to see them.

This week’s reading challenge is for everyone.

I would like you to try and read for 10 minutes 3 times this week but it has to be in a different place in your house or garden. I wonder who will read in the funniest place. You can read a book, a comic, a magazine, whatever you like, even a cereal packet if you like!!!

Send in your photos ( and we will see who reads in the strangest place.

Wednesday 6th May


Hi everyone, I hope you are all ok and managing to read and share lots of exciting books, stories or comics. When it is grey and miserable outside it is the perfect weather to curl up with a good book inside, maybe with a biscuit too. Remember if you are running out of ideas there are lots of books you can access online, there are links on the home page.


I have seen a few story puppets from some of you but everyone must love the books at school as no one tried to convince me that any books needed to go!


This weeks challenge:

KS2 - see if you can turn a well known nursery rhyme into a comic strip. Start with the pictures and then add text. Can you add some shout outs or speech bubbles. think about what you might need to add to create more of a story line. How did Humpty fall? Was he pushed? What happened after Incy Wincy Spider got washed down the drain pipe? What did he land in? Who did the little cow see when she jumped over the moon?


KS1 - see if you can learn some nursery rhymes or a poem off by heart. If you want to you can can draw a picture of your favourite nursery rhyme. Year 2 could you write it out and illustrate it?


I look forward to seeing all of your ideas.

Wednesday 29th April..

Hello everyone, hope you are all ok and reading lots of books or comics or anything else. Let me know what you are enjoying reading at the moment,  I am half way through a scary book about ghosts.

I hope you enjoyed last weeks reading challenge, thank you Hattie from Year 6 for your book review, I wonder if people can guess which book it is:

 He writes in his diary everyday and he goes to school, he has a mum, dad and two brothers and a best friend that goes to school with him. He talks about everything in his dairy and tells the truth in it. He falls out with his best friend sometimes.

Right this weeks challenge

Key Stage 2: tell me about a book you have not enjoyed reading, try to convince me that all the copies should be removed from school, you will have to be very convincing and give me some really good reasons to persuade me to get rid of the book. You can choose how to present it, it could be through a letter, a book review, a poster or any other ideas you might have.

Key Stage 1:Make some stick puppets of your favourite story and use them to retell the story to your family.


Remember I would love to see what you come up with, you can send your completed challenges to

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a fantastic Easter holiday and have been enjoying the sunshine. I have been reading lots in my deckchair in the garden. 


This week reading challenges are......

Key Stage One: Draw me the cover of you favourite book and tell me why it is your favourite.

Key Stage Two: write me a review of your favourite book in no more 50 words, don't tell me the title and I'll see if I can guess. I will put some on here next week so others can try and guess too.

Here is my attempt:

Little girl lost in the dark scary woods, she finds a house. She goes inside and breaks the furniture and eats the food. Home owners come back and scare her away.


Remember to send it to me at

Reading Challenge

Each week we will try to set a reading challenge for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

To start this off I have tried to keep it fun and set a challenge that anyone can do, even the grown ups!


'I can read here and there' - choose a book and a spot from the list. How many can you complete?

Can you get to 10?

  1. Under a blanket.
  2. With a stuffed animal.
  3. On the settee
  4. Under the table.
  5. Lying on your stomach.
  6. Next to your toys.
  7. In a chair.
  8. By a window.
  9. On your back.
  10. With a torch.

Try to think of lots of different places you can read.

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