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Hi everyone!


I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and keeping busy!  Last week I put lots of activities on here to help you learn about the instruments played in an orchestra.  Did any of you make the stand up orchestra? 

This week is your chance to have a go at making your own instrument at home! I've put lots of ideas below and also links to some great videos which explain how instruments work and how you can make your own.

I'd love to see photos or videos of you playing the instruments you've created!  Please email them to and I can add them to the music page next week!  


Have fun!

Mrs Mason :-)


Have a look at these videos and have a think about what kind of instrument you would like to make.  Will it have strings? Will you have to blow it to make a sound or bang/scrape it? There are ideas at the end of each video about how to make your own instrument - if you watch the woodwind video, it explains how you can make a woodwind instrument out of a carrot and a pepper!!!


Woodwind instruments


String instruments


Brass instruments




Watch this video all about finding sounds all around you!


There are links at the end of the video which explain how to make your own instruments!  I like the comb kazoo!

This youtube video has some brilliant ideas for instruments you can make at home!

If you prefer, you could design an imaginary instrument


Draw a picture of your instrument

Think of a name for your instrument

What will your instrument be made from?

How does your instrument make a sound? 

Does it belong to the string, woodwind, brass or percussion family?


Here's a video to spark your imagination!

Good luck with all of your creating this week!  I look forward to hearing you playing your instruments and seeing all of your photos!


Stay safe and keep singing!

Mrs Mason :-)




I hope you're enjoying all of these music activities and singing along to the Song of the Week at home!  Maybe you could teach the songs to your family!

This week, I'd thought you might enjoy finding out all about the instruments in the orchestra and there are lots of activities below to keep you busy!

I also thought that you might like to sing along with these two songs, which you might recognise, all about rainbows!  Lots of musicians are playing or singing Somewhere over the Rainbow on their doorsteps after the clap for the NHS and key workers on a Thursday night! The song was originally in a film you may have watched called The Wizard of Oz.  It's a fantastic film, so if you haven't ever watched it, see if you can find it and watch it this week.  Maybe you could learn 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' and sing it after the Thursday clap?  Make sure you email me a video of your performance!

I'm sure you can ALL sing along with this song! 

The Royal Albert Hall is a world famous concert hall in London.  They have got a super website which has videos and information about different instruments in the orchestra.  Choose an instrument to watch a video about.  Which family does it belong to?  Strings, woodwind, brass or percussion?  Which is your favourite instrument on there? They are adding new videos every week so keep an eye on the website!

This is my favourite orchestra activity! It's a make your own, colour in, stand up orchestra!  You'll need to print the pages off, colour them all in and then stand all of the musicians up on the base!  It takes a while, but it's great fun!


This is what your orchestra will look like!  I'd love to see your finished stand up orchestras!

The 'Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra' was written by an English composer called Benjamin Britten. It is one of my very favourite pieces of music! :-) You can hear all instruments one at a time, then with the rest of their 'family' and then as a whole orchestra. It's really worth watching/listening to!


There is a fantastic online game based on this piece of music here:

You do not need to make an account to play it if you click on 'Local Game,' but your progress through the game will not be saved if you click on this.  If you want to save your progress and go back to the game then you will need to register and log in each time, but PLEASE ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST.  


Here's a video of the whole orchestra playing The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra' at the Royal Albert Hall. How many instruments can you recognise?


How about some robot dancing and singing?!  You can learn this song called

'I am a Robot'

and have a go at the dance moves that go with it!  There's some freestyling too!


Once you've learned the song you can sing it along with an orchestra!  What a brilliant song!  All of the robot sounds are made by just using voices!  Can you make any robot sounds with your voice?  Maybe you could get someone in your family to record you singing, making robot sounds and dancing and email it to me?! I'd love to see them!


That's it for this week!  Have fun making music at home everyone!


Keep smiling, keep singing and stay safe!


Mrs Mason :-)



Hi everyone,


I hope you've all been doing lots of singing and music activities at home!  I'm looking forward to hearing all about them!  


We will be celebrating VE Day on Friday, marking 75 years since Victory in Europe in WWII.  There will be lots about it on the news.  For our SONG OF THE WEEK I've chosen 'We'll meet again,' the iconic song from the Second World War sung by Vera Lynn, for you all to sing at home!  You will probably hear it a lot on the TV and radio in the coming days so it will be good if you can sing along!  As some of you may remember, Vera Lynn was know as the 'Forces Sweetheart' and entertained both the soldiers and everyone at home during the war.  If you'd like to find out more about her, have a look at this powerpoint. Can you find out about any of her other famous songs?

Vera Lynn celebrated her 103rd birthday this year!  Amazing!  Here she is during the Second World War and a few years ago.

And now for something completely different...


We love to use body percussion in our music lessons at school.  If you are in the INFANTS, have a go at these!

JUNIORS, here's some body percussion of your own to try! Olly Tunmer has got lots of excellent videos on youtube for you to explore if you've enjoyed this one.  He's brilliant!  I hope you have fun!

And one last challenge for you...!  Can you make some rhythms out of your forks and spoons at home?  Here's how!

That's it for this week!  Have fun making music at home!


Keep smiling, keep singing and stay safe!


Mrs Mason :-)


Hi everyone! 

I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine and keeping busy!  Here's some more fun music activities for you to choose from this week! I'd love to hear about all of the musical things you've been doing at home, so please send me an email and tell me what you've been up to! 


Mrs Mason :-)


A Keelie!

You might recognise this song...!  We've never sung the English version before, so have a go at singing that too with the sign language!

Mrs Mason's Sound Hunt!

Walk around your house and garden and listen carefully to all of the sounds you can hear around you.  Colour in the sounds in the boxes when you've heard them.  Can you hear four in a row? Can you hear them all?  Are there any other sounds you heard which aren't on the sheet?

Rhythm and musical elements fortune teller

Have a go at making this rhythm fortune teller.  Watch the video explaining how to make it and then create your own.  Fill it with your own 4 beat rhythms and play with your family members. Can you teach them how to clap/stamp each rhythm like we do in class?  The example only uses crotchets (tea), quavers (cof-fee) and crotchet rests (shh), but it you'd like to make it harder, add semi-quavers (co-co-co-la) too.


And's a challenge for you!


The Bottle Boys are a brilliant band who make music using nothing but glass bottles, drinking glasses and their voices!  Be inspired by this video of them playing the X files theme tune and then, with your parents permission, have a go at making your own music using glass jars and different amounts of water!  You only need to tap the glass jar gently!

Can you work out how much water you need to put in the glass to make low notes or high notes?  Enjoy experimenting and creating your own music. 

Have a go at playing 'Hot Cross Buns' using three glass jars and different amounts of water for the high, middle and low notes?  There's a video below to help you if you're stuck!  I'd love to see you playing and singing your jar music, so please send me a video if you can!


Good luck!

I hope that you've found something here which you will enjoy doing at home!


Keep smiling and keep singing!


Mrs Mason :-)



Hi Everyone!  Mrs Mason here!  :-)


I hope that you have had a lovely Easter with your families and enjoyed singing along with Spring Chicken at home!  It's one of our Cashes Easter favourites! Our Song of the Week is one which we enjoyed learning in singing assembly recently!  


To keep you busy this week, I have found a fabulous Rainbow Rhythm activity for you.  I know that a lot of you have been colouring and painting rainbows to put in your windows at home, so I thought that you would enjoy creating your own musical rainbows.  Here's a photo of the rainbow my daughter helped me to create in our house!

The instructions for your musical rainbow are all on the link below;  I would love to see your finished rhythm rainbows and maybe you could even record yourself clapping them. Can you teach someone in your family how to clap the rhythms too?  You just need to use crotchets (tea), quavers (cof-fee) and crotchet rests (shh). If you're feeling adventurous maybe add some semi-quavers too (co-co-co-la).   Enjoy creating  and performing some fantastic rhythm rainbows. 

Good luck!

I enjoy colouring to help me relax. I thought that these music mindfulness colouring sheets were great.  I hope you enjoy colouring them too!  

If you are in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, have a go at these Musical bingo activities!  You don't have to use a dice, you could just choose the activities you would like to do and colour in each square once you've completed them!  Can you get four in a row?  Can you complete the whole bingo board? .

Here are the weblinks to help you complete the bingo activities.

I hope you have fun completing these activities!  I'm looking forward to seeing your rhythm rainbows and hearing all about the activities you've chosen for your music bingo.


Stay at home, stay safe and keep checking back on here for more music activities.


Mrs Mason



1st April 2020


Hello musicians!


It's a strange time to be a musician at the moment! Normally, we spend lots of time practising with our friends at rehearsals. Some bands, however, have decided to video link and rehearse at home. Have a listen to this fantastically creative performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by the Cory Band!


So, you can still do some music at home! Click here for some resources which you can access with your child. There is a song to sing every day with all the words and mucis. Maybe you can come up with some of your own actions!


If you'd like a bit of Easter cheer, here is a link to the video of a school favourite... Spring Chicken!


As ever, please email us with anything creative you come up with and we'll publish on here for the rest of the school to see!


Take care and stay at home!

Mr Atkinson and Mrs Mason 

Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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