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20th May 2020

Please visit the Year 4 page and watch my story video - if you could dig up any famous person from history, who would it be and why? Send your responses to


Logan in Y4 has made this super NHS poster:

Hayden in Y6 has done some research about Florence Nightongale - good work!

I loved reading Millie in Y3's research into Florence Nightingale. Thank you for sharing!

13th May 2020


Yesterday was the International Nurses Day. It is a day observed around the world and held on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Watch this clip to find out a bit more information about Florence Nightingale.


Who was Florence Nightingale and why do we remember her? 

I’d like you to research The Lady with the Lamp and present your information in any way you like! Email me what you come up with at

6th May 2020 - Friday 8th May is VE Day 75 - the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Find out more here on our special page.

Fantastic powerpoint from Cara in Y5 and information posters by Riley (Y4), Dory (Y1) and Dede (R)! If anyone else has done any history work, please send it to me!


Update 29th April 2020

Thanks to anyone who has taken part in my History Makers diary challenge - don't forget to email me with anything you've done!

This week I'd like you to research the history of the NHS. What does is stand for? When was it founded? Who founded it? How has it changed over the years? 


You could present your information as a poster, picture or leaflet. As ever, send me anything you have made!


Mr Atkinson


Hello History Makers!


We are living through an extraordinary period of history. In years to come, historians will look back at 2020 and the shutdown that coronavirus created. You will be in the position to tell your experiences and explain what happened and what it was like for normal people. In historical terms, you will be primary sources!


Your history challenge is to create a weekly diary about what you've been up to. This could be written, drawn or even videoed. This will become historical evidence which historians may one day study!


Email me anything exiting you've done and I'll add onto this page.


Good luck and take care


Mr Atkinson

Fellow history maker

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