Sept 2020 return to school

We are looking forward to welcoming all children back to school on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 and have been working hard to make sure that school is a safe and happy place to learn and be together. 

As part of this we need to reduce the contact between adults when dropping off and picking up from school and so have different start times for each class using an entrance. We ask you to arrive at your designated time - teachers will be punctual in opening their doors at the start of the day and sending children out at the end. Please bear with us as we make sure children's hands are sanitised on entry and exit.

The parent letters provide more information about the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe as well as further details about specific timings for each class.

Reception - new starters have separate arrangements to begin with. Please ask Mrs Mills in your 1:1 meeting 2nd-4th September if you're not sure. If you can't remember your appointment time or still need to make one please phone the office on 01453 763598 on Tuesday 1st September between 9am and 3pm and we'll be happy to help.

Parent letter for Reception sent July 2020

Year 1 - Mrs Hall

Start: 9am     Finish: 3.15pm       Gate: Field

Parent letter for Year 1 sent July 2020

Year 2 - Miss Bliss

Start: 8.45am     Finish: 3pm       Gate: Field

Parent letter for Year 2 sent July 2020

Year 3 - Miss Grace

Start: 8.45am     Finish: 3pm       Gate: Playground

Parent letter for Year 3 sent July 2020

Year 4 - Mr Atkinson

Start: 9am     Finish: 3.15pm       Gate: Playground

Parent letter for Year 4 sent July 2020

Year 5 - Miss Jordan

Start: 9am     Finish: 3.15pm       Gate: Car park gate and then hall doors 

Parent letter for Year 5 sent July 2020

Year 6 - Mr Barnard/Mrs Eeley

Start: 8.45am     Finish: 3pm       Gate: Car park gate and then hall doors

Parent letter for Year 6 sent July 2020