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Year 6

The general information about home learning page has been updated - please have a read.

Also please check your emails for your child's Nessy, that and TTRS are great for practising basic skills.

Subject pages are now frozen - feel free to complete more activities if you like but all home learning for Year 6 is now on this page.


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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Well, our final week is upon us!  The great news is that we are all back for our final week together!  This week is busy with preparations for the Leavers Assembly on Friday.  Mr Barnard and Miss Jordan are busy working hard on getting everything ready.

We have had a few sessions practising our Kickball/Football Rounders skills ready for the big match against the staff after school!

A couple of weeks ago we started work on a mural that we could leave behind as a reminder of our time here at Cashes.  Miss Jordan and Mrs Rice-Taylor surprised us by putting it up last Wednesday when we weren't in school!  We think it looks great and is very eye-catching. 

Tuesday 7th July 2020


Our English work this week is focused on our Memories ready for our assembly next week.  We will be discussing our favourite memories and then choosing one to write about.  Miss Jordan will then film us each saying our memory and will make a video of them. 

Below are the photographs of our finished persuasive advertisements for pomegranates from last week.



CanDo Maths

Monday 6th July: click here for the worksheet.

Tuesday 7th July: click here for the worksheet.

Thursday 9th July: click here for the worksheet.

Friday 10th July: click here for the worksheet.

BBC Bitesize 

We will be continuing to carry out each of the daily lessons on the BBC Bitesize website too. 


For our PSHE this week we are continuing to carry out work link to leaving Cashes and have booklets to complete.  We are also working on a special project which we will leave behind when we leave so we will be remembered for years to come!  We are hoping to have it finished by the end of this week so hopefully will have photos ready to share next week. 

Tuesday 30th June 2020


This week our English work is centered around creating an persuasive advertisement (poster) for a pomegranate.  We've chosen a pomegranate as the focus because in our class text, The Boy at the Back of the Class, Ahmet's favourite fruit is a pomegranate as it reminds him of his home country.  

To enable us to create the advertisements we had to be familiar the fruit so on Monday we carried out a taste test.  We had to describe its appearance, smell, taste and texture.  We all (including Miss Jordan and Mrs Taylor) sampled pomegranate seeds: some of us loved them and others did not!  We decided that it was like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it! 

On Tuesday we will be learning how to create persuasive advertisements and developing our ideas.  Then on Thursday and Friday we will be making our persuasive posters. 


CanDo Maths

Monday 29th June: click here for the worksheet.

Tuesday 30th June: click here for the worksheet.

Thursday 2nd July: click here for the worksheet.

Friday 3rd July: click here for the worksheet.

BBC Bitesize 

We will be continuing to carry out each of the daily lessons on the BBC Bitesize website too. 


In our PSHE work this week we are going to be talking about and being set tasks linked with organisation at secondary school.  It is vital that we are organised as we move onto secondary school where we will have to remember our books for each lesson, homework, P.E. kit, cooking equipment, etc, etc. 

Tuesday 23rd June 2020


On Monday we took part in a 100 word challenge.  Miss Jordan and Mrs Taylor were so impressed by everyone's work it was so hard to pick a we picked three!!!  Well done to Hayden, Jake and Fletcher (their work is pictured below).  

For the rest of our English work this week we are going to be writing some poems.  We are going to be exploring two different types of poems.


A Haiku poem consists of only three lines.  The first and last line of a Haiku poem have five syllables and the middle line has seven syllables (5-7-5).  Haiku poems do not need to rhyme.   


Slow moving creatures (5 syllables)

They like hanging in the trees (7 syllables)

Camouflaged sleepers (5 syllables)


Cinquain poems have five lines.  Similarly to Haiku poems, they follow a syllabic pattern of 2, 4, 6, 8, 2.  They also do not need to rhyme. 

Brazil (2 syllables)

The Amazon (4 syllables)

Rainforest full of life (6 syllables)

We must protect this precious land (8 syllables)

Preserve (2 syllables) 

Why not have a go at writing your own if you are currently completing school work at home?  We are going to write a few of each type of poem - one of each will be about Cashes and will go in our leaver's packs.


Can Do Maths

Monday 22nd June: click here for the worksheet.

Tuesday 23rd June: click here for the worksheet.

Thursday 25th June: click here for the worksheet.

Friday 26th June: click here for the worksheet.

BBC Bitesize Maths -

Monday 22nd June: calculating area and perimeter 

Tuesday 23rd June: calculating the area of triangles 

Thursday 25th June: calculating the area of parallelograms 

Friday 26th June: TBC

Wednesday Work

This week in PSHE we are going to start talking about our memories of our time at Cashes Green.  Have a think about all of the things that have happened to you during your time at our school.  We will be sharing memories with each other before deciding on our favourite memory.  We will then be filmed sharing this memory.  All of the videos will be put together into one final video.  If you are not in school at the moment, you could record yourself at home and then email the video in to be include ( 

Tuesday 16th June 

Year 6 have been busy during the last week in school. We have been working hard on our Maths and English as always, hope those of you at home have been giving it a good go as well. I have attached the Can Do Maths - Fractions that we are working on in school this week if you would like to try it at home as well. 

In English we are using our plans from last week to create our own booklets on the iPads - if you are at home and would like to do one on the computer and email it to me that would be great, I can then add it on here next week. 

Wednesday work 

Maths - In school we are doing the BBC Bitesize work but only 4 days. The Friday lesson is about problem solving so if you would like to have a go at that the link is

English - In our PSHE we discussed how life has changed due to Coronavirus. Can you wirte a story about how your life (or the life of the character) has changed for the better or worse . 

Tuesday 9th June

We have been working hard again this week in school. For those of you that haven't been in I have emailed out the work that we have been doing. If you complete the school brochure work please email it to me as we will be loading up our work that we have done in school next week and we would love to have your work alongside ours.

We are working on 3 key ideas in school

  • Making sure we are all safe and well - to do this we are doing PSHE everyday. Last week we looked at the changes on our lives due to Corona virus. This week we are looking at what will happen when we move to secondary school. If you aren't in school and have any questions about this please email me and I will do my best to answer any questions you have.
  • Making sure our basic Maths and English skills are ready for secondary school - Our Can Do Maths helps with this and then we are doing the BBC Bitesize to extend our learning. Again if you have any questions at home please email and ask.
  • Enjoying our final weeks together in school - We will be doing a lot more of this over the next few weeks. Next week, for those of you at home, I will email you the first of the leavers tasks that we are doing in school. If you can get it back to me I am setting up leavers booklets for all the children.

Wednesdays - On Wednesdays obviously none of us are in school. We are working really hard the 4 days in school so I am happy for you to have a rest but if you are looking for some work to do I will put some ideas down below. 

Maths - In school we are doing the BBC Bitesize work but only 4 days. The Friday lesson is about problem solving so if you would like to have a go at that the link is

English - In school we are writing our own leaflets about school - I have attached a blank version of the plan we are using below. You can do one about home if you would like a writing challenge. 

Tuesday 2nd June

We welcomed back most of Year 6 yesterday. It was really nice to see them all and see that they are all ok. 

In school we are working on our basic skills for Maths and English and looking at the book - The Boy at the Back of the Class. We will be doing some writing about this over the next couple of weeks. We are also doing lots of PSHE linked to Coronavirus and getting ready for secondary school. 

Below is a summary of the work we are doing in class. 

Maths - Basic Skills sheet (see below)

We are also doing the BBC bitesize lessons daily.

English - We are doing writing linked to the Story

SPAG and Maths - See attached sheet below - these are being used as extras when we have finished a task.

Wednesday 20th May 

I am quite tired this week after completing my marathon running challenge, thanks Chancey! 

Hope you are all ok and have been getting outside. I received some incredible pictures from Hayden yesterday showing me what he has been up to. I wanted to share it with you to show you the incredible countryside we live in. 

I have also been making the most of people allowed out more often. We went on a family walk last week. I've attached a few photos for you to look at. Rhys you might like the football kit Archie is wearing!

As Mrs Eeley talks about below, it is likely that most of us will be back after half term so I'm going to set you a slightly different task this week. I would like you to think about everything you have done over the last couple of months whilst we haven't been at school. I would also like you to think about what you have missed about school and what you would be looking forward to doing at school at the moment. 

If you can make a poster, write a letter, create a PowerPoint or any other way you can think of to display this information and email it to me. Obviously, our end to year 6 is going to be very different to the last few years of year 6 but Mrs Eeley and I want to make it as special for you as it has been for all the other year 6s over the years so we will try our best to include things that you would like to make this year special. This is going to be a year that none of us are going to forget for a very long time but that doesn't mean we can't have a great end to year 6 for all of you! I promise it will be just as special as normal just in a different way. 

Don't forget to check out the subject pages if you would like some more work to do this week and over half term. 

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hello everyone! It's the last week of term, what a funny old term it's been! Your parents will have received a letter from Mrs Dawson about coming back to school after half-term. We know we won't see all of you but we are looking forward to seeing those we can. If you don't come back to school we will be in touch will information on how you can contribute to all things Leavers' related so don't worry, we will be in touch after half-term.


Me and my children have been enjoying going out more than once a day and we've also been carrying on all our gardening - some strawberries have been eaten and they tasted really good! We've been doing more Science for David's Cub badge too and I've been making and colouring with Lauren. It's only taken 8 weeks but they have also started playing together nicely too!!!


Thank you to those who got thinking about their time at Cashes, you'll need all your ideas for when we come to put together our Leavers' Book. I'm continuing the theme this week too and asking you to think about writing some poetry.

Can you remember what an acrostic poem is? It's a poem where each line starts with a specific letter to spell out a phrase (you've guessed it! Cashes Green!). Acrostic poems rarely rhyme but they do often have a similar if not the same number of syllables in each line. So I'd like you to come up with some ideas to write a poem.







For those of you interesting in books and authors the Hay Festival is all online for the next few weeks:


Also I found the Beano Website has a lot of fun reading and writing on it - especially good for those of you who normally enjoy reading the Phoenix Comic in school. It also has lots of fun quizzes for other curriculum areas too. The second link is to a series of questions teaching you to write jokes...let's see if we can make Mr Atkinson laugh when he reads our jokes after half term!


Wednesday 13th May 

Thank you to everyone who has sent us photos of themselves. Please see the pictures below to see what everyone has been up to.

Having lots of fun

Finn's recipe

This week we should have been sitting our SATs. I sent an email out at the start of the week with a poem on I have put another one below:

We are really proud of all of you and all the hard work you have done in and out of school this year! Following the news this week it is likely that we will get to see you again after half term (Mrs Dawson will be in touch with more information when we know it) so we will have a chance to say goodbye to each other before you move on to secondary school! 

For your work this week I have attached a reasoning paper (with a slight twist) for you to have a go at as we would have been doing an arithmetic and reasoning paper at school today if SATs were still happening!

If you would like some more work please check out the subject pages. Obviously lots of Maths work on my Maths page but also on the Wellbeing page I have put some ideas of things you could do outside now we are allowed out a bit more! I have also put pictures of my family enjoying the outside on there. 


Hey you lot! Mr Barnard has already shared the two poems that I had in mind, in his email and above. I just wanted to add that we completely mean every word and sentiment from those poems - you're all amazing, and this year more than ever there is so much more to life and being a good person than scores on a piece of paper.

I'm really looking forward to welcoming you back when (and it's still an if) we can - as Mr Barnard said Mrs Dawson will be in touch in due course with your grown-ups when everything has been ironed out on how we will keep everyone safe and then we will be waiting for the Government to confirm that we are allowed back nearer the time too.


My task for you this week is to look start having a think about your time at Cashes.

I'd like you to jot down:

1) your first memory

2) your proudest moment

3) your funniest moment

4) what you've done well at

5) what you've found tricky

6) what you'd like to be when you grow up


You'll need all these ideas ready for starting to make a Leavers' book with us - whether it's in school or still in your homes, either way we will still be able to make a book which you can keep hold of forever. I have mine from when I left primary school and I am still friends with a lot of the people in it too!

Wednesday 6th May 

Thank you to all of you that have been in contact this week. I have had lots of emails which has been great. Hayden, Teddie, Kai, Effie and Finlay (sorry if I have missed anyone out) thank you for your answers to the Plague activity (full answers) you did very well. I've also had some great emails showing me what you have been up to. I have also received lots of emails of challenges which have been mostly great! Chancy your one not so much! Although I will be taking it on, the rest of you will find out next week what Finlay has set me!

In my house we have been very pleased to have the sun back out. The children have been very busy learning to ride their bikes (check out the Sport and Wellbeing page for a clip). We have also been playing some football in the garden - although Archie is not quite as good as you year 6s so I don't have to run around as much to beat him yet! I am missing playing football against you lot though as it is always lots of fun and the sun being out is making me miss school lots now as we would also be playing lots of cricket and rounders this term! I hope you are managing to play some sport/do some activities to keep yourself busy. We have also released some butterflies that Archie has been growing as part of his school work. He has been reading and writing his own version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. His is called the Very Hungry Chick (hopefully next week I can show you a clip of him reading it). Finally, we had a visit from the police to deliver certificates to the children to say thank you for staying at home! 

Work for This Week

Please keep going with the White Rose Maths and/or the BBC bitesize Maths (See the Maths page)

As I have been playing lots of football in the garden this week I have decided to set you some work about football as well! The Premier League have a website that has some fantastic worksheets and videos on - 

I have selected a couple that I would like you to have a go at this week (see below) but feel free to download more and have a go at them - there are some great ones on there. 

The first one I would like you to have a go at is all about Bar Charts - if we were at school we would have spent some time over the last couple of weeks looking at data handling so this is something that will be helpful for you to look at as we haven't done much of it in school this year (please email if you don't understand anything and need help - I am normally able to reply quickly so can help you whilst you are doing the sheet). 

The next sheet is some mathematical logic problems. The answers to these are on the back page but don't look at them until you have finished! Again please email me if you need some help!

The final challenge is for the whole family.

Please send me your work, I love to see what you are up to. It doesn't have to be the work set either, anything you have been doing would be great to see. Lottie sent me a great PowerPoint she had made this week about different countries and Hayden, Kai and Finlay have sent me some great pictures of the things they have been up to as well. Next week I am going to share some pictures of what you have all been up to. So if you have done something interesting that you would like to share or if you just want to send a picture of yourself to show everyone you are ok get them to me by next Tuesday please. 

Keep working hard and staying safe and hopefully I will get to see you all soon!!

Hello you lot! How are you all? We've had a bit of a slow week in my house - I think we've each found it a bit more of a struggle for some reason, possibly because the weather hasn't been so good. We've been cooking, playing outside, looking after the garden and doing some arts and crafts though. Oh and  of course Lauren and I completed our bouncing challenge wearing several different fancy dress outfits!

The thing I have most enjoyed doing this week has actually been a work related task and it involved learning a new skill - making all of the videos of the teachers completing their challenges to raise money for NHS Charities Together. Even if you haven't any spare money to donate you can get involved by thinking up fun and challenging activities for the teachers to do - we hope you're enjoying seeing our faces and we hope we have been making you laugh! I've never made or edited videos before but I did what people do these days and Googled to find an app, downloaded it and got stuck in. I have enjoyed making them all match and once I discovered how to zoom in on the timeline and get the writing coming and going at the exact times I'm really pleased with the way they have turned out. Evidence of practice making perfect too - each one only takes me about 10 minutes now rather than the 6 hours of fiddling and faffing to make mine (which I then realised was too long so trimmed right down and got rid of all the titles which had been causing me an issue anyway...perseverance and adaptation too, although at one point I could have happily thrown my phone across the garden!). Head over to #casheslockdownchallenge to see the videos of what we've been getting up to!

Well done to all of you who have shared their cooking with me. You've all included well written recipes too. The cookies are Kai's and you can all see who made the shortbread! Lemon drizzle and blueberry chocolate biscuits too. Great work!

My jobs for you this week are football related just like Mr Barnard. First of all I've got some reading for you to do - with questions to answer too (answers are on the last page so don't cheat!). You can read the text on the screen and then answer the questions onto a piece of paper rather than printing it out so don't worry if you haven't got a printer.

Women's Football       Red and Yellow Cards       Hand of God

John Charles Biography      Origins of Football    Pickles Saves the World Cup has an e-book give away if you'd like to read fiction about football and also a writing challenge.

Have fun!

Wednesday 29th April

Thank you very much to all of you have sent me pictures/work this week. I have loved catching up with how you have been getting on. Hattie has been doing really well with her Maths work, Hayden I loved your pictures - you look like you are enjoying your time at home, Lottie you have been super creative, Kai thank you for your pictures of your work as well (I know Miss Grace was very impressed as well - check out her Geography page). And Amber Mrs Eeley says you'd done a great job with your Maths. I have also heard from lots of other parents this week and I'm really glad to hear you are having a good go at your work. Please feel free to send any work to me, either to show me what you have been up to or to ask for help. 

Last week I asked you to think about what has changed in your life during this period. I wanted to share with you what Hayden, Hattie and Kai have been up to.

Hopefully you can see somethings on their lists that might give you some ideas of what you could do. I definitely agree with Hattie and Hayden that walking the dog is a good way to keep fit. On Hayden's list he talked about missing his football semi final. For me sport is something that I am really missing. I have played cricket (in the summer) and rugby (in the winter) on a Saturday afternoon for the last 18 years (cricket for 23). This is the longest time I have gone without playing. I think the biggest time before this was when I broke my ribs and I couldn't play for 4 weeks. For me sport is a way of exercising but also a fantastic was to connect with my friends. In these worrying times it is really important that you can still connect with your friends. I have been keeping in contact with my teammates and friends on my phone via whatsapp and phone calls etc. I hope that you are still able to stay in contact with your friends as much as you can. I know lots of you have phones etc that you can use to keep connecting with friends. Make sure you are looking out for each other. Part of this keeping in contact with friends I received a picture of myself playing cricket when I was 13. I've attached it below, see if you can work out which one is me! 4 of the people in this picture are still really good friends of mine so sports/school friends can certainly be friends for life so stay in contact with each other and look after each other!

Work for this week

Corona-virus has had a massive impact on our lives. Nothing has had an impact on the lives of the whole world for over 70 years - since World War II. However unlike World War II the enemy is unknown and it is everybody in the world fighting against the disease. It has got me thinking about History and what other diseases have impacted the country/the world like this before. I would like you to find out about the The Great Plague which happened in 1665. I've attached a PowerPoint for information and then a reading task for you to have a go at - please email answers to me. 

Don't forget to check out the subject pages for other activities to have a go at as well. The Maths page has a challenge for you - those who remember how to do the make 100 challenge in class should be able to complete the make 200 one! Also Rhys has been overtaken by Kody in Year 2 on Times Tables Rockstars, come on Year 6 you can't finish the year with one of you not being top of the table!

Hello! Mrs Eeley here. Like Mr Barnard, I have really enjoyed reading your emails - do drop us a line even if it's just to say hello. Kai, Lottie and Amber have now given me their stories to share with David and Lauren too - they loved them! Kai, David really laughed, Lottie, a great suspense story and Amber, Lauren couldn't believe that she was in the story! Thank you, great writing.


In my house over the last week we have been doing lots of cooking. I have to say we are very lucky to normally enjoy meals out and also take-aways sometimes too but we haven't had a single one and I'm really missing it! We always have friends round or visit their houses on a Sunday too and I can't wait for the first chance to do this again either. To try and keep David and Lauren busy I have been getting them to help me with the cooking. David has nearly done what he needs to for his Chef badge at Cubs - I just need to teach him about food groups and healthy eating, which is why I have made this the focus of my Science page this week.

Crunchy Beef Chilli Pie

Cook a chilli-con-carne in the slow cooker (minced beef, garlic, sprinkle of chilli powder, chopped onions, mushrooms, peppers, a tin of tomatoes and some kidney beans - but we used a jar of sauce instead of the tomatoes and beans, started off on the hob and then cooked on high for 3 hours). Then transfer to an oven dish and top with a mixture of grated cheese and crushed up nachos. Cook in the oven for 10 minutes until the cheese is melted. Serve with salad and rice.

Smoked Mackerel Pate 

Take the skin off smoked mackerel fillets and mash them with a fork. Mix together with cream cheese. Add chopped up capers or gherkins if you like or stir in a spoonful of horseradish sauce. Serve with toast (and more salad!).

Rocky Road - great for using up Easter chocolate!

Melt chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Leave to cool and crush up some biscuits. Mix into the chocolate mixture and add some mini-marshmallows or any other treats like Smarties or raisins. Line a dish with greaseproof paper the empty the mixture in and pat down firmly. Decorate with whatever  you like! Leave in the fridge to harden (a few hours) and then cut into pieces.

We followed this recipe but mostly guessed the quantities! 

My Challenge for you this week is a cooking challenge.

Cook something, by yourself or with help, and take photos of the different steps. Then write a recipe, using the photos to help you. I'd love to be able to cook some of your meals so please email me! You could use PowerPoint or Word on a computer or the notes app in a phone. If you don't want to include photos you could hand write the recipe and add some drawings. Think back to when we made our soups and write those instructions - don't forget to include numbered steps, bossy (imperative) verbs and adverbs too.

Wednesday 22nd April

 I hope you all had a nice, even if a bit different, Easter. We had lots of fun here with Easter Egg hunts and making Easter cards for our neighbours to cheer them up. Vikki and the children have also been busy growing Tomatoes (check out the picture of Woody below). I haven't been allowed to help as I'm not very good at gardening, as the dead plant after 3 days in our classroom showed!

Please send me any photos of what you have been up to. Before Easter I had some great pictures from Hayden (showing his football skills), Lottie (designing her own home school badge) and Effie (Harry Potter Story) showing all the fantastic things they have been up to. Also Hayden, Effie and Rhys sent me their answers to the Harry Potter Maths challenge, well done! I have had lots of other emails from parents as well letting me know how you are getting on, please keep emailing I really enjoy seeing what you have been doing. Also please email if you have any questions at all about your work or any work you are doing. I have emailed a few parents extra activities and helped children with the Harry Potter task through email. 

Work for this week

On the Maths page I have added some more activities that will be really useful for you to have a go at. As well as these the White Rose home learning packs are really good ( and will give you some really good challenges to work on. 

There are also 2 new websites set up which have online lessons for you to have a go at.

The first one is the BBC Bitesize website 

And the other one is The Natinal Oak Academy 

Both of these sites give clips to explain what you need to do and activities for English, Maths and a foundation subject. 

For your English see Mrs Eeley's section below.

My final task I would like you to do is all about what you have been doing during 'lockdown'. I have found it a really strange experience. There has been chances for me to do lots of things that I wouldn't normally do and miss out on lots of things that I love to do. So below I have listed the things that I have enjoyed about 'lockdown' and the things that I have missed. I would like you to do the same - either as a list, a poster, a recording or any other imaginative way you can think of. If you can email them to me once you have finished I would love to share them with everybody else next week so they can see what you have been up to!

What I have enjoyed What I have missed

Spending time with my children (and wife)

Doing Joe Wicks PE - Getting Fit

Helping my neighbours out 

Getting Emails showing me how hard you are all working at home 

Sorting out the garden at home 

Speaking to people (on the internet) who I haven't seen for a long time

Seeing all the amazing people working hard to help others (see my PE page for more on this)

Seeing all the children at school (even you lot!)

Playing Sport - especially cricket now the sun is out

Seeing my friends 

The Daily Mile (which we would have started on Monday)

Being able to go out whenever I like!

Seeing my mum and dad (my dad is over 70 so isn't allowed to go out at all)


Hello! In some ways time seems to be going super quickly and in others amazingly slow! It's somehow been three weeks since I was last writing to you.

We had a good Easter in my house too - David and Lauren were worried about how the Easter Bunny would manage in the current situation but lucky he did find us. David also lost a tooth so I can confirm that the Tooth Fairy has also been able to continue working!

I have been sorting my garden too so it's a nice place to be with all of this lovely sunshine. We have been very thankful for our garden as we know not everyone has one. David and Lauren have enjoyed helping me with some planting - they are growing some flowers to look pretty, strawberries and mint in our back garden and carrots and peas in our front garden. I've made the SCIENCE page all about plants this week as it's Spring, and the perfect time to start growing things. Unfortunately, weeds always seem to start growing fast as soon as it's sunny too...although it might not look that impressive, the gravel where the pots are was completely over-grown with lots of really deep rooted weeds so it took me a long time to get it all cleared - worth it though!

Big news in my house last week was finding out that Lauren has a place to go to school at the same school as David. I can't believe she is old enough to be starting school, but she is VERY excited and I know she is ready. It got me thinking to my first day of school - I moved from my first school part way through Reception Class so I can only just remember some parts; I don't remember my first day exactly but I can remember that I had a pencil with my name on, I can remember one day falling over on the walk and really badly grazing my knee and I can remember playing outside on the playground, skipping with my best friend, Sophie. Memories fade as you grow older, especially of things that happened when you were really young - as much as I hate to say it, it's many years since I started school! I can remember a little more about my next school because I was there until the end of Year 5. Then my last primary school where I just did Year 6,  I can remember parts of really clearly,.

What can you remember about your first day of school? Who were you friends? What did you like doing? How did it feel? What did you enjoy? Were there any parts you didn't like? What tips would you have to a little one starting school now?

My challenge this week is for you to talk to your grown-ups at home about your early memories of going to school. Write down your memories and keep them somewhere safe as they will be lovely to look back on in the future. If you want to share please email me (the document if you've typed or a photo if you've handwritten) as I'd love to find out what things stick in children's minds as I get Lauren ready to start her big adventure.

Special shout out to Effie! We have loved reading your amazing, three-part Harry Potter story. Thank you so much. You should be very proud of how hard you've worked. Looking forward to the next one... :-)

Wednesday 1st April

Hi Year 6 hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying the time at home with your families. 

I have spent lots of time at home with my children playing in the garden and doing lots of jobs around the house. My eldest son, Archie (4), has been helping me lots with the jobs so I hope you have all been helping out as much as you can at home! 

Hopefully you have been having a good go at the work packs that you took home, if you have any problems please email me for help! There are lots of websites recommended for you to help with Maths and English at the bottom of the page but I would definitely have a go at the White Rose Maths, it will really help you get ready for secondary school Maths. 

As an extra Maths challenge I have some Harry Potter division questions for you to have a go at below. If you can email me the answers or a photo of your work if you print it out, I can let you know if you have got them correct (When we get back to school I will give a Prize to the person/people that have completed the most tasks)

Hopefully see you all soon. I will keep updating the website to let you know what I have been up to and some more tasks for you to have a go at. It would be great if you could send me an email either telling me or showing me what you have been up to and I will add them on this page as well. 

Mr Barnard

Hello! It's Mrs Eeley here, I have been super busy setting this website up and organising all of the teachers to write their pages. I've also been in school a lot because Mrs Dawson and I are taking it in turns. When I've been at home I've been looking after my two children - you know Lauren already and some of you might remember David, my eldest who is in Y3 at his school.

David has had a bit of school work to do just like you all have and he has also decided to make a project book about Greek Myths. Lauren is desperate to learn to read and write so I've been helping her with her sounds. She ran into the kitchen yesterday with a name label for me which she had sounded out and written herself! Proud Mummy moment!


Both my children love making things so we have been doing some Easter crafts which we have been sending photos of to their grandparents and other friends we can't see at the moment. This has cheered people up, especially their Nanna and Grandpa who they usually see a lot of. Nanna has printed out the bookmark David made her and is using it in her book and Grandpa has put a picture of Lauren on his iPad. 

We've worked out how to use Zoom too and David has played Battleships with one of his friends.

I've been trying to get the children to help with the jobs that need doing too - Lauren is especially keen to earn points which she can cash in for treat snacks!

Looking through my photos it might look like we have mostly been in our pjs...because we have! My children love a pj day (just like me) and most days when we are at home we have had our baths and then put clean pjs on for the day! There has to be some advantage to this situation! Also, we've sometimes just put our coats on over the top for our daily walk but ssshhhhhh that's a secret! It's been quite nice writing this page actually because I've been smiling looking back at what we have been up to - there have been a few stresses and cross words at times as we get used to only seeing each other and none of our friends and family as we usually do but overall it's been lovely to spend time together.

Now, what about you? It seems so long ago since we were all together, and just like Mr Barnard I'm missing each and every one of you.

For my challenge this week I'd like you to write me a story, for me to read for David and Lauren's bedtime one night. They often ask for made-up stories as well as reading books but it can be hard to come up with ideas - so if you need some inspiration I've put in a picture of a dice rolling activity to choose for you what your story will be about. Feel free to write your own ideas too for what the numbers could represent - you could follow a theme or go random!

You don't have to write it all in one go...when you've finished writing leave it a day and come back to it before checking you're happy and then if you'd like to share please email it to me, or send a photo if you've handwritten it. You could even illustrate parts or make your own mini-book?


Have a super Easter holidays; have a look at the websites if you get bored and remember what we have said in class about learning being practising what's a little tricky rather than what you can already do - challenge yourself!

Finally, make sure you're trying to be kind to your family - it's a tricky time for everyone and I know in my house we've had to be a little more patient with each other at times.


Mrs Eeley


Here are the websites and apps suggested in the home learning pack for the first two weeks of closure. select your year group and the pattern to practise times tables, division, square numbers, number bonds (online lessons to do together – one a day) (the children have seen this is school)


Don't forget TTRS and also you can all have a Nessy login if you want one so please get your parent to email me (Mrs Eeley)


Mr Barnard's email address is please contact him if you have any questions about maths learning.

Mrs Eeley's emails address is please contact her if you have any questions about English learning.

They will reply as soon as they can during school hours in term time. 

Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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