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Year 4

The general information about home learning page has been updated - please have a read.

Also please check your emails for your child's Nessy, that and TTRS are great for practising basic skills.

Subject pages are now frozen - feel free to complete more activities if you like but all home learning for Year 4 is now on this page.

A message for Year 4 and 5 parents from Archway:

Over the past few years Archway has been pleased to welcome Y4 and Y5 students and their parents to our summer Open Mornings.

Due to the current situation with COVID19 this year's events, planned for June, will not take place. However, our main Autumn Open Evening will be on MONDAY 28th SEPTEMBER, followed by two Open Mornings on Wednesday 30th September and Thursday 1st October. Please make a note in your diaries. We will look forward to welcoming you on those occasions.

In the meantime, if you were intending to visit us this summer and have any questions about Archway, please contact Mrs Bridget Durrant, Head of Key Stage 3 who will be pleased to answer your questions.

Our class text is Stone Age Boy. Please see pdf emailed.

Tuesday 14th July 2020

It's the final update of Year 4! Whilst it's been cut short, I've had a fantastic time with you all and will really miss you next year! You've definitely been the best Year 4 class this year. I hope you all have a fantastic summer, stay safe, and see you all in September ready for Year 5!

In the meantime, I've uploaded a mix of work this week - some for now, some to have a look at over the holidays to help you prepare for Year 5. 

Take care,

Mr Atkinson



Please read this letter from your Year 5 teacher, Miss Jordan! She'd like you to write back with some information about you! Make sure everything you write makes sense and it's your best work - this is your first impression! You can send your replies to

Have a look at the Year 3/4 spelling rules and words - practise your spellings for these rules and words in any way you choose. 


Have a go at the final set of questions from Stone Age Boy

Have a go at these Stone Age themed reading activities.


There are lots of things you can do for Maths to help you get ready for Year 5.


Keep practising your times tables - remember you should know all your times tables up to 12 x 12! You missed the test this year but this is still an expectation. If you're not too confident, keep practising. If you are confident, keep practising anyway!


It'll also be helpful to revise standard methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The booklets below should help to practise your skills. I've included the Y3 pack too to give you a bit of an easier start and work up into the Y4 stuff. 


I'll be answering emails until Friday 17th July so please get in touch if there's anything else I can help with. I'll keep an eye on them over the holidays too, so if there is any help you need please send me a message and I'll get back to you when I can.

Tuesday 7th July 2020

It was so brilliant to see you all last week - thank you to you all for coming! I can't wait to catch up with you all next Wednesday so that we can say goodbye before the holidays. In the meantime, enjoy this wee's dose of learning!

Mr Atkinson




Activity 1

Have a look at this presentation about Stone Age farming. Design a poster to present what you've learned.

Activity 2

Have a look at Resource 11A and Resource 16 (below). These images sum up life for many people who lived towards the end of the Stone Age. Can you describe what changes have occurred from the way that people lived earlier on in the Stone Age? 

Although people were still carrying on hunting, fishing and collecting wild fruit, nuts, honey and vegetables, most were now living permanently in settlements. What were these like? Most of Britain would still have been covered with dense forest at the end of the Stone Age, but Neolithic people began to cut the trees down to make room for fields in which they grew crops such as wheat and barley. They used large stones called querns to grind the grain into flour from which they made bread. Most houses would have been made of wood and thatched with branches, heather and bracken – all of which has long rotted away, so none of these dwellings remain, except holes in the ground where the posts to hold up the roof would have stood. In some places, such as northern Scotland, where there were few trees, houses were made of stone and dug into the ground. These houses, such as that at Skara Brae, can still be seen today.


Activity 3

Watch the BBC Teach film Stone Age – Farming and Homes (at again. Can you have a go at answering the question: ‘How did the lives of ancient Britons change during the Stone Age?’ using as much detail and evidence as you can from the last few weeks' learning.


Activity 1

Have a look at the last couple of pages of Stone Age Boy. Imagine you are a journalist writing for the local paper and report on the findings at the archaeological site. You can use the newspaper template attached to help you out.

Activity 2

The ending of  Stone Age Boy leaves the reader wondering whether the action in the story really happened or whether it was all a dream. What do you think?


Write me a letter to persuade me of your point of view. Don't forget conventions of persuasion (attached below)

Spelling Activity


Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3


Here is the link for Times Tables Rock Stars. If you need a reminder of your login details, please let me know.


Please find daily lessons at


If you need extra work, you can dip into this week's Can Do Maths whenever you fancy.

Tuesday 30th June 2020




Activity 1

Have a look at this PowerPoint all about Stone Age clothes. Design a poster teaching people all about Stone Age clothing.

Activity 2

Have a look at these different foods which would have been eaten in the Stone Age. Which ones do we still eat? Write them into the seasons wheel based on when they are eaten.



Imagine you are transported back in time to the Stone Age. Write a short story about what happens, where you go and what you see. Try to use as many of the words from the word mat as you can.

Handwriting Activity


Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3


Here is the link for Times Tables Rock Stars. If you need a reminder of your login details, please let me know.


Please find daily lessons at


If you need extra work, you can dip into this week's Can Do Maths whenever you fancy.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020



Stone Age people did not live permanently in caves, because they had to keep on the move with the seasons, following herds of animals and collecting wild fruit, berries, nuts and vegetables. However, they did use caves for other things, including: as temporary shelters during the most extreme weather, and for cooking food and skinning and butchering animals. Another important use of caves was discovered in 1883 at Goat’s Hole Cave in South Wales (Resource 13) by an archaeologist.


They had discovered the bones of a young person (probably about 30 years old) who had been buried in the cave 33,000 years ago – the oldest human remains ever found in the United Kingdom and the oldest known ceremonial burial in Western Europe. Resource 14 is an artist's reconstruction of what the burial ceremony might have looked like all that time ago. The body had been painted with red clay and had a necklace made of seashells.


The bones have been carefully examined and have provided additional clues as to how the person lived. Originally it was thought that the skeleton was that of a woman (called the Red Lady of Paviland), but when the skeleton was examined, it turned out that ‘she’ was actually a ‘he’!


Watch this BBC Teach film What do ancient bones tell us about the Stone Age at What additional information does the film give us about the man in the cave at Paviland? In summary:

  • He was young by today’s standards, but not in terms of how people lived 33,000 years ago, when life expectancy would have been very short, due to illnesses and injuries sustained during hunting and fighting.
  • He was clearly a very important person, as most people then would have been cremated or given a very quick and simple burial. Instead, he was taken to a cave and given a ceremonial burial with lots of ritual, which would have taken people away from hunting and gathering for a long time.
  • The body was covered with ochre (Resource 15), a naturally occurring earth pigment containing iron oxide.
  • Over 4,000 objects were left surrounding the body, including ivory (from mammoth tusks) and a necklace of seashells.
  • He was healthy (so what caused him to die?) and ate a lot of fish.
  • He may have been buried in the cave so that people could come and spend time there with him. The archaeologist suggests it could have become a ‘magical place’ for people from miles around to visit – to worship him perhaps, or honour him, or even pray to him?

We have no evidence today of Stone Age people having been able to communicate in writing. We assume that they could communicate orally (speaking and listening), but no one knows that for certain, either. Myths are short ancient stories – we don’t know whether they are true or not – that people tell to explain history, customs and nature. They were not written down, but passed down as ancient stories from one generation to the next.


Your task is to write a myth about the Red Lady of Paviland (a man, of course) that incorporates all of the facts we know about him, together with why people at the time might have considered him to be a magical person honoured in the way that he was. This combines historical facts with supposition (a belief held without proof or certain knowledge – an assumption).


We're revisiting one of our past science lessons this week. Find as many different rocks as you can when you're out and about and compare them based on what you can see. Write down as many different categories for comparison as you can.


Have a go at making this Stone Age recipe! Why do you think they used the ingredients they did? Why was it sweetened with honey and not sugar? Enjoy!



The story starts when the boy falls down, down down...

Can you think of and write your own adventure with the same opening? What will happen to you when you fall down, down down? I can't wait to read what you come up with!

Activity 2


Prefix match! 


Each net shows a prefix and each mammoth shows a root word. Can you match the correct prefixes to the root words to make real words.

All children now have a Nessy account. You can login at

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Have a go at this week's code-cracking spelling activity!


Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3


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Please find daily lessons at


If you need extra work, you can dip into this week's Can Do Maths whenever you fancy.

Tuesday 16th June 2020



Lesson 1:

Check out these activities from BBC Bitesize all about life in prehistoric Britain.

Lesson 2:

Watch this youtube video:

On a sheet of paper, write down the answer to these questions:

Why did most Stone Age people make camps rather than living mostly in caves?

Why did they need summer and winter camps?

Have a look at the bottom to see if you had the right idea.

The picture below shows what a summer camp might have looked like. You can see people outside and around an open fire cooking and sharpening flint and cutting wood into utensils and boats.

A winter camp would have been different, as everything would have taken place inside the dwellings (houses). At the end of the video, the wooden frame of a winter dwelling is shown. What might have been used to cover the frame?


On a sheet of paper, have a go at drawing what you think a winter dwelling might have looked like. Think about what would need to have happened inside the dwelling, including a fire for warmth and cooking, bedding, utensils, weapons, adults and and children etc. How would the smoke have escaped the dwelling? How would they have protected themselves from freezing weather and wild animals? What could they have not brought in and had to leave outside?


Draw and label, thinking carefully about what materials Stone Age people might have been able to use!





Activity 1: Have a look at the picture below showing the different processes which happened in a Stone Age village. Choose one process and write a set of instructions! Don't forget to use pictures, fronted adverbials and imperative (bossy) verbs!

I've attached some worksheets on imperative verbs if you need a reminder on imperative verbs.

Activity 2: An acrostic poem is a poem which uses a list of words or descriptions which begin with the letters of the subject.


Have a look at this BBC Bitesize page to help.


Have a go at writing your own acrostic poem using things that you have learned about the Stone Age

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Have a go at this handwriting activity. If you don't have a printer, try and copy them down onto another sheet of paper in your best cursive handwriting.



Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3


Here is the link for Times Tables Rock Stars. If you need a reminder of your login details, please let me know.


Here are this week's lessons and activities from BBC Bitesize:

Lesson 1

You can also use CanDo Maths at any time through the week.

Topic Answers

They couldn't stay in place all year, because seasons changed and animals they hunted would have moved to find fresh pasture (grass and other food). In addition, in autumn and winter, there would be no supply of wild fruit, nuts and vegetables, as well as fish from frozen lakes and rivers. Because they ha to move, they made temporary camps of animal skins and turf, which could be put up and taken down quickly Stone Age Britons left no remains of their camps, because the organic matter they were made of would have rotted away thousands of years ago.

Show and Tell

Thomas had fun junk modelling Stonehenge, a spear and a torch. Fantastic creativity, Thomas!

Logan went for a trip to Selsley Common to see the fantastic dinosaur sculptures and collect some limestone for his Stone Age axe!

Ollie used what he knew about Stone Age animals to paint a mammoth on a rock from the art activities in Week 1!

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Lesson 2


Have a look at the four pictures in the slides below. The first 2 (10A and 10B) show people in the early Stone Age, while the second 2 (11A and 11B) show people in the late Stone Age. Write down what you can see the people wearing, doing or using in each picture. How did it change from the early to late Stone Age? Write down your thoughts by putting together the information you've gathered from the sources.


Once you've done that, read the paragraphs below which give you a bit more information, as well as a couple of films to watch. 'Resource 9' can be seen lower down the page in last week's activity.

At the beginning of the Stone Age, when the family group left their footprints in the sand and mud of Happisburgh beach (the Old Stone Age as long ago as 950,000 years), survival depended on hunting animals and fish and gathering wild fruit, vegetables, roots, honey, seeds and nuts. People made tools and weapons out of stone, especially flint, because it is very hard and can be knapped (shaped by striking it). Spear- and arrowheads together with harpoons made of flint were fitted to wood handles and shafts for hunting animals such as mammoth, bison, woolly rhinoceros, deer and wild cattle called aurochs. Because they were always following herds of animals, Old Stone Age people were nomadic hunter-gatherers, which means that they were constantly moving to keep up with the animals they hunted and gathering what else they could to eat from the environment as they did so. Flint was the most important raw material in the life of people in the Old Stone Age, as can be seen in the BBC Teach film Discovering Stone Age Tools Made of Flint at

By the end of the Stone Age (the New Stone Age), things had changed. People had learned to grow crops like wheat and barley and had domesticated (tamed) wild animals such as sheep and cattle. These animals provided meat, milk, wool and leather for clothes, shoes and bags. Trees were cut down to make fields to grow crops of wheat and barley. Large stones (image A in Resource 9) called querns were used to grind the grain into flour to make bread. Because they didn’t have to move around so much now, people created villages in which to live. Most buildings would have been made of wood, so have not survived, but in places such as Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland, where there were few trees, houses were made of stone (image D in Resource 9). With a more settled life, New Stone Age people started to make pottery for storing, cooking and serving food (image B in Resource 9). Some artefacts reveal that people also made things for pleasure, such as the bone flute in image E in Resource 9. In some places, stone spindle whorls have been discovered (image C in Resource 9), which were used to spin woollen yarn or thread that would have been woven into woollen clothes – see the Spindle film How to Spin Yarn Using a Drop Spindle at By the end of the Stone Age, people were also building tall monuments of earth, such as Silbury Hill (image F in Resource 9), and of stone, like Stonehenge (image G in Resource 9). There are many different opinions amongst archaeologists about the purpose of these monuments.


Design and Technology

 Have a go at this DT activity about making your own Stone Age weapon or tool!



Activity 1:

Write a diary entry from the point of view of the story narrator at these points of the story - when he wakes up in the Stone Age, when he sees Om's village, when he sees the cave paintings and the cave bear and when he is an archaeologist as an adult. I have put the pictures below to help you out. Remember to be as detailed as you can and write in the first person, past tense!

Activity 2:

All children now have a Nessy account. You can login at

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Have a go at this spelling activity. Once you have found all the words in the wordsearch, practise putting them into sentences.


Activity 1: 

Have a look at pages 8-11 of Stone Age Boy. Can you answer these questions about those pages?

Activity 2:

Read through the information about houses over time. Choose one house and draw and label it using information from the text.

Activity 3:



Here is the link for Times Tables Rock Stars. If you need a reminder of your login details, please let me know.


Here are this week's lessons and activities from BBC Bitesize:

Lesson 1

You can also use CanDo Maths at any time through the week.

Show and Tell

From Freya

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Welcome back! (sort of!) Our new book this term is Stone Age Boy! Hopefully, you will have received the story by email. Please let me know if you haven't and I'll send you a pdf. If not, please enjoy the video below of me reading the story!


Each week this page will now have some more focused work for you to get your teeth into. There are 2 writing activities, 3 reading activities, 3 topic activities as well as spelling and lots of Maths to have a go at. You don't need to hand anything in, but feel free to send me pictures of anything you've had a go at. My email address is





Explore this information from BBC Bitesize about the Stone Age


Have a look at pictures of Stone Age artefacts.  What do you think they are? What would they have been used for?

Write down your predictions and check your answers at the bottom of this week's page!


Here's a selection of art activities to have a go at over the next few weeks.




Activity 1: Using the story, retell what happens by breaking it down and writing it in its simple parts. In class, we call this a story map. You can add pictures too. I've attached the sheet for you to use or copy onto a piece of paper.

Activity 2: Look at the picture of Om showing the narrator around the camp. What do you think the boy might have asked? Write down some questions as speech that you think the character would have said. Don't forget your inverted commas!


Example: "Wow! Why is that lady hanging fish on a washing line?" I asked curiously.

All children now have a Nessy account. You can login at

Please refer to the email you should be receiving shortly for your login details.


Have a go at this spelling activity. If you don't have a printer, you can write out each sentence correctly.


Why not use these sentences to practise your handwriting? All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.


 Activity 1: Using pages 6-7 of Stone Age Boy, try to answer the questions provided.

Activity 2: Read and answer the questions from this First News article.

Activity 3: Using a book that you have read, or are currently reading, write a book review to say what you thought about it!



 Here is the link for Times Tables Rock Stars. If you need a reminder of your login details, please let me know.


Here are this week's lessons and activities from BBC Bitesize:

Lesson 1

In addition to BBC Bitesize, please use CanDoMaths to fill any more Maths learning time. There's plenty in this pdf so dip in and out of it as you please.


Answers for the artefact guessing:

8A bone harpoon tips

8B a large flint hand axe

8C a flint axe head (would have been fixed to a wooden staff)

8D flint hammer heads

9A a quern or simple stone hand mill used for grinding grain such as wheat or maize; the upper rounder and smaller stone was rotated over the grain, which was crushed against the larger flatter stone below

9B clap pot probably used for drinking

9C stone spindle whorls used to spin woolen thread, which could then be used for knitting and weaving clothes

9D the stone settlement of eight grouped houses at Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands of northern Scotland

9E a flute made from animal bone

9F Silbury Hill in Witshire and the largest human-made mound in Europe, whose precise purpose remains a mystery

9G the monument of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, which was completed over a period of 2,500 years


Wednesday 20th May 2020

What beautiful weather we're having this week! I hope that you've been able to get out and enjoy some exercise in the sunshine. Don't forget to stay at least 2m (one Mr Atkinson lying down!) away from anyone who you don't live with to keep everyone safe. Now that we're allowed to drive for exercise again, I've been visiting one of my favourite places - Selsley Common. There are some fantastic dinosaur pictures made with rocks in one of the big dippies. I'd recommend a look if you can. What dinosaurs can you see? Isla also enjoyed her first trip to the common too!

Last week's quiz was all about sports and games. Here are the answers:

  1. Lego
  2. eSports
  3. Gold
  4. Everton
  5. Nintendo
  6. Dobble
  7. Seven
  8. Lionel
  9. Old Kent Road
  10. Volleyball
  11. Europe
  12. London
  13. Eddie the Eagle
  14. Gorilla
  15. One

Which made the secret phrase: 'Legends Love Lego', which they absolutely do! See the 'What You've Been Up To' for one super Lego collection I've had sent in this week!


Well done to Emma, Charlotte, Logan, Finley, Max and Mr Barnard who all sent in the right answer. Don't forget, if you didn't have a chance to have a go last week or before, all he quizzes are still on this page - just don't look at the answers!


Below is this week's story task. I'm reading chapter 2 of The Fox and the Ghost King by Michael Morpurgo in which two foxes accidentally discover King Richard III buried underground. I'd like you to tell me who you'd most like to meet from history, what you'd ask them, and why.


Answer the questions below. Use the first letter of each answer to make a three word phrase and email your answers to me at - good luck! It's quite a tough one today, so feel free to use adults at home, books or the internet to help!

  1. Which band performed the famous songs 'Wonderwall' and 'Don't Look Back In Anger'?
  2. The song 'God Save The Queen' is also known as our ________ Anthem.
  3. Which famous pianist sang 'Rocket Man' and 'I'm Still Standing'?
  4. Which red haired musician sang 'Sing!' and 'Shape of You?
  5. Which member of One Direction is missing: Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and who?
  6. What is the name of this woodwind instrument? Oboe - Wikipedia
  7. Which Beatle drummer also voiced Thomas the Tank Engine?
  8. Who teaches music at Cashes Green Primary School?
  9. What is the surname of the 'Let You Love Me' singer? 
  10. Complete the first line of the famous Wombles theme tune: '___________, overground, wombing free'
  11. What section of the orchestra contains violins, violas, cellos and double basses?
  12. What instrument is played by Mr Atkinson and Mr McLaughlin? (It's the best one!)
  13. Which Hawaiian instrument is like a mini guitar with only 4 strings?
  14. What are these percussion instruments? Union One Earth UB1 Bongo Drums: Musical Instruments
  15. Which Swedish band sang the songs 'Mamma Mia' and 'Dancing Queen'?

What You've Been Up To...

Thanks to everyone who's keeping me up to date on what you're up to, it's great to see! Keep your emails coming in to

Logan and Blake have had a go at my water game - looks great boys! Logan has also sent me lots of other things he's been up to!


Emma made this super picture on her iPad

Charlotte loved this week's quiz answer and wanted to show me all the Lego-loving legends in her house!

I'm really impressed with Scarlett's whales PowerPoint. She has used hyperlinks based on what we did at school. Fantastic work. Don't forget to keep me up to date with what you've been up to at home too!

Here is Finley's poster about saving the whales - lovely bright colours Fin!

Nola has been a bit poorly this week, but has still managed to do some super work including a PowerPoint about whales and an amazing painting of artist Frida Kahlo! Get well soon Nola!

Wednesday 13th May 2020

I hope you're all having another good week! Thank you to everyone who has been in touch this week with quiz answers, work you've done or just catching up - it's always lovely to hear from you. I'm finally going back to work tomorrow (Thursday) so will look forward to seeing those children who are in school.

I hope you enjoyed last week's Films and TV quiz - the answers are below:

  1. Whittaker
  2. Avengers
  3. Toothless
  4. Chewbacca
  5. Hermione Granger
  6. Iron Giant
  7. Ninjago
  8. Gandalf
  10. Verruca Salt
  11. Indiana Jones
  12. Slinky Dog
  13. Filch
  14. Ursula
  15. Never Enough

Which made the secret phrase 'Watching TV is fun'. Something I'm sure we're all doing rather a lot of in lockdown!

Well done to Scarlett, Logan, Charlotte, Riley, Millie, Alfie Light, Max and Finley who have all emailed me the correct answer. This week's quiz is all about Sports and Games and is below. Good luck!

Today’s story is The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. For your activity, I’d like you to do something to do with whales! It might be a poster, presentation, PowerPoint, story, play, whatever you’d like. Have fun and I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Video in two parts - the reason will become clear when you watch!


Answer the questions below. Use the first letter of each answer to make a three word phrase and email your answers to me at - good luck!


  1. Which Danish construction toy involves interlocking bricks and minifigures?
  2. What is the name given to sports played online, such as FIFA?
  3. What colour medal would you receive is you won an event in the Olympics?
  4. What is the name of the football team which plays at Goodison Park? (Mr B's team!)
  5. What company manufactures the Wii and Switch games consoles?
  6. What is the name of a circular card game in which players have to try and spot similar pictures on their cards?
  7. In snooker, how many points in the black ball worth? (Write your answer as a word)
  8. What is footballer Messi's first name?
  9. What is the name of the first property on a standard Monopoly board?
  10. What is the name of the sport in which teams hit or punch a ball over a net?
  11. In golf, the Ryder Cup is played between the USA and which other team?
  12. In which city were the 2012 Olympic Games held?
  13. Which Gloucestershire man ski jumped unsuccessfully during the 1988 Winter Olympics?
  14. In the Mario games, Donkey Kong is which type of animal?
  15. In Scrabble, how many points is the letter E worth? (Write your answer as a word)


What You've Been Up To...

Thanks to everyone who's keeping me up to date on what you're up to, it's great to see! Keep your emails coming in to

I enjoyed this message from Freya about what she's been up to - she's asked me to share with everyone else!


Meanwhile, Ollie has been making the most of his daily exercise! He's sent me some beautiful photos of bluebells in Randwick woods, a picture of him cycling and a great poster advertising our Thursday 'Clap for Carers'!

Fantastic work from Logan, who recreated characters and scenes from Zog and the Flying Doctors. Well done Logan!

Alfie enjoyed cooking Uncle Miles’s veggie Bolognese for his tea!

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Hi! I hope you're all keeping safe and well. I've had a busy cople of weeks changing nappies and not sleeping but absolutely loving being a Daddy! No story video this week I'm afraid, but if you'd like to read a story to Isla and I please email me a video!

I'm still finding time to go for walks in the woods with my family and I have shared a great idea for a game! 

You will need:

2 identical bottles (we used milk bottles)

2 identical beakers

A bucket

Some water


How to play:

The aim of the game is to get the most water into your bottle!


To set the game up, put the water into the bucket and put it in an open space. Each player then finds a space an even distance away from the bucket. We played this in the woods and tied them onto trees, but you could play this in the garden, at the park, or any other open space as part f your daily exercise. Make sure you are following social distancing guidelines at all times.


Each player needs to start at their bottle, run to the bucket, fill their cup, run back and pour the water into their bottle. When the water is all gone, check the bottles to see who has the most water!

We've been completing challenges to try and raise money for our wonderful NHS. Have a look at my hair-raising effort!


Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. If you could spare some change to help our fantastic healthcare workers that would be brilliant. Please follow this link: 

Here are the answers to last week's Animals Quiz:

  1. Antlers
  2. Wombat
  3. Extinct
  4. Sausage dog
  5. Okapi
  6. Meat
  7. Elephants
  8. Yeti
  9. Echidna
  10. African
  11. Reptiles
  12. Four
  13. Omnivore
  14. Udders
  15. Raven

Which made the secret phrase: 'Awesome Year Four'. Well done to Scarlett, Charlotte, Logan, Annie, Riley, Millie, Finley, Alfie Light and Ollie who all emailed me with correct answers. Scarlett wins this week's prize of a Snickers bar! Don't forget if you've missed any quizzes, they're all available on this page for you to have a go at... just don't peek at the answers!


This week is a picture round! For each picture in the gallery, you need to either tell me the character, film/show, actor or other information involved. Use the first letter of each answer to make a four word phrase and email your answers to me at - good luck!

  1. The actor who plays The Doctor is Jodie _________
  2. Name this film.
  3. Name this How To Train Your Dragon character.
  4. Name this Star Wars character.
  5. Name this Harry Potter character
  6. Name this film.
  7. Name this film and TV show.
  8. Name this Lord of the Rings and Hobbit character.
  9. Name this spaceship from Doctor Who
  10. Name this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character
  11. Name this famous character.
  12. Name this Toy Story character.
  13. What is the surname of this Harry Potter character?
  14. Name this Disney villain.
  15. Name the song being sung by Jenny Lind in The Greatest Showman.

What You've Been Up To...

Thanks to everyone who's keeping me up to date on what you're up to, it's great to see! Keep your emails coming in to

Logan sent me some pictures of the brilliant activities he's been up to... great work Logan!

Here is Finley's Pirate Crusher diary! Well done Fin!


Charlotte also wrote a diary - here's her super effort!


The Pirate Crusher

Dear Dairy,


Today was a a bit hilarious! I was amazed at how many people tried to defeat me, ME? They must have lost it.



I stood under the ocean alone and bored.  For some reason it was quiet. Silent. Mysterious. BORING! I could not bare to be bored anymore so I swam away but as I did, I heard evil laughing. They sounded like pirates, so I swam back. I hid and waited. They came but never noticed me. They were running to their ship. I followed them.


I stared at them. All I could see was their legs. Even though they were normal looking legs it made me even more hungry. My stomach grumbled. I heard laughing and “Arrs!” from the ship. I approached the ship. Looked to see if anyone was below the ship and moved closer. For a second I stopped and closed my eyes. There was music, beautiful music so I calmed down for a second. Its was the fiddler! I wasn’t going to eat him, obviously. He sang a song “I was sailing one day and what did I see? A treasure island up the scurvy sea! Fiddley Diddly Treasure for me! Fiddley Diddly de across the sea!”


The music stopped. I watched. There was a captain. The fiddler said he was Captain Purple beard. I thought he had a purple beard but not at all! His beard was as black as cats fur. I was going to scare them but I was to interested in the chatter. “Treasure you say? Can you show us the way?” All the other pirates kept shouting things like I could deal with some more gold! Or I want some to eat!


The fiddler sang again “As I sailed the seas, I scribbled a map so when I got home I could find my way back! Ye can not imagine how much booty is there. A huge hole of treasure past ones compare. They set sail…

Following them I noticed that they were heading for my island,MY ISLAND! I ran back home waiting underwater. They finally arrived. Their faces went red. Well not all of them. The captain just sat and screamed” GO ON BOYS THERES NO HARM! Not with me around!”. The pirates stood there in fear. Coming up with excuses to not go into the ocean below. “GO HOME?! Ill kill the lot of you! you land lovers!” shouted the Mr purple beard.  I roared just to scare them of a little! They had a small ship which they jumped upon. I got angry. I thought of a plan, a brilliant one, even better than captain purple beards! I was going to eat captain purple beard!

It was then the fiddler helped saying he`d stay upon the boat. Now was my time to jump up and eat          the crew. For no reason, just so I can have their shoes!  So up I jumped, ready to have my meal and then I opened my mouth and had a whole gout!


The monster of the ocean


 Lastly, Ollie also completed the diary challenge. Here's his writing:

Day 1.
Had some very exciting news today from a strange man with a fiddle, he said he knows of a treasure!.
RICH, RICH, RICH, I’m going to a be rich!!!
Day 2.
I’m going to be rich, hurray!!!!
Day 3.
Scrub the deck, Drop the anchor, set the sails. I hate being a pirate sometimes. Guess what?? IM GOING TO BE RICH!!!
Day 4.
That creepy man told us a story of a great beast of the sea that likes to eat pirate ships. I’m not sure if I’m scared or not.
Argh!!! I’m going to be rich.
Day 5.
Had a terrible nightmare last night about that beast, it ate the whole ship except the stupid parrot. I’m keeping the bird next to me. Not long now till we find the treasure. RICH, RICH, RICH!!!!!
Day 6.
Hurray at last, we see land. Not long now! I’m going to be rich!!! We are so close to that treasure.
Wait a minute?? What’s that I see??


Lastly, here is Alfie's puppet of Zog the dragon from this week's story!

Riley has been really busy doing lots of English, Science and history work. Well done Riley!

Scarlett has made some bunting ready for the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday


Please do share anything you get up to with me, I love to hear from you!

Mrs Mills, Ben, Joe and I were all delighted to welcome Isla into our family on Thursday 23rd April!

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Another week, another update!

Thanks to everyone who had a go at last week's history quiz, the answers are below:

  1. Lloyd-George
  2. Edward VI
  3. Ivan the Terrible
  4. Claudius
  5. Elizabeth I
  6. Stalin
  7. Thomas Beckett
  8. Egypt
  9. Royal Air Force
  10. China
  11. India
  12. Tudor
  13. Yuri
  14. Olympics
  15. Kennedy

The secret phrase was 'Leicester City OK'! Thanks everyone for emailing me that, I'm glad you're all now fellow foxes fans!

Well done to Nola, Logan, Olivia, Scarlett, Riley, Max, Ollie, Finley and Millie!

Like last week, I've recorded myself reading another story! This week is Zog and the Flying Doctors by Julia Donaldson. For the task this week, I'd like you to make some puppets of the characters from the story and act it out. You could make paper puppets, finger puppets, sock puppets, lolly stick puppets, or even just use toys or items from around your house. Be as creative as you like. You might even like to draw some backgrounds like the castle or the sea to help with your story telling. You can send me pictures of puppets or even a video of your story retelling at and I'll publish photos or videos on this page. Good luck!


There are 15 questions and if you get all the answers correct, you’ll make a 3 word phrase by putting together the first letter of each answer. You can use books, the internet and grown ups to help you with some of the answers!

  1. What are deer horns called?
  2. What is the name of this Australian marsupial? Wombat - Wikipedia
  3. What is the word used when an entire species has died out, for example dodos or saber-toothed tigers?
  4. What is the dog breed dachshund commonly known as?
  5. What is the name of a mammal in the giraffe family which has zebra-like stripes on its legs and bottom?
  6. What type of food does a carnivore eat?
  7. What is the only animal which can kneel down on four legs?
  8. What is the name of a legendary animal also known as the abominable snowman?
  9. There are only two species of egg-laying mammals in the world. The duck-billed platypus and what other?
  10. Which is larger? The Indian elephant or the African elephant?
  11. What type of animals are lizards, crocodiles and snakes?
  12. How many feet does an animal described as quadrupedal have?
  13. What would you call an animal which eats both meat and plants?
  14. What do female cows have to feed milk to their calves?
  15. Which black bird is famous for living in the Tower of London?

As always, email your answer as well as the secret 3 word phrase to and I'll share the quickest 3 answers next week. 

What You've Been Up To

I'm adding this new section to the weekly update, so please keep me updated on what you're up to!


Max completed last week's story task, read his fantastic story here:


-By Max Chytry



One night Cole was running every where looking for pirates to feed his ceature... THE KRAKEN! And Cole was lucky to find a whole crew.

"When will me find gold treasure for me lads," spoken Riple Fog captain of the Fogy Pirates. "Me crew is hungry for some treasure and if i don't find some soon me lads will leave me *sighs*," carryed on Riple Fog.

"I know where you can find tons of treasure maybe  even so much to fill your ship!" an unkown voice spoke. "Far far in the great sea theres an island as big as TEN whole ships and on that island well... MOST OF IT IS A CAVE FULL OF TREASURE!" the man carryed on. Suddenly the man came from the shadows. a man in brown clothes and a black cloke, on his shirt he had a name tag and the name carved into it was Cole. He had scrufy black hair and diamond blue eyes looked like a person every one trusts "the name's Cole if your blind well that wouldn't be good for a pirate heh  do you need two eye patches *laughs* well one more thing if you want that treasure I'll be comin with ya," spoke Cole.

"Ok then um Cole it's a deal and how long will me crew be travlin," said Riple Fog

"About 5  days to get there and we're goin  tomorrow after noon," repied Cole. When the sunny afternoon came Cole set off to find the pirates but he didn't find them until a man called Bob helped him

"It's just round the corner mate we'll be there in a sec!" said Bob

"Bob you came did you find Cole?" asked Riple Fog.

"Of corse i did he's right here with me i helped him get here." anwered Bob.

"So your apart of this crew as well wow and hello captain!" spoke Cole

"Oh  theres the man who knows about this treasure," a voice said.

"This is Jack our cannon lad!" said RIple Fog

Riple Fog has a big red beard with a pirate hat, he wears black clothes and a red pirate jacket, he has short black hair with black eyes. Bob wears a blue and white striped shirt with brown trousers, he has no hat but he has short brown hair with brown eyes. Jack wears a purple shirt with black trousers, he has green eyes and not long not short ginger hair. "Sup Cole," said Jack.

"hello and whats your job Bob." replied Cole. *ship starts sail away from the town*

"I'm the map man!" Bob spoke. TWO DAYS LATER...

"Who's this man sitting here," said Cole.

"Oh thats Robert he's the old wise one." anwered Jack.

"Who dares to wake my Robert head," Robert replied

"Hello Robert my name is Cole," said Cole

"Is this the man who said he'll bring us to that cave full of gold," asked Robert

"Yes thats the man," Jack spoke.

"Oh good jolley pirates!" anwered Robert. Robert wears grey clothes and a brow pirate jacket, he has grey hair and a grey beard with a pirate hat, and he has one silver eye and one orange.


"LAND AHOY!" shouted Riple Fog. As the ships anker crashed into the great sea and the pirates clmbored out onto the massive island rushing to the cave not knowing anything else to do.

"What are you my little red friend!" said Robert.

"A Kraken." replied Cole. As he jumped onto the island and the massive octopus squid creature rised up to be seen.


As the Kraken ate the WHOLE SHIP it had seen it's next vicim... crew. Then Bob had seen the ship is not there as they got to the river that guarded the cave.

"Um captain WHERES OUR SHIP!" screamed Bob.

"Don't worry Bob we just can't see it." spoke Riple Fog.

"Wait what's th... OH NO!" shouted Jack.



"Good Kraken!" said Cole. *Massive Happy Creature Sounds*


 Nola has been busy painting in the style of Vincent Van Gogh!

She watched a Facebook video by a woman called Anastasia Belus, The Art Enthusiast London.
She is doing various Master classes on Zoom via her Facebook page. Next week it's Frida Kahlo and Guigan.
Thanks for sharing Nola, I'll be tuning in!

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello Year 4! Week 4 without you and I'm missing you all! Well done to everyone who took part in last time's Geography Quiz, the answers are as follows:

  1. Madagascar
  2. Russia
  3. Antarctica
  4. Trench
  5. Kratatoa
  6. India
  7. Nigeria
  8. Stockholm (I've been there and spoken in the Swedish Parliament building! Beautiful city)
  9. Oslo
  10. Nepal
  11. Rio de Janeiro
  12. Ohio
  13. Canada
  14. Kilimanjaro
  15. Seine

Well done to all of these children for getting the right answers and emailing me with the secret phrase: 'Mr Atkinson Rocks!'

Millie, Thomas, Alfie E, Nola, Logan, Alfie Li, Scarlett, Finley, Charlotte, Emma, Annie and Oliver - sorry if I've missed anyone!


Now that we're 'back' after the Easter break, I'm sure you'll be looking for more things to do. Please look at Classes and click any of the subject pages for any activities set by subject leaders. Mr Barnard has set lots of Maths challenges for children to have a go at. Please also keep going with Times Table Rockstars and daily reading to keep those skills honed.


In the video below, there is a message from me as well as a story. For English this week, I'd like children to either rewrite the story, write a diary from one of the characters in the story or draw pictures to show what happens in the story. The book is called 'The Pirate Cruncher' by Jonny Duddle. Enjoy!


There are 15 questions and if you get all the answers correct, you’ll make a 3 word phrase by putting together the first letter of each answer. You can use books, the internet and grown ups to help you with some of the answers!

  1. What was the surname of the British Prime Minister from 1916-1922?
  2. What was the name of the King who succeeded Henry VIII as King of England?
  3. What was the name of the Terrible first tsar of Russia?
  4. Who was the Roman Emperor who began Rome's invasion of Britain in AD43?
  5. Which monarch ruled England during the Spanish Armada in 1588?
  6. Josef ______ was the ruler of the USSR during World War II.
  7. What was the name of the Archbishop of Canterbury who was famously murdered in 1170?
  8. Tutankhamun was a Pharoah in which country?
  9. Which British Armed Force was founded on April 1st 1918? 
  10. Which modern day country did the Shang Dynasty come from?
  11. As well as being Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen Victoria was also the Empress of where?
  12. What was the surname of these English dynasty founded by Henry VII?
  13. The first man in space was ____ Gagarin. 
  14. What sporting event, originally founded in Ancient Greece, still takes place in modern times? It was due to take place in Tokyo this year.
  15. What was the surname of the US President who was assassinated in November 1963?

Email me your answers at and I'll read out next week's top 3!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Happy April Fools' Day! I hope you manage to tell lots of fantastic jokes today! Send me your best ones and I'll repost the top 3 in my next post!


I hope you’ve had a good week. I’ve spent mine teaching Maths to my stepson, walking with my dog (once per day!), planting things in the garden and getting exhausted joining in with PE with Joe on YouTube! I’ve got potatoes, peas and sweetcorn planted so hopefully I’ll get some vegetables later in the season.




This week I have set a quiz for you! There are 15 questions and if you get all the answers correct, you’ll make a 3 word phrase by putting together the first letter of each answer. You can use books, the internet and grown ups to help you with some of the answers!

  1. What is the name of the large island nation home to lemurs?
  2. What is the largest country in the world?
  3. What is the most southerly continent on Earth?
  4. The Mariana __________ is the deepest known point of the Earth’s oceans.
  5. What is the name of the Indonesian volcano which famously erupted in 1883?
  6. Which country has the second largest population on Earth?
  7. Which African country has this flag? Image result for nigerian flag
  8. What is the capital city of Sweden?
  9. What is the capital city of Norway?
  10. What is the only country in the world to have a flag that is not a quadrilateral?
  11. Which Brazilian city is home to Christ the Redeemer?
  12. Cincinnati is a city in which American state?
  13. Which country is directly north of the USA?
  14. What is the highest mountain in Africa?
  15. What is the name of the river which runs through Paris?

E-mail me your answers and the secret phrase by next week! I'll reveal the top 3 quickest answers next week. Good luck!



Here are the websites and apps suggested in the home learning pack for the first two weeks of closure. Don't forget TTRS and to contact Mrs Eeley if you want a Nessy login. for children wanting to practise their phonics a little more select your year group and the pattern to practise times tables, division, square numbers, number bonds (online lessons to do together – one a day)


Mr Atkinson's email address is please contact him if you have any questions about your child's learning. He will reply as soon as he can during school hours in term time. 


Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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