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Also please check your emails for your child's Nessy, that and NumBots are great for practising basic skills.

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Tuesday 14th July

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and enjoying the Summer. We have had a messy time at school this week, blowing bubbles in paint to make lovely colourful pictures. Luckily there was only 1 person who forgot to blow and sucked instead. But it was ok, she didnt swallow any! Anyway, have a look at the photos below, showing what some of you have been doing both at school and at home.

This summer the weather could get quite hot and sunny. Do you know any rules about what you should do when you go outside and it's really hot? Watch these videos about keeping safe in the sun...

Did you enjoy watching them and did you agree with everything they said? What I would like you to do now is to design a Sun Safety poster telling people about the dangers of the sun and how they can keep themselves safe. You can draw some pictures and write some important facts, like "Wear a hat" or "Drink lots of water"

There is a colouring poster below to give you ideas or you can cut, stick and label the other sheets to make a different poster if you get stuck for ideas.

The next thing I would like you to do is to write a letter to your new Year 1 teacher, Mrs Hall that you can give to her, when you see her in September. Tell her whatever you want her to know. You could write about your family or your pets. You could say what you really like doing at school or what you are good at. Or if you are worried about something, write it down so she knows. It might also be useful for you to draw a picture of everyone in your family and write their names, so she knows you have a little brother or a big sister.

In Maths, I would like you to practise your adding and taking away. Can you learn by heart all the different pairs of numbers that make 10? So, if you had 6 pencils, you would know that you would need 4 more to make 10. Write down every pair of numbers that make 10. Use your fingers or 10 objects to help you. 





Then have a go at the following activity...

If, you go away anywhere in the holidays even if its for just the day, please could you buy a postcard and write a nice, little, friendly message on the back, saying what you have been doing and if you have had a good time and then post it to someone special to make them smile. Sending postcards is a lovely way of making people happy. There is a post card template below if you want to make your own..

Another thing I would really like you to practise over the summer holidays is forming your letters correctly. Try to write each letter without taking your pencil off the piece of paper, unless its crossing your t or dotting your i etc.

The sheet below shows you how each letter should be formed.

Here are a few fun summer holiday tasks you might enjoy completing too, just to keep you busy. 

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning, everybody. I wonder if it's a nice, sunny day today or if it's raining again. I hope you are all ok and that you've enjoyed your week. We've had a busy week at school, looking for the naughty bus. He was last seen on the school CCTV heading down the road towards Stroud. But we made some magic wands, cast a spell and he found his way back home. Have a look at some of our wands in the photos below, as well as some other fun things we've been doing at school...

This week, please can you watch and listen to this story called 'Dream Train Steam Train' You will notice there are lots of rhyming words in the story. Rhyming words are 2 words that have the same ending and if you say them out loud, they sound the same, such as goat and boat or tin and bin. Here's the story...

Watch it again and maybe again, and see if you can predict the rhyming word that's coming before the storyteller says it. 

What other rhyming words can you think of? Can you think of words that rhyme with car? 

eg jar, far, bar. 

See if you can complete these rhyming sheets below? You might need a bit of help.

Or you could cut lots of long strips of paper, write a rhyming word on each one eg cat, hat, mat, sat etc and then loop and glue your strip and make a rhyming word paper chain to decorate your bedroom!

How did you get on with counting in 2's. Was it tricky or was it ok? This weok I would like you to have a go at counting in 5' s. So you will be adding 5 every time. Can you draw round your or someone elses hand a few times and cut them out. Make sure you ve got 5 fingers and you dont chop one off by accident! Then write in the centre of each one 5 then 10, 15, 20 etc and then put them up somewhere to help you to learn the order and say them out loud. 

Then I ve got a fun job for you. I would like you to sit by a window or in your garden so you can see a road and then count each type of traffic that goes by. I've attached a sheet below.

I would like you to make a tally. So you draw a line for each car or bus that goes past. Then when 4 cars go past, draw a diagonal line through your 4 marks, so you can count in 5's, like in the example below. Which do you think will be the most or least popular type of traffic?

You can also find out what your friends and family' s favourite ice cream is. You might have to ring your grandma or uncle up to ask them. Can you make a tally on this sheet too?

Theres a fun counting in 5s song at

if you want to watch it.

If you want to be really clever, do you want to have a go at counting in 10s? 10, 20, 30 all the way to 100. See if you can cut out and stick the correct number in the right order on the sheet below. Good luck and well done, if you manage it.

There is also a counting in 10s video to watch at

Finally,please could you go on a Summer Scavenger Hunt either to the woods or local park and look for signs of Summer. What has happened to the trees, plants and animals? Why dont you look for...

  • Brightly coloured flowers
  • Fluffy dandelion clocks
  • Nibbled leaves
  • Spotty ladybirds
  • Slugs and snails
  • A soft feather
  • A 4 leafed clover

Have fun! I hope it doesnt rain, and please keep sending me your photos for me to see and then put on the website next week for all your classmates to see. 

Have a good week.

Love from Miss Aldred

Tuesday 30th June

Hello everybody. How did you enjoy finding out about London? Did you see lots of red double decker buses? Thank you for your drawings and models. You have done some lovely pictures and models of the London Eye and Big Ben. Have a look at some of your pictures below..

Firstly for Literacy, please can you watch 'The Wheels on the Bus'  at

Please can you practise singing along to it with actions. Then see if you can invent some new verses eg

The girls on the bus go giggle, giggle, giggle..


The dogs on the bus go wuff, wuff, wuff.. 

And then think of some new actions for your new verses.

Then have a go at writing one of your new verses. Just sound out any difficult words as best you can. I am sure you will be really good at it.

Can you sing your new verse to your family. Good luck. I bet you have some brilliant ideas.

If you are enjoying being a little bit musical, watch this video. It's called the Naughty Bus Song, as it's based on the story of the Naughty Bus.

Play it a few times and sing along with it if you enjoy it.

A long time ago, a famous singer called Cliff Richard decided to go on a summer holiday on a big red double decker bus. His bus wasnt naughty though. It was a good bus. They put bedrooms and a kitchen and a shower on the bus. I bet it looked really cool. Watch this clip from the film 'Summer Holiday'

Would you like to on holiday on a big, red, double decker bus?  What would you take with you? Write a list of everything you would take on your holiday. Dont forget your toothbrush and a clean pair of socks!

Maybe you could draw your own double decker bus with a bedroom, living room etc. Where would you put the bathroom? Upstairs or downstairs? Dont forget to label the different rooms!

In Maths this week I would like you to have a go at counting in 2's. This is really useful for when you are counting things such as coins, Lego bricks etc. You take 2 coins and count 2, then 2 more and its 4. Practise saying it out loud so you know the order ie:

2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20. 

Can you remember the order and say it without looking. This video may help

Then practise counting a number of objects to 20 by counting in 2' s.

Have a go at adding 2 to different numbers. Can you copy the number sentences out from the sheet below...

The next thing I would like you to do is to design and make a boat that will float on water. So first of all get a piece of paper and a pencil and draw what you want your boat to look like and what you will make it from. Perhaps your parent can give you some junk modelling items eg old cereal boxes, egg cartons, old yoghurts pots. Decide how you are going to stick it together eg sellotape, pritt stick. Please label your boat eg sail, seats. Then, when you designed it, make it. And then see if it floats in your bath. Does it work? I hope so. Good luck!

Have a brilliant week and I look forward to seeing the photos of your boats.

Love from Miss Aldred

Tuesday 23rd June

Hello everyone

I hope you are all okay. Thank you for all your emails and photos. I really enjoyed seeing your toys doing naughty things. You ve got some very good ideas. Here are a few photos from this week...

Have you been enjoying the Naughty Bus story. The Naughty Bus is a London bus. Watch this video of it travelling around London

Have you ever been to London?  London is the capital city of England and is where the prime minister works and where Queen Elizabeth has her palace. Have a look at these videos. They tell you a little bit about what it is like in London.

Talk to a grown up. Can they tell you a bit about London too? Where in London would you like to go? Maybe you could draw Buckingham Palace, London Zoo or Big Ben and write a sentence saying where you would like to go and why eg:

I want to see the palace.

I might see the queen.

Then draw/ paint a picture of London. It could be lots of big buildings and the river with boats on it. Then cut out the bus below and glue it onto your picture. Then, please could you write 2 sentences to describe your picture. eg

There are lots of shops.

The boat is big.

Last week in Maths we were learning about doubles. This week we are going to be looking at halves of shapes and halves of numbers. Firstly please could you watch this video about halves of different objects.

Then, I would like you to see if you can find half of different objects too eg: 

Cut a slice of bread in half

Find half a carrot, apple, cake etc

Cut a piece of paper in half

Can you half a glass of milk into 2 glasses?

Remember you need to make sure each half is exactley the same size as the other half? 

I have attached 2 sheets below you can use too.

Can you find half of different numbers to 20? So if you try to find half of 14, count 14 pencils, but make sure you move them when you count them, so you dont make any mistakes. And then share them out into 2 equal groups and then you will have the answer. Theres a sheet below if you need it..

When you're ve done this, can you answer these word problems below? You can ask a grown up to read it to you. 

If you want to do some making, you could get some old cereal boxes and glue or sellotape and see if you can make a double decker bus. You could paint it red afterwards and add some windows and wheels and silver foil for the lights.

Good luck and have a lovely week.

Love from 

Miss Aldred

Wednesday 17th June

Good morning. I hope you are all okay and enjoying learning at home. Did you like the Naughty Bus story or did you think he was a bit too silly? Thank you for all the photos and emails you keep sending me. Here are a few photos for you to look at..

I have attached a photo of the naughty bus below. If you can, could you print it out or you could use your own toy bus or car. Then  I would like you to make a road or route for it, with lots of interesting objects for it to drive past, like a house made out of stones or twigs for trees or a fluffy rabbit toy for a person. You could do it in the garden or in the house! You can make it go round corners, over bridges or under bridges. Then, when you have done this, can you draw your road, then draw and label all the items along the route. So it will look a bit like a map.

Here is your naughty bus picture for you to cut out!

After you ve had a good play with your road and made your map, I want you to do a very brave thing. I want you to ask your grown up to hide your bus ( maybe with a few clues lying around) Then, when you cant find it and you ve given up all hope of seeing it again, you need to make a WANTED poster to put up in your house somewhere. Draw the bus, then write a few short phrases to describe it eg: 

It is big and red.

It has 4 wheels.

Have you seen it? 

You could even offer a reward!

Good luck. I hope you find it.

For Maths this week, please can you learn how to double numbers. So if someone says ' double 4', you know how to find the answer. You can use objects or your fingers, or use a ruler or number line. Remember, you find the 4 on the number line first and then you count 4 jumps (not 4 numbers)

Perhaps you could try to learn them by memory. Test a grown up. Ask them ' Double 5?' Can they tell you the answer really quickly? Then they could test you. That would be really clever if you knew some doubles by heart.

There is a fun Doubles song at

Then, please can you practise adding different numbers using objects or a number line. Could you also practise writing the number sentence too?

Eg 5 + 3 = 8

You could roll a dice or choose a domino to get the 2 numbers you want to add.

I ve attached a doubles worksheet below too, if you want to use that..

Please could you also do a bit of Science this week. With your parent' s help, can you find a selection of objects around the house, that are made from different materials eg wooden peg, metal spoon, paper book, plastic toy etc. Ask your parent to help. Then can you sort them into different groups ie a wood group, a metal group.

What does each material feel and look like? eg:  hard, soft, smooth, shiny. Talk about it with a grown up. Then have some fun and find out which objects float and which objects sink and then sort them into 2 more groups, objects that float and objects that sink. Some of you have done a bit of this at school but we didnt talk alot about what the objects were made from.

Hope that's enough for you to keep busy. Please keep watching the phonics programmes at

They are really useful. Remember you need to be able to write all these sounds from memory, not just recognise them. Good luck and thank you. You are doing a great job at home.

Love from

Miss Aldred

Wednesday 10th June

Hello everybody

It was lovely to see some of you this week. Everyone else I miss you and I hope you are well and doing ok. Please keep sending me photos and emails everyone. I want to know what all of you are doing. It always makes me smile.

For the next few weeks we are going to be looking at the story of the "Naughty Bus" by Jan and Jerry Oke. 

 You can listen to this story at

Or there is a fun, slightley different animated version at

 I hope you enjoyed listening to the "Naughty Bus" story. He was very naughty wasn't he? Now you ve read it, I would you like to write a sentence or two about your favourite part of the story. I really liked it when he drove through the egg, chips and beans!

Then, what I would like you to do is to choose one of your toys. It could be a power ranger, a toy rabbit or even your favourite teddy. Then I want you to take it for an adventure around your house or garden and get it to do naughty things just like the naughty bus did. You better ask your parent what naughty things it is allowed to do first. eg jumping in the kitchen sink, getting muddy outside. Then, when it's been really really bad, write some sentences describing what it did. It could do something really naughty everyday!

eg: It is the bath. It is very silly.

In Maths this week I want you to look at the clock face and identify what numbers you can see, find the the big and little hand and find out what each is for. Ask someone to help you. Then can you make your own clock, paint it or draw it and then put some hands on it, so you can make it say 3 o clock or 8 o clock? There is a good clock face where you can move the hands at

Also BBC bitesize tells you how to tell the time at

I would only learn o' clock and possibly half past times on the analogue clock. Perhaps you could look round your house and see how many digital clocks you can find too.

Can you use a clock to find out how long a minute is? Then can you see how many claps or jumps or hops you can do in a minute? Can you do it again and see if you can beat your record? How many times can you write your name in a minute?

Then, can you find 6/8 small pieces of paper and draw on each piece 6/8 brief pictures of things you do everyday eg:

Brush your teeth

Go to bed

Watch TV

Have your breakfast

Have your dinner.

Get dressed.

Then, when you ve done this, mix them all up and then see if you can put them in the right order, from what you do first in a day to what you last in the day.  Or you can sequence events you did on a particularly nice day eg: your birthday or a walk to the canal etc. Can you talk through these events and make sure you use and understand all these Mathematical words? 

Thank you for doing that. You 're brilliant!

The last thing I would like you to do is to make sure you count accurately. So you could count the teaspoons, your pencils, your socks... Go slowly so you dont make mistakes. You can move them as you count or put them in a line. How high do you think you can count?

I hope that's all ok. Have fun, especially with the naughty toy activity!

Look after yourselfs and your family.

Love from Miss Aldred.

Wednesday 3rd June

 Hi everyone. Hope you enjoyed your half term. I have now started to grow peppers and chillies in my garden, after all my radishes were eaten by the slugs! They had a lovely breakfast one morning. I dont think I am a very good gardener!

Anyway, thank you for all your brilliant photos. It looks like you have been really busy. I hope all the seeds you have planted grow really well. You will have to send me a photo of them looking tall and healthy. I hope you havent got slugs in your garden !

Here are your photos from last week.

Right, we ve finished with caterpillars and butterflies, so we're now going to look at something different. So, the first thing I would like you to do is grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and then you can either go for a walk or look out of your window. Then, I would like you to write a list of every different type of transport you can see eg motorbike, lorry etc. Dont forget to look in the sky-you might see something there too! When you write, just sound out the words and try your best. See how many different types of transport you can see. I wonder who might see the most!

Then, you will need help with this. You need to choose 1 type of transport. Your favourite! It could be your car or your bike or even a picture of a rocket on the internet. If it's your car, get your grown up to show you what all the different parts of the car are for, both inside, outside and maybe even look in the engine. Will they let you pour some water in the windscreen wash? What are these different parts called? Or if it's your bike, can you work out how your bike works.

Write down any new words you have learnt eg clutch, hand brake etc. 

Then I would like you to draw/ paint a picture of it and label it. There's a couple of car labelling pictures below, if you want to use them.

If you want a bit of fun, you could make your own role play bus/ train etc out of chairs, cushions, bricks even. Make some tickets and maybe some road signs and then pick up some passengers and off you go!

This week in Maths, I would like you to check again that you can write your numbers to 10/ 20 from memory. Practise writing them without looking.

Remember the Counting video with Spiderman. You can get your exercise in whilst your counting at

Then, when you ve done that, can you see if you can count backwards from 10/ 20. Watch this video about counting backwards.

Then maybe sing some songs about counting backwards, 10 green bottles, 5 speckled frogs, 5 currant buns. Or make a rocket and use it to count backwards....10987654321 Blast Off!

 I also would like you to look round your house for some 2D shapes( square, circle, triangle etc) Then sort them into shape piles. Then put one in a freely bag ( any bag) and describe it to someone else to see if they can guess the correct shape. These are good words to use..curved, straight, sides, corners.

Then do exactley the same with 3D shapes( cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere). Can you find them round your house?

There are some good videos on BBC bitesize on shapes and their properties. So watch these.

Maybe you could make a car or a train out of some 2D shapes like in the pictures below, or build some transport with the 3D shapes.

Anyway, that's all for now. Remember to keep up with your reading and the phonics.

Thanks everyone.

Miss Aldred x

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning everybody. Thank you again for all your super photos. Looking at some of you, it looks like you've really grown! I know some of you have had birthdays, but you all look so grown up! Anyway have a look at some of these pictures you sent me.

Mrs Harding would like to say "Hello" to all of you. She has missed you all and is looking forward to seeing you all soon. She thinks all your photos are lovely. Here she is, with her Buddy Beagle.

The first thing I would like you to do this week, is to watch these 2 videos, which tells you about how to look after plants.

Then, when you ve done this, please could you write some short sentences about what a plant needs to grow well. eg:

Put it in some soil.

It needs the sun.  etc

Remember to go slowly, write down the sounds you can hear in each word. If you cant hear any more sounds, leave a space and go on to the next word. Just try your best and again dont worry about making mistakes!

Then, when you ve done this, watch these 2 videos at,

which tells you all about the lifecycle of a plant. Then, please could you draw/paint the lifecycle of a plant, a bit like the one below, but label it. Thanks.

You could go for a walk and see if you can find different flowers and trees and see if you know their name, or get your parent to help you identify them.

On your walk, could you collect some different types of natural materials such as pebbles, twigs, leaves etc and then, when you come home, can you create your own natural picture, like this fantastic one below, that Orlagh has done.

Or here are some more ideas...

In Maths this week, I would like you to create some repeating patterns. You could use anything to do this eg: make a line of objects that goes pebble leaf pebble leaf or print with different colours, or make a fruit or vegetable kebab with repeating fruit. Try to make it a more complicated pattern eg red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green. Dont forget! Banana Banana Meatball is a song all about patterns too and you can do a bit of exercise whilst your singing it....

Another Maths topic I would like you to explore this week is Capacity. Please could you ask your parent to fill up a bowl of water and give you a selection of different sized containers. Then can you fill up the containers and use the following words...full, half full, empty, to describe them. Please can you ask your grown up to ask you lots of questions using the following important mathematical words (eg Can you fill this cup just over half full?)


        compare        enough        not enough       measure        too much        too little     

       just over        just under        about the same as       full         empty        half full


Please spend time playing in the water and exploring the containers as you're learning as you go!

Then, why not add different things to the water eg plastic animals and a rock, playmobile people and a boat, dolls, cups and saucers and just spend time using your imagination to make up stories and adventures and having fun! ( Sorry Parents)

Parents- perhaps you could talk to your children about how you measure liquids using a jug and show them the scale on the side, showing the litre and millilitre marks? Can they find various liquid containers around the house eg shampoo bottles, orange squash cartons and see if they can spot the ml or l sign, showing how much actual liquid is in it?

I hope that's ok. Make sure you keep watching the daily phonics programme and playing the phonics games, and try to read everyday even if it's just for 5 minutes.

And hopefully, maybe I will see you all soon.

Love from Miss Aldred



Wednesday 13th May

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you are still enjoying spending all this time at home. My cats, Poppy and Magoo are loving me being at home. They like going in, out, in, out all day long! One of my cats is really naughty! He is very greedy and keeps pinching the other cat's food, so I am always telling him off! And he keeps disappearing when he goes outside. So I bought a Cat Tracker on the internet and put it on his collar and now if I look at my phone, it tells me exactly where he is. And if I press a button on my phone, his collar rings a tune. And then he starts looking around to see where the music is coming from. He is so silly!

Here are my cats. Can you guess which is the naughty one?

Anyway, have a look at these fabulous photos showing some of the fantastic things you've been doing!

This week, as part of our topic on Lifecycles, the first thing I would like you to do, is to tell your grown up what all the different parts of a plant are called ( ie stem, root, petal, seed, leaf)

Then watch

Or if you're not online, ask your parent to take you for a walk and see how many different kinds of petals, roots etc, you can find -maybe see if you can find 5 different flowers, 5 different shaped leaves etc.

Then, have a go at painting, drawing or collaging a picture of a flower, with all the different parts and then labelling it, like in the pictures below.

Then, maybe if it's possible, you could have a go at planting your own seeds (sunflowers and beans grow quite quickly). I know some of you have done this already. Or maybe plant a seed you have in your kitchen, like an apple pip or a melon seed just to see what happens!

If you enjoyed the story of the Hungry Caterpilla, why not listen to the story of The Very Busy Spider by the same author, Eric Carle at

Then, when you ' ve done this, go to  

where there are 5 days of fun Reception Maths activities related to spiders. 

Can I say thank you to those of you who sent me a lovely picture of the shop you made 2 weeks ago. Jake's shop looked wonderful!. Now, this week, I would really like you to make your very own cafe! I would like you to make a shop sign, an open and closed sign and a menu with items for sale up to 10p or 20p. I know you have practised recognising the different coins., but this time I would like you to practise adding up by choosing 2 items and adding them together and then finding the correct coins. I reccommend you having only 2p and 1p coins in your cafe to start with.

There is a fun Toy Shop Money game at Set the game to 'Use only One Coin" and select 'Use only 1p or 2p coins up to 10p/ 20p'

Why not have real food in your cafe? One grape could cost 3p! 

If it's possible, (and you could use this in your cafe too!) please can you make yourself a  sandwich. Tell your grown up all the things you will need before you start and show them the importance of holding a knife correctly.

Then, when you have done this, please could you write some simple instructions for how to make a sandwich eg:

  1. Get some bread.
  2. Put butter on it.

There is a sheet below with pictures for making a cheese sandwich you could use if it helps, or you could draw each stage.

Goodness! I feel like I have given you loads to do. But you dont have to it all. Just pick and choose the best bits. I mean you could make a Toy Shop instead of a Cafe. It doesnt matter, just as long as you write a price list and practise adding up with your coins.

Anyway, thanks again for all the photos you keep sending. They remind me what a lovely class I am missing! But as long as we keep getting this warm weather, we can go outside and enjoy the sun! 

I hope to see you all soon.

Love from Miss Aldred

Wednesday 6th May

Hi Everybody

I' m missing all your happy faces but hope you are all well and keeping safe in your homes. Thanks again for all the fabulous photos of you and what you ve been doing. It's been both rainy and sunny this week, so has anyone seen a rainbow? I havent yet...just lots of rainbows in people's windows!

I would really like to welcome a new girl to our class called Pippa, who will be joining us all when we start back. She has already started to do some fabulous Hunry Caterpillar activities. I have told her you are a lovely class and she is really looking forward to meeting you all.


I hope you enjoyed the story of the Hungry Caterpillar last week. Thank you very much to Luther for sending me a video of him retelling the story. He was fab!

Now, if you enjoyed the story, I really reccomend going to this link, if you can.. 

It is brilliant. It has 5 days of Hungry Caterpillar Maths focusing on shapes, adding problems, doubles, halves, sharing and much more. You dont need the Hungry Caterpillar book either to do the activities.

I also would really like it if you could write your own caterpillar story. You could base it on the Hungry Caterpillar book and change the food he eats eg:

On Monday he has ice cream...

On Tuesday he has a Macdonalds..

You could write a little bit each day, so that by the end of the week you have your very own lovely caterpillar story and you will have done lots of brilliant writing. You dont have to spell the longer words correctly. Just use your sounds and try your best. Remember you are allowed to make mistakes! When you have finished it, maybe you could ring someone and retell your story to them.

If you like learning about butterflies,  have a look at the link below, which tells you all about them.

Then, maybe you could go outside and look for some butterflies or maybe take a magnifying glass (if you have one) and look for some caterpillars or other interesting mini beasts.

Look at the picture below..

The line through the middle is the line of symmetry, a bit like when you look in a mirror. What is on one side is reflected exactly on the other side. Watch the below video, which explains it even better.

Then see if you can draw, paint or make your own symmetrical butterfly. Remember to make sure they are the same on both sides. Or you could make a symmetrical cake or pizza like the one below.

Can you find examples of symmetry around the house, on the walls or in the garden, like in the pictures below..

Parents-I also reccomend that your child watches some new phonics lessons, which actually began last week (27th April) at

There is a new phonics lesson each day starting at 10am, but you can still watch any that you might have missed on the site. When you click on the site, go to the Reception page, which has all the sounds your child should know by the end of the year. If your child is currently sounding out cvc words like hat, pet etc, then click on the ' Learning to Blend' link too. Keep an eye on these programmes as they look like they are progressively getting trickier, so you might want to come back to them! 


I hope that gives you lots of ideas for what you can do at home. I know lots of you are doing other things too, which is brilliant. Make sure you go for a walk each day with your grown up, maybe looking for different things each time, like how many lorries go past, how many dogs there see, what words you see and why it is there, or whatever fun things you can think of. 

Have a lovely week and I look forward to finding out what you ve been doing!

Miss Aldred

Wednesday 29th April

Hello Everyone

Hope you are all ok and have been enjoying the lovely sunshine. I ve been out in my garden tidying it up and I ve now planted tomatoes, French beans and radishes. I ve never grown radishes before so I m not sure what will happen!

Thank you so much for all your lovely photos showing me all the fantastic things you have been up to.  I really enjoyed seeing your happy faces.


If we were at school this week we were going to look at the story of the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. You can find this at

or if you're not online, see if you can find out what happens to caterpillars when they get bigger! Then, can you draw or paint and label the lifecycle of a Caterpillar and then retell this life story to someone else. Make sure you use the correct words, (eg chrysalis, egg) when you describe what happens!

There is also a fun Caterpillar to Butterfly time lapse video you could watch at,

Afterwards, maybe you could make your own caterpillar, using egg boxes or string and cheerios, leaves and stones or how about cucumber and pepper like in the picture below?


n the story of the Hungry Caterpillar, the caterpillar ate lots of different things. Do they really eat chocolate cake? Can you find out what caterpillars eat? What do you like to eat? Do you eat healthily?

Maybe get someone to find lots of different items of food from the kitchen cupboard? Can you sort them into healthy and unhealthy food? Do you know why they are good or bad for you? Can you eat your 5 fruit or vegetables a day? Maybe write a diary each day listing all the fruit and vegetables you eat? Remember to sound out each word. 

Using toy food or old packaging, set up a food shop to act out being the shop keeper/ customer. Get an adult to help you recognise all the different coins and use them in your shop. Dont forget to put prices on everything! Maybe have a note pad to use as a shopping list or even help your mum write her shopping list!

Linking back to the story, do you know what day of the week it is, what it was yesterday, is tomorrow? Can you learn them in order? What month is it? What is the weather like in each season? Go for a walk and look for signs of Spring. Maybe list all the things you see!

I hope this gives you lots of ideas for things you can do. Remember to carry on reading as much as you can, and practise your Phase 3 sounds using Phonics Bloom or Phonics Play, using the links below. Just so you know which sounds these are, I ve added them below.

Please keep sending me photos of all the fabulous things you have been doing. I really do enjoy looking at them.

Bye for now. Keep safe.

Miss Aldred

Wednesday 22nd April

Hi Everybody

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter and eaten lots of delicious, chocolate eggs. I certainly did- I like the little ones the best because you get more!

Anyway, I was thinking about some work you could do at home. I know you all really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and you were really clever at remembering words like 'paleontology', 'carnivore' and 'herbivore'. Maybe you could choose your favourite dinosaur and if you can, you could look on the internet or in a book (or ask people) to find out what it likes to eat, where it lives and what it looks like. Then you could either draw or paint it or make a model of it ( and even a cave for it to live in if you want!)

Please could you have a go at writing some sentences to describe your dinosaur, eg: "It has a long tail. It has sharp teeth." Try to remember your finger spaces and use your sounds to write words you don't know. Have a go and please don't worry about making mistakes. 

In Maths I thought you could get someone to hide the numbers from 1 to 20 around the house or in the garden, for you to find. They could hide it in à bowl of cornflakes, jelly or in the soil outside! Then, can you order these numbers from smallest to largest? Can you write them without looking? Maybe go for a walk and see how many different numbers you can find eg: on road signs, house numbers, buses etc. 

Can you practise counting? eg: How many red cars go past, How many teaspoons are in the cutlery drawer. Can you count backwards from 10/ 20? This can be done through playing Hide and Seek, singing songs (eg: 10 green bottles), chanting or through playing board games.

I know alot of you are doing really fun things like planting seeds and cooking and spending lots of lovely time with your family. Thank you ever so much for the photos and work some of you have sent me. It is really nice to see what you are doing. I miss you all and hope we'll be back at school soon.

Parents-You can also sign up free to Twinkl which has with lots of good ideas and practical activities for you to do with your children. You will have to use your own email and the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS to login at

There is also a good site... 

which has lots of good ideas for how you can teach the different areas of Maths in the Reception year, which you can pick and choose activities as you wish.

Again, any questions or worries, please feel free to contact me using the below email address and I ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you.

Sue Aldred


Miss Aldred's email address is please contact her if you have any questions about your child's learning. She will reply as soon as she can during school hours in term time. 


Hi Everyone

Hope you are all keeping busy and not getting too bored. I'm in the garden a lot at the moment and mowed my grass for the first time this Spring. My garden is so small it only takes me 5 minutes!

Please let me know what you've been up to. I would really like to know.

In the last week of school a lot of you kept saying you hadn't done the Cup Cake activity. Well you can do it at home! Go to . There is also a fun kitchen game at Good luck with it. 

Maybe you could also ice and decorate a real cup cake or biscuit. I had planned to do that with you this week anyway. So you can nag your mummies!

This week we were going to practise measuring the length of different objects using non-standard measures. At school we use small cubes to measure with, but you could use Lego, grapes, pasta shapes or anything else as long as you try to measure accurately. So I have attached a Red measuring sheet to start with for you to complete if you want to. You can then try the trickier Yellow or Green measuring sheets which wants you to use a ruler. You don't need to print the sheets if you don't want to or don't have a printer - just use the ideas and record on any piece of paper. Make sure you start at the zero when you measure, so its accurate. Have a go! You can measure whatever you want to-a toy, a carrot, your cup cake, your big toe! Have fun!

Parents-you may also find this link useful, as children in Reception should be strengthening their knowledge and understanding of numbers up to 20.

Just to say-if you have any questions or queries or your children want to ask or tell me something, please don't hesitate to email me and I will reply as soon as possible.


Miss Aldred [Sue]


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Teach Your Monster to Read app is brilliant and currently free.


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