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Many of our children already use Nessy to practise their reading and spelling. It's a web based series of lessons, videos, games and activities which we pay for. Up until 27th May we have been allowed to add all our children in to our package for no extra cost. If you'd like Mrs Eeley to set your child up to use the website please email her ( with your child's name. She will get back to you as soon as she can with login details and instructions on what to do.


The children who already use Nessy at school enjoy using it and can all manage to use it independently. So once you've helped your child log in for the first time they will be able to use it themselves. It covers all ages and abilities right from learning single sounds and letters in Reception to more complicated spelling patterns for Year 5 and 6 and will be great at also giving children a chance to practise areas of spelling and reading they find hard.


Full instructions will be sent by Mrs Eeley once she has set you up, or you can email her to find out more before you decide if you want to use it.


If your child already uses Nessy at school then they are all set up and can continue to use it at home without you needing to get in touch. The Cashes Green secret word is 'smilingfolk' - this will make sense when you have a look, your children will probably be able to show you! Just get in touch with Mrs Eeley if you need a hand.

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