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A Special Message for all the classes Mrs Folley teaches

Wednesday 20th May 


Hi Team Cashes,


How are you all doing?


As you may know it is Mental Health Awareness Week this week and there are lots of activities on the Sports and Wellbeing

page for you to have a go at. This made me think i'd love to hear how you are looking after your families whilst in lock down.

So my challenge for this week is to do something kind for someone. Can you pay them a compliment, make them something

or help them with a task? I'm sure this will make one of your lucky family members feel really happy and special. 


Don't forget to let me know how you get on!


Be kind and look after each other,


Mrs Folley 


Wednesday 13th May

Hello Cashes,


I hope you are all happy, healthy and being good!


Did you and your families watch Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister on Sunday? In my house, we all sat

down together to watch and hear what is happening next. 


Do any of you fancy being a Prime Minister when you grow up? Do you know what the PM's job involves?

You could do some research to find out. I'm very interested to hear what laws you would bring into

effect if you became the Prime Minister! This is your challenge this week, feel free to dress up as a

PM too and send me a pic!


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Mrs Folley





Wednesday 6th May

Hello everyone,


I hope you've had a good week. Thank you for all of your emails, its great to see what you've all been up to. The dens/bases/forts were very creative and how exciting that some of you have been sleeping in them too.


Mrs Dawson's TikTok challenge this week was fantastic and I'm sure there are lots of great dancers at our school. So, your challenge this week is to copy a dance you've seen or make up your own dance routine to your favourite song! 


I cant wait to see your videos!


Keep moving and smiling,


Mrs Folley


Wednesday 29th April

Hi all,
I hope you are all happy and healthy.
Thank you for your emails last week. I really enjoyed reading about your pets and looking at your drawings and photos. I wonder if our pets are enjoying having us home with them or whether they would like a bit of peace?
As you know, I have two boys Leo and Jude. They have had great fun making dens and bases! The boys made one with cushions and blankets, a boat with cardboard and we've even pitched the tent in the garden.
Your challenge this week is to make a den or base where you can read your favourite book! I can't wait to see your creations!
Hope to see you soon.
Mrs Folley
Wednesday 22nd April
Hello everybody,
I hope you've had a lovely two weeks, enjoyed the sunshine and have eaten lots of chocolate
(I did- ssssh)! My family and I had an Easter egg hunt in the garden, it was great fun until my dog tried to eat one of the eggs but we stopped her just in time, thank goodness! This is my cheeky pet, Maggie. She is a Sausage dog.
Do any of you have pets or animals in the family? Louis, in Year 1 has a new pet fish, he sent me a picture of her. I would love to hear all about your pets, perhaps you could send me a photo or a drawing or even a story? If you don't have a pet, I'd love to hear about your favourite animal.
Stay safe and keep smiling!
Mrs Folley

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