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Home Learning - 1st June onwards


First of all we would all like to say a massive thank you to everyone for their continued efforts in supporting their children with home learning during school closure. We have really enjoyed keeping in touch via the website and loved seeing all of the activities that children have been completing. We felt it very important to make sure children had enough to keep their brains active and practise their basic skills whilst supporting families during a very tricky time by not adding the pressure of deadlines. We know that family life and home learning will have looked very different in every household as everyone faced the new challenges that lockdown brought and we know that you'll all have done your best. It doesn't matter how much you have completed so please don't worry.


We have welcomed back children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 and hope to be allowed to open up to more year groups before the end of term.  Children with two key worker parents will continue to be in school as required. 


Clearly, this means that class teachers are back in school, looking after and teaching groups of children, every day of the week and no longer mostly working from home. This means that we need to make some changes to how the website will be used to support children when they are learning at home - whether they're in year groups who have returned part-time or in year groups not yet back at all. We also know there will be some children who will continue to remain at home until the summer holidays and we want to support them too.


As you know, our children are always at the heart of every decision we make, but we also take staff wellbeing very seriously too. Therefore, to keep workload manageable and to ensure teachers are able to make the time at school, for those children who are in, safe and happy we will have a new system starting Tuesday 2nd June.


  • subject pages will be frozen and no longer updated, the content will remain for those still wanting to complete activities you haven't yet had a chance to do    
  • each class will access their home learning from just their class page    
  • for classes who have returned part-time the home learning will follow on from that week's days in school and will include maths/writing/reading/topic tasks linked to the term's text - we understand that completing everything might not be possible every week and the following week's work in school won't rely on everything having been done    
  • for classes not yet back at school, learning for each class will become more formal with clear reading/writing/maths/topic tasks, all linked to a text for the term - we understand that completing it all might not be possible but ask that you try to do some from each subject area in preparation for when children return to lessons in school  
  • all children will receive a login for Nessy and TTRS/NumBots and this will form part of the suggested home learning for all children, we will also be drawing upon the BBC Bitesize website and other online resources    
  • teachers will still be available by email, however they won't be able to respond immediately as they will be with groups of children throughout the school day    
  • we will still enjoy seeing photos of work that your child has completed via email and whilst we will respond to give praise and give positive comments, we will no longer be able to display everything sent to us on class pages    
  • instead, Celebration Assembly will be in the form of a page of this website where every Wednesday afternoon, a few children from each class will be awarded merit stickers and star learner awards for their work through the week - either in school or at home (stickers and certificates will be awarded virtually for the time being) this will include the TTRS Big Reveal! The first Celebration Assembly for this term will be Wednesday 10th June.



If you have any questions about what your child should be doing for home learning, please contact your child's class teacher or Mrs Eeley.


Many thanks for your continued support; we are really excited to see those we can soon.



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