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Hello again. 

The bake off prizes have arrived and I will be delivering them to Kayla and Louis tomorrow. 

Louis has been busy again this week making a secret garden. Bonnie has been super busy too, she has made a secret garden and she has made a beautiful bowl with clay, it is fantastic. Looks like Year 1 are a very creative bunch- I can't wait to have you as my class next year. 

McKenzie and Gabriella had a go at both of the designing challenges, great work! Your toilets sound far more comfortable and interesting than the boring white one most of us have in our homes! They have also made a cake to celebrate some family birthdays this week- lovely 

My little girl really loves building a den in our front room at the moment. She uses our clothes airer, pegs, cushions and usually the sofa to build herself a cosy den, then she hides in there when I want her to do some jobs! Den building is so much fun and can be done inside and outside. Have a go at building yourself a nice, cosy den this week- don't forget to send me pictures! Here are some ideas to help you:

We have been busy doing lots of baking. Cakes should be just a small part of our diet. I know that all of you learn about a healthy, balanced diet in school. Design a poster that shows a healthy, balanced diet. Good healthy food will also help our brains and bodies to feel good, as it is mental health week this week I thought this would be a good activity! Here are some examples to help you. 

One more idea... Design and make your own board game and then have lots of fun playing it with your family. 

You can find lots of different templates online, it is best for you to choose as you will know what you want your game to look like. 

Here are some ideas for you:

I am not going to set a challenge as such this week. I would like you to choose from one of the activities above and send me some pictures. 

Stay safe. 

Miss Bliss. 

This weeks entries for the bake off... 

Louis has had another go this week and has made some rainbow cakes, they look delicious, I love rainbow drops!

Kayla has been very busy this week, she has made some coffee and walnut cakes with beautiful piping work- well done. And a cherry madeira loaf. 

Bonnie helped her mummy make a Victoria sponge for VE day- delicious. 

Alfie I has made these very tasty looking blueberry muffins, they look good enough to eat Alfie. 

Riley in Year One has made this very colourful marble cake, I love the colours Riley. 

Naomi has made these beautiful cupcakes, very pretty! 

Florence has made this very colourful, very beautiful cake. 

I have been so impressed with all of your efforts in the bake off competition, all of the entries have been so fantastic it has been far too difficult for me to choose a winner so Mr Atkinson has judged for me (as he loves to cook and bake).

I will be emailing each of you a certificate. 

The winners are: 


Key Stage One: Louis for his wonderful chocolate cake with Cashes Green on it. 


Key Stage Two: Kayla for her coffee and walnut cakes, very impressive piping Kayla. Mr Atkinson also liked the look of your kit kat/ chocolate finger cake too. 


Well done to our winners and I hope you all had fun baking and eating your bakes! 

I will be ordering the prizes today so watch this space. The post is a little slower than usual at the moment. Once they have arrived we will deliver the prizes to you. 


Some of you have been super busy making lots of wonderful things this week.

Bonnie has made a fantastic paper mache hot air balloon, I absolutely love it. 

Kayla has made a beautiful picture and upholstered a stool for her mum's salon, very glamorous, it is wonderful Kayla. 

Some new ideas for your this week.

Do you have an old show box lying around the house? You could turn in to a little house or a secret garden. Just like these ones. 

As we have just had VE day I thought you could all have a go at designing a teapot. The British people do love a good cup of tea! 

Get a sheet to print off here.

Activity of the week. 

This week I thought I would upload something that might make you chuckle a little bit. Do you think our toilets are a little bit boring? In India they have a museum dedicated just to toilets! Have a go at designing your own toilet. 

Please send them to me, I know it will make me laugh! 

Happy designing. 

Get the sheet to print off here.

Wow! I have had lots of pictures of you guys enjoying our DT challenges this week, your grown ups have told me you have had lots of fun making things, especially the marble runs, great work guys. I love seeing your pictures and I know the other children will enjoy looking at them too. 

First up I thought I would show you the cook/ bake off competition entries so far. I am so, so impressed with all of the entries so far, great work guys! Did you see the staff efforts on facebook? Mine was the rainbow cake. 

Effie has made some very delicious looking blueberry and chocolate soft baked biscuits. I am definitely going to have a go at baking these! 

The Squibb family have been super busy, working together to make three fabulous treats. Lexi and Ruby worked together to make the wonderful rainbow cake. Jack made the chocolate one and Ellie made the rice crispy cakes. Mum tells me they all helped each other. Fantastic team work guys! 

Kayla has made a cake that looks so, so tasty. It has chocolate fingers and KitKat on the top. Yum yum! 

Louis has made this amazing cake with Cashes Green iced on! What a great idea Louis! He has also made some amazing VE day themed cupcakes with his little sister Anna. They all look delicious.

Rhys M has made a lemon drizzle cake, I bet it smells and tastes so good! Great baking. 

Kai has made some kinder bueno cookie bars, another recipe I will have to have a go at. Yum! 

Hayden has made some very delicious looking biscuits. I love a biscuit with my cup of tea. 

Dede and Dory have been working together to bake bread, warm bread is the best! They have also made some inviting chocolate crispy cakes. 

Freddie N has made this amazing chocolate cake, covered in lots and lots of tasty treats!

Three very delicious bakes from Logan and Blake. I am absolutely loving the family efforts from everyone, excellent! 

Team work makes the dream work. 

Look at this amazing chocolaty, sparkly cake from Millie C. I love a sparkle. 

The closing date for entries to the competition is Tuesday 12th May and the winners will be announced on this page on the Wednesday 13th May. So you still have lots of time to enter the competition! It is going to be impossible to choose! This will continue to be my challenge for you guys for the next week. Do not forget to email me your entries-

Lots of you have had a go at the marble run this week. Jake, Gabriella and McKenzie have had lots of fun making one this week. 

If you are not able to cook or bake at home or just do not fancy it, here are a few more ideas of things you could be doing this week.

There are so many different types of cardboard and packaging in and around our houses that we can transform in to something spectacular! How about making a castle, or a catapult or a knight's armour?

We aren't allowed to go shoe shopping at the moment so I thought you could have a go at designing or even making your own. 

Have a lovely week! Keep sending me pictures of your wonderful work. Stay safe. 

Hello everyone. 

I hope you have had lots of fun having a go at some of the ideas from last week. I hope lots of you had a go at making a marble run or roller coaster, if you did please send me a video or a picture just like Dory and Dede did! Check out their marble run- Fantastic work girls! 


I am going to give you a link for a website this week that has ten fantastic ideas for making things from windmills to caterpillars. Please have a go at one or two, if you haven't done so yet have a go at making a marble run. Don't forget to send me pictures or videos of your makes.

Challenge time. 

Lots of you are spending some time baking or helping your grown ups cook in the kitchen. 

Food technology is an important part of the DT curriculum and an essential life skill so this week I would like to have a:


Please send me pictures (bonus points for recipes and written instructions) of anything you bake or help to cook this week. 

I will choose a winner from each Key Stage who will receive a prize from me in the post. 

Here are some pictures of the things Olivia and I have had a go at baking, she also helps me make her lunch and dinner.

Have fun and good luck!  

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and found some time to do some making. Making things is so much fun! We have had the lego and play doh out a lot in my house over the last few weeks. 

I have some more activity ideas and a new challenge for you. Don't forget to send me pictures of your completed designing challenge from before Easter. I am looking forward to making a gallery of all of your designs on here!

Ideas for this week: 

Why not have a go at making a boat? You can use almost any materials from around the house and experiment with them to see if they float or sink. Think about if they are light or heavy. I have attached some pictures of a few to give you some ideas. 

How about making a bridge? Again, you can use many different things from around the house, newspaper, card, chocolate, marshmallows, anything really. There are some instructions and some questions to think about in the images below. 

Challenge time.

EYFS and Key Stage One.

This week I would like you to have a go at making a marble run in a cereal box.

There is a set of instructions and some pictures for ideas just below. 

Key Stage Two.

I would like you to make a marble roller coaster. 

If you want to make it a little more challenging I have put a challenge card below. 

I have also put in some pictures to give you some ideas. 

I look forward to seeing pictures of all of your creations! 

Hello everyone.

Design and Technology is the perfect subject for all of our budding engineers to design and create new things. 

I have come up with a few ideas of things you can make easily with materials you may already have at home. 

Have fun. 

Junk modelling is a fantastic way to recycle many things you would usually throw away. 

A toilet roll insert or a cereal box can be transformed in to many things. 

Why not have a go at making something whilst helping out the environment through recycling. 

Socks are not just for keeping your feet warm. Socks can be made in to some fantastic puppets.

A sock could be the Easter bunny or a funny looking puppet, you could have hours of fun putting on a puppet show using your old socks. 

Lego, K'nex and Duplo are fantastic tools for Design and Technology. 

You could design a new theme park and create it with K'nex or make a bug hotel using Lego. 

Construction kits and materials such as these are great ways of exploring design and engineering. 

Activity of the week. 

DT isn't just about making things, so this week I would like to concentrate on designing. 

EYFS- Design a new Easter Egg- yum! 

Key Stage One- Design some new packaging for your favourite Easter Egg, make sure it is bright and colourful to attract people and persuade them to buy it.

Key Stage Two- I challenge you guys to design a moving vehicle that can transport a hard boiled egg without dropping it and breaking it. 

I would love to see all of your designs, you can find my Email address over on the Year Two page.

Have fun.  

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