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Hello again everyone. 

I am really loving hearing about how much you are all enjoying the art activities, it really brightens my day and makes me smile! Hattie has had a go at the pop art- it looks great Hattie. Alfie and Beatrice have done some wonderful tape art outside with chalks and Logan and Blake have had a go at making a family hand print picture. Bonnie has been super busy having a go at lots of different art activities- your art work is amazing Bonnie. Dede and Dory have been enjoying more Art this week, they have made some beautiful butterflies and some delicious looking lollies with lollipop sticks! Finally Hayden, Annabelle and their Mummy have all had a go at Picasso this week and they have drawn their own self portraits- fantastic! Well done everybody.

The outside world is full of lots of beautiful colours at the minute as Spring slowly turns to Summer. I absolutely love these nature trees. Go on a nature walk find as any different colours in nature as you can- especially leaves that have already fallen and turn them in to a colourful nature tree. 

Do you have any old magazines or newspapers hanging around? Turn them in to an animal. I love this idea. Simple but effective! 

Artist of the week.

Our artist of the week this is week is Wasilly Kandinski. He is well known for his piece called 'circles'. He liked to experiment with many bright colours and different shapes.

To find out more about him visit this site:

Here are some of his famous pictures:

Here are some that other children have done. 

Art challenge this week:

EYFS and Key Stage One: 

Can you re-create Kandinsky's circles? How many circles can you do? How many different colours can you use? 

Key Stage Two:

Can you create a picture using just shapes, it doesn't have to be of something, it could just be a lot of different, colourful shapes like Kandinsky's art work. 


Hello again. 

Thank you to everyone that has sent me pictures, they are in the gallery above. Dory and Dede had a go at making a hand print keepsake- wonderful, Annabelle made a wonderful collage of the world and Bonnie has made a fantastic Union Jack flag. Jake and his family have made a wonderful picture with all of their hand prints to keep forever, it is truly lovely. Gabriella and McKenzie have made fantastic collages. Blake and Logan have had a go at the pop art. You guys are blowing me away this week. Your efforts are amazing! 

I hope you have all been keeping busy and safe. 

I have a few ideas for you this week. 

The first one looks so good when it is finished, you can hang it on your wall! 

I am calling it 'tape art'. You place some tape on a canvas or a pavement in straight or diagonal lines and then colour in around the tape. Once you have finished pull off the tape and marvel at the results. 

I know not many of us will have canvasses in our houses but it really looks fab on the pavement with chalk too. 

Dory, Dede and their mum and dad read my mind this week and have done some 'tape art' with their names. I absolutely love it. You guys could do your names too. 

The next idea is inspired by ice lollies! There are so many things you can do with lolly sticks, you can buy them in the pound shop these days if your grown up is out buying essentials perhaps they can source some lollipop sticks. Here are some ideas of what you can do with them. 

Artist of the week. 

My artist of the week this week is Pablo Picasso, he is very well known for 'cubism'. Can you find out what that means? I have uploaded a power point about him, so you can find out more. 

The challenge for all year groups this week is to have a go at a self portrait in the style of Picasso. I have put some portraits below to give you some ideas. Please send them to me once you have completed them and have fun, this one is really good fun. 



Hello my fellow artists. I hope you have all enjoyed some creativity and art this week. I find doing some colouring, drawing or painting really helps me to relax and be calm. When things are different and a little bit tricky like they are at the moment, it really helps to get creative and engrossed in art work. 

Don't forget to check out my weekly activity at the the bottom of this post, it is a special one this week. 

Lots of you have been very busy over the last few weeks having a go at lots of the ideas on this web page, thank you for sending my pictures, I love seeing your work. 

Dory and Dede have been doing lots of art, here are some pictures of all of their amazing work! 

Kai has been busy doing lots of art too, including the pop art challenge set last week. Loving your work Kai. 

Naomi has had a go at her very own version of Van Gogh's sunflowers. I think it is beautiful Naomi, well done. 

Hayden, Annabelle and even their mummy Jo had a go at the pop art challenge this week, They all look amazing! Can you guess who did each one? I love it when the whole family work together :) 

Bonnie has been doing lots of wonderful Art and DT at home, she has had a go at the pop art and done some lovely painting, fantastic Bonnie!

A new idea for this week: 

Creating collages are so much fun, they can take some time to do so this could be a project for you to pick up when you need a little relaxation. Here are some ideas of collages you could have a go at. 

Collage leads me to the artist of the week. 

Henri Matisse.


Henri Matisse was well known for painting at the beginning of his career, towards the end of his career he switched to doing collages- there is a reason for this. Can you find out why?

Here are some of his paintings and collages:

Weekly activity. 

As you all know at the moment we are all history makers, in years to come children will learn about the time schools closed, restaurants closed and everyone had to stay in their houses to be safe. This will be an important piece of history just like 'The great fire of London' or 'The Plague' or 'The Titanic'. 

I would like you and your family to create something you can keep forever to remind you of these times and maybe even show your own children. In my house we have made a salt dough mould of our hands. This week we are going to make a hand print picture and frame it. There are some ideas below. 

Have fun making history  together. 



Hello everyone,


I hope you have been having a go at lots of Art over the last week. Don't forget to send us pictures of your work, we love to see them.


Nola in Year Four sent us in this fantastic Van Gogh picture she has created. She followed a webinar on zoom ran by a lady called Anastasia Belus. The  Art Enthusiast London. Find Anastasia Belus on face book, her next session is on Frida Kahlo and Guigan.

I have some more Art ideas for you this week. If you guys have done any fabulous Art at home or have some great ideas, please email them to me and I can share them on this page.


In school on Thursday we had a go at fork painting, you might have seen our rainbow on Thursday on facebook. 

Fork painting is so much fun! Have a go. 

Origami is always good fun and all you need is a piece of a paper.

Here is a link to make an origami jumping frog:

Or youtube have loads of different orgami videos, happy folding! 

My artist for the week is Andy Warhol, he is famous for pop art, it is full of colour and such fun! 

Activity of the week.

EYFS and Key Stage One:

Draw around your hand 4 times, cut them out, stick them on to a piece of paper and colour them in the brightest colours you can find. make sure each hand and each background is a different colour. Just like this one:

Key Stage Two.

Have a go at drawing your face four times or an object from around your house and colour it in different bright colours. You could even have a go at printing the same image four times on a computer using different colours each time. 

Use these examples to help you:

Remember to email me your wonderful Art to me! Have a good week! 




Hi guys,


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed having a go at some of the activities I suggested. 

If you did complete the activity of the week (or any other fantastic artwork you would like to share), don't forget to email it to me, I would love to see it. It is not too late.


I have some new, fun activity ideas for all of you budding artists, I know we have quite a few of you at Cashes! 

Sticking with the idea of using things around the house, I had a go at this activity with my little girl, it is great for any age and if you want to you could get really creative. 

All you need is a milk bottle and some paper, any paper, old wrapping paper would make an interesting elephant. 

My next idea is inspired by the lovely weather we have been having.

Shadow drawing, you can choose absolutely anything to create a shadow with and draw around. Juniors you could use the shadow as a starting point and create an amazing picture/ scene around it. 

My artist for the week is Vincent Van Gogh.

I have really enjoyed my daily walk in the sunshine, noticing the signs of Spring. Lots of things have reminded me of his famous painting 'sunflowers'.

If you want to find out some more about Van Gogh and explore some of his other very famous paintings then check out these websites:


Activity of the week. 

EYFS and Infants have a go at drawing and painting Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers. Once you have done that go outside and see if you can find a tree or a beautiful flower to have a go at drawing. 

Key Stage Two. 

Do a little research on Van Gogh, create a fact sheet about him. When was he born? When did he first start drawing and painting? What famous pictures has he created? Anything that you think is interesting about him. 

Once you have completed the fact sheet, go outside and have a go at drawing some flowers or a landscape yourself. 

Don't forget to send me your pictures and fact files, I would love to be able to add some to a gallery on here for everyone to see!

Happy drawing! 

Hi everyone,


Miss Bliss here. I am in charge of Art here at Cashes Green Primary. 

Now is the perfect time to be having a go at Art and creating lots of new things.

Art can be very relaxing and is the perfect way to switch off from screens and get creative. 


I have included some fun Art ideas and will be uploading an 'activity of the week' for you all to have a go at. 


I would love to see some of your creations, you can find my Email address over on the Year Two page.


Have fun! 

Art ideas and links. 


Get a bowl of water and a paintbrush, paint a picture on your fence or the ground using the water. This one is great because once it dries you can do it again and again and again. 


If you have any old paper plates at home they are fantastic for turning in to almost anything. Particularly animals. 

If you haven't already done so, paint a rainbow and stick it up in your window for others to see on their daily walk. It is lovely to walk around and find the rainbows. Once you have done this, you could go on your own rainbow walk, with a grown up and see how many beautiful rainbows you can find. 

There are many different artists for you to explore so I am going to suggest an artist a week. 

This week I suggest looking in to and having a go at some art by Andy Goldsworthy. He uses the environment to make fantastic images. I am sure you can find lots in your garden or things when you are out for a walk to make some stunning pictures. 

Two fantastic websites with lots of ideas:


And of course google has thousands of ideas, just type in an artist and away you go. 

Activity of the week.  

This weeks Art activity is to create a folding Easter bunny. You will find a step by step video on how to do this in the art for kids hub link above. 


I look forward to seeing your bunnies! 


Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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