Celebration Assembly


Just like at school on a Friday, we will be nominating children each week to receive stickers and certificates for their work, behaviour and attitude in school (or at home). We'll keep a record and make sure stickers and certificates are received when we can!


Welcome to our fifth online Celebration Assembly!


We are so proud of all the children at Cashes; we know the last few months have been tricky and we have missed seeing everyone. One of the things we are most looking forward to when we can return to 'normal' school is assembly - a time where we enjoy being together. In our Celebration Assembly we get the chance to celebrate the successes and efforts of the week and we can't wait to be able to do this in person again...but for now, here's a message from Mrs Dawson and the list of children receiving (virtual for the time being) stickers and certificates this week is below.


Wednesday 8th July 2020


Times Tables Rock Stars

Most Coins - Gabriella E - Year 5

Most Improved - Mckenzie - Year 2 

Fastest -  Rhys M - Year 6

Winning Class - Year 6  

Reception Class

Star Learner

Amelia - Working well on her own and always trying her best

Merit Sticker

Tommy - Trying really hard with his sounding out and forming his letters correctly

Year One

Star Learner

Harrison - Always trying his best

Merit Sticker

Bonnie - Brilliant school work at home cooking with eggs

Year Two

Star Learner

Precious - Working hard and concentrating

Merit Sticker

Caleb - Fantastic work in Phonics



Well done everyone!

We are proud of you all.

Year Three

Star Learner

Rian - Challenging himself with his writing

Merit Sticker

Martha - Working hard on Nessy

Year Four

Star Learner

Lily - always trying her best at everything

Merit Sticker

Alfie Li - Having a real good go at all his tasks

Year Five

Star Learner

Elsie - Working hard and concentrating

Merit Sticker

Lily M - For having great imagination in her writing 

Year Six

Star Learner

Rhys - Working hard and concentrating in Maths 

Merit Sticker

Lexi T - For producing a good persuasive advert