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Year 2

Mrs Folley has a special message for all the classes she here to read it and see the challenge she has set for you.

Don’t forget there are ideas for activities on each of the subject pages too. All the links are on the home page. 

The general information about home learning page has been updated too so please have a read.

If you have any photos of your VE DAY 75 Celebrations please email them to Mrs Eeley for inclusion in a gallery on the page.

There is a special lockdown challenge for all children and staff on the #casheslockdownchallenge page - please take a look.

It would be wonderful if everyone can join in.

Year Two home learning hall of fame. 

Hello my lovely class. 

How are you all doing? Have you been keeping busy?

Katelyn has been doing lots of home learning and Jacob lost his first tooth last week! The tooth fairy visited him, I have heard she is a key worker! Blake caught his first fish and is very proud of it! McKenzie has helped Roary-Lee celebrate his birthday at a safe distance, they even had a visit from two police people on horses to say happy birthday! 

I have had another busy week, this week I have made chocolate crunch and it reminded of when I was at Primary School! We used to have it as part of our school dinners, it was delicious. 

We have been going on lots of walks, now we are allowed to go just a little bit further we have been really exploring the canal path. Quite close to Bowbridge Lock we found a mother duck with 8 very newly hatched ducklings, I couldn't get a picture of them all because they were very busy swimming around exploring their home. We have also been to the common, Wynstones is open again, so we had a socially distanced ice cream, it was a lovely treat! 

We have been trying to think of some new games to play as we have been getting a little bit bored. We got every single pillow we could find and made a stepping stones game, it was a lot of fun and made us laugh a lot. Do you have any fun games that you play at home? It would be lovely if we could share all of our games ideas together. 


Activity ideas and work for this week.

This week is mental health week, we talked a lot about keeping our minds and body healthy and well when we did our book 'The Tear Thief'. There are some activities based around this on the well being page so make sure you have a look at it this week. We know how important it is to keep our minds happy and healthy especially when things are a little different and tricky. 

As always you can use the list of websites at the bottom of this page to help you with your learning as well as times tables rockstars, numbots and Nessy. 

I would like to show you the spelling frame website this week, it teaches you all of the spelling tricks we have been learning through Year Two. It is a fantastic website, if you click play on the spelling pattern you would like to learn it gives you some games to play and even a wordsearch! Take a look.

Oxford owl is a fab website for you to practise some maths. You can choose the area of maths you want to work on and then play a game.


If you head over to the Maths page Mr Barnard has provided the cando maths activities for you and a link to BBC bitesize daily Maths sessions. Twinkl also have loads of fantastic Maths sheets that you can download and work on. 

As always if you would like something more specific please email me.


 I hope you have all been enjoying some time reading. Reading is my absolute pleasure when I have some free time, it helps me to relax and I love nothing more than getting stuck in to a good book. What books have you guys been reading at home? Perhaps you could do a book review for your favourite book or keep a list of the books you read over the half term and send it to me. I love to hear that you guys are enjoying reading, especially at bedtime. We have a bedtime story in my house every night. 


This week I would like you to either send me a typed email (typed by you) or write a diary entry for me based on your favourite day of lockdown so far. I would love to hear what you have been up to. My favourite day so far was my birthday, we had cake, we played in the sunshine and my parents sang happy birthday on my driveway. A close second was VE day, we had a delicious afternoon tea in the garden. 

Don't forget it will have already happened so it must be written in past tense, it is about you so first person. Remember to use your posh voice and to include some of your feelings. 


Keep practicing your common exception words too. 


I hope you all have a lovely half term full of sunshine and I really, really hope I will be seeing all of you very soon! 

Bye for now my cherubs, I am missing you all very much. 

A message from Mrs Marsh. 
Hope you all are well. I've been busy in the garden once again. I had a delivery of plants so have been busy making my hanging baskets and filling my tubs. I also decided to try and fix our water feature. This hasn't worked for quite a while. I took all the pebbles off it and emptied the water out. It was full of mud and stones. I then tried to get the pump working and ended up blowing the fuses for the whole house.  oops! I have a new pump coming tomorrow so hopefully can finish the water feature then! I had a little friend who kept flying down whilst I was working.
The pebble pool  is a good water source for all the wild life that visits my garden- especially those who cannot reach the bird bath. Do you know what animals visit your garden? I've been lucky enough to have a bat visit on warmer evenings. This has made me think about nocturnal animals. If you fancy having a go at activities linked to nocturnal animals have a look at: They have some activities including  sounds for you to identify as animals who come out at night often rely on their sense of hearing.
Keep sending me your creations, I love to see them
Take care
Mrs Marsh

Year Two home learning hall of fame. 

Hello Year Two. 

Another week has flown by, I hope you have all been keeping busy and safe. 

I have enjoyed receiving your emails and pictures. Mylo wrote me a letter and sent me a clip of himself reading a bedtime story, it really makes my day to see what you guys are up to at home. Thank you. 

This week we have been enjoying baking, it was my mum's birthday on Thursday so we made her a cake and dropped it off on her door step. Giving people things makes me feel happy inside. We have been overjoyed by everyone's generosity in our fundraising challenge and we have raised over a £1000 amazing! Check out the fundraising page to see what the teachers have been getting up to and send any challenges you might have to Mr Barnard. 

Olivia loves glitter, paint, glue and anything a bit messy so this week we have made a very shiny snail and a cow, both with some old paper plates. 

We continue to have a walk everyday, this week on our walks we have found a few decorated pebbles. Lots of people paint the pebbles and hide them for everyone to find, when you find one you are supposed to hide it again for others to find. I wonder if you can find any on your daily walks. I have put in a picture of one we found dedicated to the NHS. 

Activity ideas and work for this week. 

Don't forget you can use all of the websites at the bottom of the page and any I have mentioned over the past few weeks to help you practice the basic skills in reading, writing and maths. 

Nessy really is a fantastic website for helping with reading and spellings, lots of you already have login details for it, if you don't yet and you would like to have a go email Mrs Eeley and she can get you set up. Mr Barnard also has a new website called numbots that he can help you log in to. 

Have a go at this website to practice some of the trickier sounds that still catch us out in phonics.

This game focuses on counting forwards and backwards to find a number.


Unfortunately from this week, white rose maths is no longer free. If you head over to the Maths page Mr Barnard has provided the cando maths activties for you and a link to BBC bitesize. White Rose have helped BBC to produce their daily lessons so they are similar and just as fab, this week they focus on fractions. As always if you would like something more specific please email me.


Check out the reading page for a weekly reading challenge. Read as much as you can. Please send me a little clip of yourself reading if you can, I would love to listen to you read. 



This week I would like you to practice your common exception words. I have put on some documents with all of the Year One and Year Two words on, as you know we need to be able to spell as many of them as we can by the end of Year Two. Here are a few ideas to help you learn them, just pick a few of the ones you find tricky each day. 


Bubble writing, 

Quick write- How many times can you write the word in one minute?

Rainbow writing, 

Ask a grown up to test you on some.

I am looking forward to seeing all of your fantastic work this week, I have been so impressed with everything you guys are doing at home. 

Have fun, stay safe 

Miss Bliss.

A message from Mrs Marsh. 

This week has flown by again. Did you celebrate VE day? I had afternoon tea which was really nice.
I decorated my house, but forgot to take a photo! 
In school this week we have been thinking about minibeasts and my focus was worms. They are fascinating creatures that do a lot of good for our gardens. We made a wormery using bottles why don't you have a go? If you follow this link it will tell you how you can make one. 
Send me your photo if you do make one and please remember to keep them moist at all times and tip them out after a week. 
Thank you for the lovely hedgehog pictures. My visitor has been upsetting Mr Marsh this week. It comes into our garden under the side gate. The gap obviously isn't big enough and the hedgehog has made it bigger and made a huge mess on our drive at the same time. Mr Marsh says they are getting fat from all the food I keep giving them each night. It's eating all the slugs and snails in my garden too and I am very happy about that!
Keep safe
Mrs Marsh

Year Two home learning hall of fame. 

Hello again my cherubs! 

How are you all doing this week? I have been feeling a little bit fed up and really want to be back at school but I know it is very important that we follow the rules to stay safe! 

Have you been following our fundraising efforts for the NHS? I was challenged to eat a cold tin of beans, Yuk! That will be up on Facebook soon. Don't forget if you have a challenge for me to email it to Mr Barnard and I will see what I can do. Be kind. 


Don't forget to send me your work guys, writing, maths, PE anything you have been up to so that I can put you in our hall of fame. Blake has been super busy learning to tell the time, learning about money, going for lots of walks, reading before bed every day and even having a pamper day with mummy.  

I have been trying to keep myself busy this week to stop me feeling grumpy. On Sunday I had to drop something off on my mum's doorstep, she lives right next to the canal so Olivia, Luke and I went for a lovely walk along the canal. We saw a mother duck with 9 ducklings! I don't think I have seen that many with just one mother before. A little further along we saw a moorhen sitting on her nest, she got off her nest to eat some seed and we could see 8 of her eggs, I have never seen eggs in a nest before because birds guard their nests very carefully. I was amazed, I took a picture because I knew you guys would love to see it! 

Each day Olivia and I go for a walk around our local area looking for rainbows, we find new ones every day and it makes our hearts happy. On Monday we found two really cool ones, again I took some pictures for you guys to see. Have you got a rainbow up in your window? Do you go on rainbow walks? Perhaps you could send me some pictures. 

Activity ideas and work for this week. 

 I hope you are all continuing to practice your basic skills in reading, writing and maths as much as you can. Use the online learning links and websites we have given you and try to have a good go at the weekly writing challenges. 

I would like you to have a go at these this week:

This game is all about nouns, verbs and adjectives. You have to select one of the words groups and then find all of those types of words. Remember a noun is a person, place or a thing, an object. An adjective is a word we use for describing something and a verb is a doing word, an action.

Odd and even coconuts we have played in school. You have to select the number range you want to play in and then hit the odd or even coconuts, dependent on which one the game asks for.


As always check out the maths page for work ideas. Continue with the maths websites suggested below, practising your basic skills, especially your times tables. White Rose Maths have a fab daily activity, as do BBC bitesize. If you would like something specific or some help please email me-


Check out the reading page for a weekly reading challenge. Read as much as you can, if you like send me a video of you reading, I would love to see how well you are all doing with your reading. 



This week I would like you to use the picture below to do some creative writing. There are a few different things you could do. 

1- Write a story including a build up, problem and resolution. 

2- Write a character description of the dragon or the girl. 

3- Write a setting description. 

4- Write a diary entry pretending to be the girl. 

If you can think of another style of writing you want to have a go at then please do and send it to me. I would love to see more of your writing Year Two. 

And so another week has passed Year Two. I am looking forward to seeing you all again and hearing all about your adventures during school closures. I have lots to tell you. 

Stay safe, stay home. 

Miss Bliss. 

A message from Mrs Marsh.
Another week has flown by. I have been busy once again in my garden and greenhouse. Have you been enjoying the outside? I was sent some sunflower seeds this week, so today's job is to plant them up
Did you know it is hedgehog awareness week?  I am still getting regular visits from mine but it is fussy. I bought some new hedgehog food which I mixed in with the old stuff. The hedgehog eats the old pellets and leaves behind the new food!
Hedgehogs are struggling and need our help. Can you find out how you can help them? Perhaps you could make a poster persuading people to make their gardens hedgehog friendly. Or can you make a picture of a hedgehog and use this to make everyone aware of how they need our help? This one has been made using a fork. 
I would love to see anything you do.

Mrs Marsh

Year Two home learning hall of fame. 

Hello everyone, 

I hope you have had a busy week full of lots of fun things to do. The sunshine has been lovely so I hope you have been spending lots of time outside too. I had a great week because it was my birthday on Saturday, I was a little bit sad that I couldn't see my family so they came and sang Happy Birthday to me at the end of the driveway, that cheered me up. Olivia and I made some pink cupcakes and I also had a very delicious unicorn birthday cake. 

On Sunday Olivia and I did our daily exercise in Stratford Park whilst Luke did the shopping in Tesco. We saw the swan sitting on her nest- she has been there for a while now and we saw four ducklings in the lake, I love seeing baby animals. 

I hope you are all having lots of fun and staying safe. 

I miss you all very much. 

Activity ideas and work for this week. 

 I hope you are all enjoying some learning online using the websites at the bottom of this page. 

I would like you to have a go at these this week:

This is all about silent letters, those pesky ones we can not hear when we sound our words out. There is a video to watch and a game to play:

This one we have played in school before, hit the button and practice those important times tables.


Check out the Maths page for work ideas. Continue with the CanDo Maths work and the Maths websites suggested below. White Rose Maths have a fab daily activity too. If you would like something specific or some help please email me-


Check out the reading page for a weekly reading challenge. Read as much as you can. 



Have a go at the weekly challenges from Mrs Marsh and I, they are all writing based tasks. Continue to write a daily diary of these unusual times. Please send me any writing you do, it brightens my day. Cody wrote a beautiful poem about heroes this week, have a look for it in our hall of fame this week. Katelyn has been working very hard on her spellings- Mrs Marsh will be very pleased. 

Weekly challenge for Year Two. 

This week I would like you to watch this video from The Literacy Shed:

I have two jobs for you to have a go at:

1: Write a description using the five senses of all the things Tilly can see, hear, smell, taste and touch on her journey. Don't forget to use lots of adjectives. 

2: Write a new adventure for the little girl that finds the bubbles at the end of the film. I have had a go at starting a story for you:

Rose was walking along the soft, warm sand feeling terribly sad and lonely when her foot touched something cold and wet. She looked down in to the yellow sand and saw a small, plastic tub full of bubbles, she picked the bubbles up smiling to herself.

Don't forget to email your work to me! Have fun. 

A message from Mrs Marsh.


Hope you have been enjoying all the beautiful sunshine. As I'm writing this it is pouring down with rain. 
Have you ever stopped and listened to all the different sounds the raindrops make when they hit 
different things? This poem is about all about rain.
Can you write a poem telling me what you like about rain? Think about using adjectives to 
make your writing more exciting? can you add in the sounds you can hear when it is raining?
I have been having a new visitor to my garden and I have started putting out hedgehog food for it.
 I took this picture the other night when my security light was on. I am very excited to have a
hedgehog visit as there are less of them around these days. Can you make a fact file about a hedgehog 
or another British wild animal which you might see in your garden? The squirrels keep digging up
the grass to look for walnuts which they hid last autumn! 
Keep sending me your emails as I love to see what you have been up to.

Take care
Love Mrs Marsh

Year Two home learning hall of fame. 

Hi guys, 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the two weeks break. I hope it was full of chocolate, yum. 

Olivia and I have been keeping busy and staying safe inside. 

We have done a little more baking, some delicious cookies. We have been on lots of walks, it is very beautiful outside at the moment as Spring gets in to full swing, lots of lovely flowers to smell and the trees are looking green again. We have bought a bird feeder from Amazon so we can watch the birds in our garden and we have made an Elmer from a milk bottle (check out the Art page for more about the elephant).

I hope you guys are enjoying one walk a day outside. It helps to keep our minds healthy. We talked about that lots during 'The Tear Thief'. 

Don't forget to send me your pictures. Some of you have been sending me pictures of your baking and doing your work. I absolutely love seeing your pictures because I miss you all very much.

Send me your instructions for a disgusting sandwich, I have only had two so far. When I have had a few more I will choose some to have a go at making.  

Activity ideas and work for this week. 

There are lots of websites listed at the bottom of this page to help you with your learning.

I have two more for you to have a go at this week. 

The first one is to help you practice our common exception words and is great fun:

The second one is a game we have had a go at together in school and is to help you remember your number bonds:

This link is for number bonds to 20, if you put 'math playground number bonds' in to google you can use the same game but can choose number bonds to 10, 20, 50 or even 100. 


On the Maths page Mr Barnard has posted some downloadable Maths work, this should take a week or two, doing one challenge a day. 

I would suggest CanDoMaths workouts 2 for the children in Year Two. If you find this is too easy or too challenging you can of course use workout 1 or 3.



Check out the reading page for a weekly reading challenge. Read, read, read! 


The weekly challenge from myself and Mrs Marsh each week will be writing based. If you would like more writing work I would suggest encouraging the children to keep a diary of each day- this would be wonderful to have and look back on in years to come. They are getting very good at writing diary entries- they must remember to write in first person and use past tense. 

Weekly challenge for Year Two.  

I heard a poem the other day that made me think of all of you guys. 

You are all heroes, staying at home, staying safe. 

It is written by a 7 year old boy called Harry. 

I would like you to read or watch Harry telling us his poem and then have a go at either writing a poem about a hero or draw a picture of someone you see as a hero and write a description for them using adjectives. You could even have a go at both if you wish.  

There are so many heroess busy at work at the moment, not all heroes wear capes!


Please send me a picture of your poem or your hero, I can't wait to read them and create a gallery on here to share your wonderful work. 

Do not forget to have a look at the other subject pages for more activity ideas and weekly challenges. 

Stay safe and I hope to see you all very soon. 

Miss Bliss x

A message from Mrs Marsh.


How are you all doing? I have been thinking of you a lot whilst staying safe at home. The nice weather has given me the opportunity to clean my car, do some gardening and clean out my greenhouse ( I can actually grow some plants again now!) Look at the spider I found!   I decorated the house for Easter - I was lucky enough to have  mini egg and  smarties Easter Eggs. I have also completed two jigsaw puzzles! 
So another week has flown by and its time for us to find some more games to play. My brother is staying with me at the moment and I have been making him play them! It is a long time since he was at school. 

This week I am recommending two games on
Dinosaur eggs is a game where you have to click on an egg to match the word read to you/

Look, cover, write, check is a spelling game where you practise spelling a chosen set of words.
Finally to continue with practising our writing skills how about writing me a letter to persuade me to give you my Easter eggs? 
Think about the features of this style of writing - introduction which hooks the reader, points / opinions organised into paragraphs, arguments to support your opinion, powerful verbs and strong adjectives, connectives to link points - therefore, however  and  a conclusion summarising the main point of your argument.
I have been busy making a garland for next Christmas. Have you been crafting? I would love to see pictures of your creations.
Have some fun with this nice weather and out in the garden looking for signs of spring. How many different birds can see? They are busy making nests at the moment. Take care and stay safe.
Love Mrs Marsh x

2nd April 2020


Hello Year Two,

Miss Bliss here, I am missing you and Paddington so much, I know everything is a little bit different at the moment but I hope you are all enjoying lots of time with your family. I am spending lots of time with Olivia, we have been enjoying doing lots of things we do not often get time to do and having lots of cuddles. I hope you guys are having plenty of snuggles. 

We have enjoyed baking. 

We have been enjoying the sunshine in our garden and reading outside. 

And we have been doing lots of arts and crafts, one of my favourite things to do as you know Year Two. 

Olivia loved doing some Easter stamping on a big sheet of paper. 

Why don't you guys try out some baking? With your grown ups help of course! 

I hope you are all getting on well with your learning packs, I know you will be trying your best with them. 

Don't forget some of the things we have talked about lots this year- Be kind, have fun and read, read, read!! 

A message from Mrs Marsh;

Hello folks. I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather.
It seems very strange in school without you, but I am sure you have been practising all the things we have learned this year.

I have been thinking of a few more ideas for you - games to play and things to do. I hope you enjoy them.

 How about practising your common exception words? (I hope you have been  challenging your family to hangman!)

 Go to the site There are two games which would help your learning. 

The first one is Spooky Spellings.

In this game you have to drag pumpkins to spell the word they give you. 
The second one is Zed's Capital Letter Game.
In this game you are given a sentence. You have to drag a magnifying glass over the letter which should be a capital letter.
Finally why don't you practice writing a diary entry for a day of your choice. Remember the features needed for this. (Past tense, first person, chronological order, informal language) You are more than welcome to  email this to me. I would love to read them.
Take care and keep writing!
From, Mrs Marsh. 

Activity ideas and a weekly challenge. 

I know you will all be doing lots of learning at home already so I would just like to give some activity ideas and a fun weekly challenge. 

Activity ideas: 

Practise your common exception words on;

I know you really enjoy playing this game in class. 


Keep up with times tables rockstars, I can't wait to see how quick you are at your multiplication and division when we get back to school. 


This idea is inspired by Zac- go outside and draw Paddington using chalk, if you haven't got any chalk then how about drawing him on paper or coming up with a new friend for him? Or you could design a new hat for him? Don't forget to make sure there is space for his sandwich.


Speaking of sandwiches I challenge you to come up with the most disgusting sandwich you can think of, once you have thought about what you will put inside your sandwich write a set of instructions on how to make it. Just like we did when we made marmalade sandwiches. Email your instructions to me and I might even have a go at making one or two of them, if I have the ingredients at home of course. If you have a go at making your sandwiches I would love to see pictures of them. 

I am looking forward to seeing and reading about your disgusting sandwiches! 

Don't forget to check in after the Easter holidays for a new challenge. 

Miss Bliss. 




Here are the websites and apps suggested in the home learning pack for the first two weeks of closure, they will be updated after Easter but are good places to practise your maths and English if you want to until then. Don't forget to email Mrs Eeley if you want your child set up on Nessy.  Year 2 Phase 6 (login March20 password home) Phase 6 select your year group and the pattern to practise number bonds, doubles, halves, x2, x5, x 10 online lessons to do together – one a day

The CBeebies apps and Teach Your Monster to Read are all brilliant and currently free on any device


Miss Bliss's email address is please contact her if you have any questions about your child's learning. She will reply as soon as she can during school hours in term time. 

Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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