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Audio-Books and Online Stories

We love reading! It's tricky though when you don't have your school books or access to the library.


Audio Books - listening to stories is just as good as reading them, sometimes even better!

 Audible Stories - Stream an incredible collection of stories all for free. 

BBC - EYFS/Y1 stories

David Walliams - a new story from World's Worst Children read aloud each day find "Elevenses"

CBeebies Radio

Stories to watch being read aloud, just like story time at the end of the day at school.

 CBeebies Bedtime stories - on iPlayer

Story Online - uses You Tube but within the site

World Book Day - 'Story Time Online' videos


Interactive Books to read/listen to



e-books to read on the screen

Oxford Owl - free but you need to register


Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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