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Song of the Week!


Hello musicians!


It's a strange time to be a musician at the moment! Normally, we spend lots of time practising with our friends at rehearsals. Some bands, however, have decided to video link and rehearse at home. Have a listen to this fantastically creative performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by the Cory Band!


So, you can still do some music at home! Click here for some resources which you can access with your child. There is a song to sing every day with all the words and mucis. Maybe you can come up with some of your own actions!


If you'd like a bit of Easter cheer, here is a link to the video of a school favourite... Spring Chicken!


As ever, please email us with anything creative you come up with and we'll publish on here for the rest of the school to see!


Take care and stay at home!

Mr Atkinson and Mrs Mason 

Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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