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Geography is important to show our children the world outside Cashes Green and to encourage them to explore the wonders of the wider world. We also want to help them understand the impact of their actions on the world. We hope to inspire them to look after our planet and to appreciate and respect the differences between people, places and cultures.

Below is a list of websites that can help aid children's learning and enjoyment of Geography: -

If you would like the login details for digimaps, please email Miss Grace -

Calling all Geographers! 


KS1 Challenge: 

Using this webpage:

Can you play the UK and Ireland identification game? Challenge yourself to see if you know all the countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities.


KS2 Challenge:

Using this webpage: 

Can you make a poster/leaflet/powerpoint/news report all about the Arctic? Remember to use facts from the website and make it really exciting for your readers (or viewers if you choose to make a news report!) 



Remember you can email your class teacher any work that you do!


If you would like to access Digimaps, please email for the username and password.

Information for Parents on Online Safety - this is extra important at this time.


As always, please supervise children using these links - a site may also contain links to other sites or clips so whilst these direct links are suitable there might be content a few clicks away that isn't.

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