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Week 1 - Wednesday 1st April 2020


What is coding and why is it so important?

Coding is the act of writing instructions for a computer to make the computer perform a task.  Coding can also be called programming.  A finished set of computer instructions is called a program.  Every app, game and software program we use requires a coded program to work. Many of our household appliances and even our cars need a coded program to work.

For a program to work it must be written in a way that a computer understands.  This is done with computer language.  There are different language designed for different types of programs (HTML, Java, C++ and Python).

When learning to code, children will typically learn to use simplified, visual programming tools initially.  These allow them to build programs with pre-made blocks of code that can be stacked together to form a sequence of instructions.

Computers only work as well as the instructions they have been given.  If a program's instructions are not written correctly then the program won't work properly.

As we live in a digital age, it is really important that children understand how the devices they use work and how to control them.  Coding teaches children that finding solutions to problems often involves a logical sequence of steps or actions.  It also teaches trial and error, perseverance, reasoning skills and the ability to think creatively.  

Coding Challenge - Key Stage 1

Dance Party Coding - can you code a dance party?  Step-by-step on-screen instructions will guide you through the process.  You'll be using blocks of code to choose different dancers, change their dance moves, make them respond to the music and make them interactive. 

This challenge can be completed on a computer or tablet device (iPad and Android compatible).

Extended project ideas are also available.

Coding Challenge - Key Stage 2

Pong - make a bouncing ball game with sounds, points and other effects.  Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process.

In addition to the on-screen instructions, you can follow this link to coding cards which will further help guide you through the process.

Challenge: once you've followed the tutorial, can you create your own Pong type game?


I would love to see/hear about your coding creations.  You can do this by emailing me at  Additionally, if you have any problems please let me know and I will happily try to help you debug the problem.   

Happy coding!

Miss Jordan

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