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Computing - Computer Science

In Computing lessons we have started our new unit - Computer Science.  In our first lesson we spent time learning the key vocabulary we will need.

 Algorithm - a precise step-by-step guide to achieving a specific outcome.

Debugging - fixing or correct algorithms or programming code.

Decomposing - breaking a problem into smaller, manageable chunks that can be solved separately.

Sequence - a set of actions or events that must be carried out in the same order every time.

Repetition (loop) - sections of code of algorithmic instructions that are repeated.  There a different types of loops.

Variables - programming structures that can change or be changed.

Input - adding data into a program or computer system e.g. typing using a keyboard.

Output - information provided by a program for a user to receive e.g. text on a screen, a beep through a speaker, etc.

Once we had explored this new vocabulary we were set the task of creating verbal algorithms.  We had to pair up and guide our partner to an object.  However, it wasn't that simple as our partner was blindfolded and we could only use instructions such as 'forward', 'backwards', 'left' and 'right'.  After each go we discussed the algorithms we came up with and how we could improve upon them.  We decided that we could speed it up by given amounts of steps that could be taken each time e.g. 'take 5 steps forward'.  It was a really fun afternoon and  we were all able to retrieve objects following our partners algorithms.  Here are some photographs of us carrying out this activity.