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Dungeons and Dragons


When we came into the classroom we had a shock! There were footprints on the floor! We think a dragon had visited our classroom. We designed dragon traps and thought about what our dragon might look like, making it from Play-Doh and then describing it using adjectives.

We have started investigating different printing patterns. We used our new printing equipment to try and make patterns on the paper. Then we used our patterned paper to make pictures of dragons!

We have been writing our own stories based on ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We thought about the different places we might need to get through and what adjectives we would choose to describe them. We have planned our ‘Dragon Hunt’ stories using story maps.

We were really interested in what types of food people ate in castles during medieval times. We decided we'd like to have a banquet! We wrote invitations to invite our parents to join us and had fun preparing the food for the feast!

We have used various different stories with dragons in to help us think about our PSHE. We thought about what makes us special and what helps us to learn.