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Amazon Adventure


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Textiles Project - Art and D.T.

Since coming back to school we have been busy working away on our art/D.T. project.  Our unit is textiles and we have to create a rainforest picture from different materials.  Firstly, we looked at images of the rainforest and discussed what we could see and what we liked/disliked about them.  We then went on to design our own pictures.  We had to think carefully about our ideas and be sure not to include anything that would be too small to sew onto our background.  We have now started to cut out our pieces and sew it altogether to create our picture.

Here are some pictures of us working away so far... 

It has taken us two whole days and a lot of perseverance but we have completed our textiles project!  We would like to say a big thank you to Becky, Mrs Pegler and Mrs Mutton for all of their help!  We (plus Miss Jordan) couldn't have done it without you!  Check out the pictures of our finished work below.  You will also spot these on the front of our topic books and on display in the junior corridor.