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Young Leaders

This term in P.E. we are participating in the Young Leader scheme.  We are learning all about what makes a good leader and how to organise and set up activities/games for others.  This will be extremely useful next year when we are in Year Six and run the Young Leaders Club for the Infants.

Lesson 2

Focus: Spacial Awareness - we now understand why the space you choose to do an activity in is important and that the space to be used for a game needs to be clearly defined.

We played 3's a Crowd in a small area of the playground to begin with.  We found that this space was not ideal for the game we were playing as each group did not have enough room.  We then made a bigger space and whilst this was better we decided that we still needed more room.  The final time we used the whole of the netball court and this was a perfect sized space to play the game.  

Here are some pictures of us playing 3's a Crowd:

Lesson 3:

Focus: Command Games - we now understand that communicating during a task is vital to ensuring the activity is run smoothly.  We can give instructions clearly using verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

We played Traffic Lights and The Bean Game.  Each of these games had a series of instructions.  When Miss Jordan shouted out a command we had to do the matching action.  If we didn't then we were out.  Once we had played the games a few times we were told that in small groups we were going to come up with our own command based games.

Here are some pictures of us playing our command games:

Lesson 3

Focus: Communicating Games - we understand that communication during games is important and that we need to be clear.

We played Rabbits and Radishes, which turned out to be quite a difficult game!  We had to listen very carefully to the instruction shouted and then had to either get to the other side of the room or tag our partner!  We then had a go at making up our own games where we had to choose two similar words with a similar sound.  We also had to think about starting positions and the aim of the game.  We had great fun teaching our games to each other.  

Here are some pictures of us playing our games: