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Enterprise Fortnight

As a part of Enterprise Fortnight each class in the Juniors was given a £30.00 loan.  We were told that at the end of the two weeks there would be a Market and from the money earn't we had to pay back our loan of £30.00 plus 5% interest.


Our Ideas

The first thing we did was work together in groups to come up with ideas for what we could do.  We came up with lots of ideas and in the end we decided upon the following:

 - Car was with refreshments

- Cake sale

- Toy stand 

For the car wash we decided to use our initiative and bring in buckets, sponges and anything else useful to save our business money.  Our toy stand needed stock so together we looked at different websites to come up with what we wanted to sell and compared prices on a few different websites.  In the end we decided on four different items.  For the cake sale we decided to make the cakes at home and bring them in.


Our Budget

What we spent our money on:

- Toys - £16.47

- Advert in the newsletter -  £1.00

- Car wash products and refreshments - £11.36

- Printing - £0.40


Enterprise Market

On the Friday of the Enterprise Market we split ourselves into four different groups to man each of our stations.  Most of us were working at the car wash with Miss Jordan.  The car wash and refreshment stand was incredibly busy and we did not stop for the whole two hours!  Our cake and toy stands sold out before the end!  Our event was very successful and we were very pleased with the outcome.



 The following Monday morning when we arrived at school we had to count the money.  Altogether we made a fantastic £259.79 and once we had paid back our initial loan plus the interest (£31.50) which left us with a profit of £228.29.


What we are going to spend our money on...

As a class we discussed what we would like to spend our money on.  We decided upon a trip to the cinema to watch the Minion Movie!  Miss Jordan contacted the cinema to find out how much it would cost.  We then had to decide between having a drink and popcorn from the cinema or to buy sweets and drinks from a shop beforehand.  We decided that it would be cheaper to buy the sweets and drinks before so Miss Jordan did this.

On Wednesday 1st July we walked down to Stratford Park where we got to play in the park for over an hour and then eat our lunch together.  We then walked down to the cinema and enjoyed the film and our sweets!  We then had the task of having to walk back in the glorious (but boiling) sunshine!  Below our some pictures of our fun in the park!