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Cashes Goes Green

Our First topic this term is Cashes Goes Green. Click here to see our Topic Web.


As a part of our emersion into our new topic, Cashes Goes Green, year five have explored different ways in which messages about the environment can be delivered.  We talked about all the different ways and particularly focused on songs.  The children were given a selection of lyrics for songs which deliver an environmental message.  In groups, they read the lyrics and fed back to the rest of the class what they thought the song was about.  We then listened to/watched music videos for the songs and discussed whether or not these supported what we thought the song was about.  The final stage was for the children to create their own songs with an environmental message to the tune of a well known song, Happy.  Each group created a song and Miss Jordan also created a whole class song using parts from each groups work.


Whole Class       Ben's Group            Jay's Group  

Lily's Group       Shannon's Group     Tia's Group